Elemental single-purpose gameplay thread

Also I just found out the hard way, if you build your town and the fertile land square is outside your town radius, you can still click build on it, get charged the resources, yet nothing builds. :(

YES!!! me too. It must be near or adjacent to your border, it will go through all the motions of building, but nothing will ever happen (except the deduction of resources and money from your bank).

yeah, worst part was I did it twice , as I wasn’t sure my first click registered :p

Does anyone know what the crowns on the after-battle-report are? AFAICT the report shows how much damage each unit does, how much damage each unit has taken, and then some units get crowns. Your leader always gets 50 crowns, and some units get 5, and some get zero. I thought they were experience points, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen units with no crowns get promoted. So now I have no idea what they represent.

No idea, it isn’t experience because I’ll have multiple heroes all level up at once after a battle where only one person was awarded 50 crowns (as an example). I am thinking it might be some sort of prestige… or something… Or Maybe an artifact of some time when experience might only have been awarded for killshots, I don’t know. At the moment the entire party seems to get exp though, even though only those folks who do the killing get the crowns (as far as I can tell)

Kyro in the #elemental chatroom (an irc chat Stardock hosts) says that the gold crowns after battle are bonus exp over and above the base exp all members of the party receive for being in battle. This explains why everybody can level up, even those folks without any gold crowns (kills) in the battle.

Okay, so today after I got home from work I decided to fire up a new game after my first “tutorial” match (i.e. throw myself into the game and click and poke things until I figure out what they do).

This time I put a much bigger emphasis on scouting, for two reasons: 1) Finding treasure / goodie huts and 2) Locating and prioritizing resource acquisition. If I learned anything in the first game it’s that this game is not Civ. While map control is always important in these games, it’s doubly important here. You really need to lock down those resources that are most important to you overall strategy. For me this was three things, based on the map layout I got: A food producing town in the heart of my empire to fuel growth, a concentration of gold mines to the east on my border with Umber, and fire shards. The problem with the other areas were that there were no food resources, but thanks to the way Elemental handles resources (Shared resources across all cities, except while under siege), I’m able to create a bread basket that can feed my other cities.

My economy is really humming along now. While my capital specializes on producing the food needed for the rest of my empire, my other cities are focused on wealth and research, and I’m choosing the city level-up upgrades accordingly.

I will say that I love the Fire Giant summon. He’s a pretty nasty combat unit in his own right, but the combination of his three attack spells and the fact that he regenerates mana in combat (I’m not sure if it’s only on turns where he doesn’t attack or all turns though… will have to pay closer attention in my next battle) makes him a very versatile fighter. I use his fire breath for high defense units, since they get no defense roll. Other than that, I usually maul troops physically or use one of his more damaging abilities. The DOT is nice, but the 3-turn duration before the damage applies kinda hurts.

I’m playing an Empire race again, and am battling it out with two human kingdoms with a third about to enter the war. Meanwhile, I’m finally getting around to getting my Diplomacy tree up, which has languished this game. Trade is finally starting to spring up between Umber and myself.

While yesterday I liked the game well enough, for some reason it’s just really clicking with me today. I don’t know if it’s because I have a bit better grasp of the mechanics/UI or what, but I am having a lot of fun. Today’s patch looks like it will be nice, and then there’ll be the official version tomorrow with another patch.

If Stardock follows this up with a brisk patch schedule to polish up the game, fine tune things, and fix quirky behavior, this game could be a real winner.

Despite crashing three times in as many hours, I am serious hooked on my current play. I’m going on double-easy mode just so I can get a feel for things. . . and I JUST realized (250 turns in) how incredible the Adventuring tech tree is in terms of turning up hidden resources I didn’t know about. My civilization went from decent to flowering in 10 turns.

My military is sort of bollocks though, since I spent so long gildar-starved, so my initial encampment was rolled-over by a 50-strength bandit army. Had to reload an autosave from 10 turns back just to train up enough dudes to barely survive.

Finally got a chance to play for a bit. I’m in the campaign, founded my Kingdom, and for some reason I seem to be “stuck” on the flat, 2D overhead viewpoint. How do I get it back to isometric?

I was stuck in the same view. I found holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse allows you to adjust the viewpoint.

You should be able to get there using Mouse Wheel Scroll. If that doesn’t work, the game manual claims that the 1 key is hot-keyed to isometric view and that keys 1-5 are all different map zoom levels. Also + and - on either the main keyboard or the keypad will zoom in and out, although they seem to do so very slowly on my computer.

I’ve been playing a couple of games to just poke around and see how things work. I really like what I’m seeing so far, but in two of my games the empire factions never do anything. They just build a city and make children but nothing else, no exploring or even constructing buildings. The kingdoms seem to carry on just fine though. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hmmm, no, the Empire factions are doing stuff in my game. I’m looking at a L3 city of theirs now, they have several things constructed, an army on patrol, and I can see trade routes going off somewhere into the fog of war.

The Empire factions in my games have actually been quite aggressive. I do think they have a tendency to send units in in small sized packets too much, where I can squash them and get XP at the same time I’m weakening their forces. Although just a few turns ago in my current game, they went all out and sent in their sovereign and I promptly took her out. Pretty large battle about 350 points vs. 280 points (played out on tactical of course).

I’ve got some pretty hefty units now with heavy armour and weapons 25 attack 19 defense. Which is great fun, and now I’m rolling out units with magical armour and accouterments (rings and amulets) 25 attack / 33 defense / 12 health. I just wish I had horses – no horses to be found at least not on my side of the continent in this game.

All opponents at Standard setting.

New patch is up.

Goddammit all. . . two more crashes in the last hour. Patching and going to bed.

I’ve got a city that is at 125 population but still level 1. It says it will level up at 50 population o.O. It also won’t expand influence over two rock quarries that are all of about 4 tiles away, and I’ve got buildings in every last one of those tiles to spread the border of the town to be literally touching the rock quarries. Still won’t “grab” em in my influence, despite my overall influence being frigging enormous.

Still have no idea how to form a dynasty. Not really sure it’s that necessary. Seems to be me and one other empire on the game map now. . . the other three were stuck in one city apiece doing nothing but recruiting heroes and training one unit at a time very slowly, because nothing was built in those towns.

Now that I think of it, my city that won’t level up is the one I conquered. Think that has something to do with it?

Yea, it was mentioned this is a known issue with towns that once belonged to minor factions, I don’t know if it is intentional.

Ah, well, sucks to be me, then. The only reason I threw two 50-power armies at the city to begin with was to nab the rock quarries from out of its influence zone (well, too close to it for comfort, at any rate). Guess I gotta blow a pioneer on setting up a city in a barren wilderness of rocks and mountains and sticks for the sake of two mines :(

Thanks for the info, though, kerzain. Maybe 1.0day0 will clear it up.

@KevinC, ydejin: I’m all at standard settings too. A quick glance at the other thread and it looks like JM is having the same/similar issue. And maybe Armando too? Oh well, I’ll mess around with it some more tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

More info on the release day patch.

Looks like tactical combat is back in multiplayer:

I played around with the pre-release version yesterday, loking forward to checking out the Day 0 version later today.