My best friend from high school has been working on a card game since we graduated. Over the years we’ve play tested and tweaked it. He was recently accepted into the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and got to take his finished product up there to show off and sell. It’s a very simple game and easy to learn for all ages. The game is called Elemini’s. The basic setup is that you are trying to collect five different elements to win the game, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Plant. There are bonus cards and penalty cards as well. If you want to play it out a bit, his website is www.eleminis.com. You can play for free. It looks kinda like a kid’s game, but it is really fun and most people who have played it like it. If you happen to like it, you can buy it from his site. Right now he is trying to get it into hobby stores and such. So far it’s been accepted into a store in Chicago, and a store here in our hometown of Pensacola. I hope you guys enjoy it, I’ve been enjoying it alot.

Your friend needs to get a page on Boardgamegeek and see what he can do as a game developer on the site. Even if he’s aiming for a younger market a lot of gamer’s will buy family boardgames for presents. Especially if they promote the boardgamer’s world better than Monopoly or Cluedo.

He’s applied for that site, they haven’t gotten back to him. Right now he is just visiting local stores. He lives in Australia now, and he’s gonna try to get some people there too. He’s been selling them on Amazon as well. He’s in talks with some distributors as well. It’s all new ground for him. But things seem to be going ok.

Oh, man, that looks adorable, Zero-acle! Thanks for the heads-up and congrats to your friend! That’s got to be a tough grind. Elemeni reminds me a bit of the creativity that went into Flux, a similarly basic but clever card game.

It’s a shame there’s no AI in the online version, in which case I’d be kvetching that you can’t play it on the iPhone. :)


He did all the flash work on the online game himself. It’s definitely more fun to play with a group of friends than online. I dunno if he’d even know how to program A.I. into it or not. I’ll mention it to him though. And the zero instead of the O was because that’s how I named myself in Planetside, and I figured it would be easier, I guess I should go ahead and get that changed one of these days. I’m glad you at least tried it out though. I know my friend really wants people to enjoy his game.