ElGuapo's month-long QT3 bachelor party. On Minecraft XBLA!

There will be cake.

Get your tickets to the QT3 event of the year!

===== edit - the server is up. Name: ELGUAPO’S QT3 PARTY

ElGuapo’s Hot Tub Party, brought to you by my upcoming nuptials and Minecraft, Xbox 360 XBLA edition. This party is limited to 8 at at time, but a hundred can join (my friends list).

Let me explain. No no. There is too much. Let me sum up.

ElGuapo, me, whom some of you know, and some of you don’t, has had a long, crazy, single life that included the traditional starter wife and hot tub adventures scene. Google it and be shamed, revulsed, and amused.

<sappy love part>A few years a go, he randomly met his soulmate at a bar in DC, fell in love at first sight, and is going to be married in mid June.
<sappy love part>

So, what does this have to do with Minecraft, you might ask? Well, that is a good, geeky question. The real-life ceremony is in mid June. From now until then, I will be running a dedicated XBox 360 server continuously. When the party is over, in one month, we will blow the entire thing sky high with TNT, celebrating the end of an old life and the begining of a new one. In fact, once our economy gets rolling, we can probably have weekly giant fireworks. :)

So how do you get your tickets? It turns out that about a year ago, after being annoyed at the Notifications system on Xbox, I purged my friends list. Anyone I had not played a game with in over two months got deleted. It was not offense to anyone, but my friends list went down to almost nil, since I hadn’t played in a while.

So, if you’d like to join the party, send me a friends invite on XBOX LIVE. Gamertag ELGUAPODC.

Just include a brief message saying you’re from QT3 and I’ll accept you. You also obviously need Minecraft for the 360 and a Gold account. That’s it!


The Lobby - Cocktail Hour - Ends May 20

From now until May 20 we(or just I) will generate maps with various seeds (to be posted here) and find one that looks intertesting. When you generate a seed, just give the server the same name and anyone can join and explore with you. Once a seed is decided, the party begins.

Edit: The server is up!

On March 16 the party begins with the world generated by that seed, on a 360 running 24/7.

On June 13, we blow it all up and the server is retired.

Simple enough?

The Party - Ends June 13

Build whatever you like, do whatever you like. Build a giant champage glass out of glass cubes with a waterfall filling it up. A giant castle. A minecart ride that winds through a mountain. Join a hunting party at night and drink, as a hunter should, the whole night. Since it’s Minecraft, the limit is your imagination. Boat races? Sculpture contests? Who knows. It all blows up, because a party always ends. But it will be a fun time while it lasts!

See you online!

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Congratulations, Guapo. I am truly happy for you, but can we back up a little? Traditional starter wife? Wasn’t she a vegan, lingerie model who made you eat steak behind the infamous “meat screen?” Either I have garbled the facts or you and I have vastly different understandings of the word “traditional.”

Thanks man!

Yeah, I don’t think anything is really traditional anymore. But good point. Let’s go with “practice mistake wife”.

I found a great seed that’s making its way around the net. It’s called “gargamel”. I should have it up and running tonight, so stop on by!

First, congratulations. After the meat shield, you deserve to be happy…

Wait. Fiancée isn’t a vegetarian, is she? :-)

Server is up! Server name: ELGUAPO’S QT3 PARTY

I’m starting to play right now. Send me a friend’s request if you’d like to join. :)

Totally done.

I pray you mean actual, real TNT and aren’t just toying with our (pyromaniacal) emotions.

Well, I mean… Minecraft TNT. The Great Creeper Hunt shall begin soon. Tonight I am constructing a reception pavilion overlooking the mountains and setting up a Creeper hunting stand.


Alright! With three people at the party tonight, we have all kinds of stuff going on. We already have a sweet pad with a nice view, bridges between sheer cliffs, and clouds going through our living room.

Sorry I had to run off so quickly… got a Skype call that I had to take. :)

No problem. Thanks for playing!

The party so far.

I am standing in that glass cliff side house you can see, holding a rose, AFK. Feel free to join and build whatever you wish. We already have a bedrock mine. Follow the torches at the very bottom and look for a big sandpit.

Can you make mob grinders to gather tnt in the XBLA version of minecraft? (for the uninitiated a mob grinder is a giant, dark empty room with rivers placed in the bottom of it to channel mobs that spawn to a central location where lava or cacti or pistons kill the mobs leaving their droppings for you to collect.)

That’s a very nice looking area. Somebody needs to prettify up your stone bridge though!

Awesome! You got the bridge built! Maybe we give the bridge a railing so we don’t have to crouch to cross it safely…

You know, that’s something about Minecraft that I’ve found odd in my minimal hours of playing – that you can put cobblestone in the forge and get stone out of it. I wonder what the difference is between cobblestone and stone? There doesn’t appear to be any other than the appearance – and the waste of perfectly good charcoal.

Smooth stone is much more resistant to explosions than cobblestone. Stone bricks too (but I don’t think they are in the XBLA version yet). That can be important sometimes, in addition to the aesthetic qualities :)

El-G I’m so sorry to have to miss this. But more grats on the nups and have fun blowing shit up.

How tall is a solid gold minecraft stripper pole?

I’m thinking since the characters are two blocks high, a conservative stripper pole would be three blocks high. That’s 9 gold ore per block x 3 blocks = 27 gold ore.

In other news, there is now a pavilion off the entrance, which you can see feom the valley. I’m going to continue that pattern and make it huge, then put in a sculpture garden.