Elite 4

Or rather the two faces of Elite 4. That is correct, David Braben is making two new Elite games. One will only have one player inhabiting the galaxy, with the potential for multiplayer. The other will be a multiplayer game [possibly a massively multiplayer game].

Neither will be released for a short while yet, as they both rely on The Outsider technologically. The Outsider alone has some serious potential.
Elite 4 single-player edition will be released first, with the MM version some time away.

Interestingly, GameCentral [Teletext page] reports that both Elite games are PS3 exclusive. This does tie in with some earlier comments from Mr. Braben, but I cannot confirm the information with any more sources. If this is in fact true, then Sony have a very persuasive reason for some people to buy their console. Odds of being true: low
I believe The Outsider has been announced as ‘Next Gen’, so I assume it will be released across all platforms alongside the film.

Enjoy the sparse new information.


uhhhhh… elite for ps3? Does any kind of playstation person even know what Elite is? Is every person who knows and wants Elite going to throw down money for a ps3 when they’re already invested in their current gaming PC?

does elite have ANY pull among most gamers pc or console? I dont think I know any medium/casual gamers that have a clue what it is or was.

That said, cool.

Sounds like he’s got nothing and they still haven’t really started it. See you in five years.

I don’t think Newtonian physics spaceflight would go over well with the PS3 market.

See this:


That’s my hope not getting up.

Elite was such an awesome game, at the time. I’ve gone back and played elite many times over the years. It gets old really really fast these days. Can you imagine anyone putting up with manual docking in this day and age? I’d love for a game to grab me the way the original elite did, but that game will have to have so much more to it than elite did since standards have grown quite a bit since the 80s.

Now if we can get the flight model guys from particle systems (I-War) and the guy who did space rangers 2 together, then I’ll risk getting excited.

Elite 4 has been in planning since at least 2001, from what I remember.

It’s the Duke Nuke 'Em of space games :/

I’m even worse – a hardcore gamer who was contemporary with Elite who never played it.

I’ve tried playing recent ports of it (e.g. Oolite), but all the ones I’ve tried assume you already know how to play the game.

dude I hate the way most space ‘sims’ baby you into the hanger. It’s so… unsatisfying… to hit the dock button and have your ship magically translate/rotate into the mothership, if they show it at all. I mean, if I’m playing a game about flying a space ship, let me fly the space ship.

Goes to show there’s no way they’re going to please everybody/anybody…

Ideally such a thing could be an option, but my point was just that I think your average highly jaded gamer likely wouldn’t stand for something like the manual docking in Elite today, where back in 1986(?) it was pretty cool.

Actually, even back then manual docking got old real fast. I was so thrilled when I finally bought that damn docking computer.

I’ll believe it when it goes gold.

This is right up there with “The Elite Club”, where Braben was going to license out the source code for FFE.

Never happened. Elite 4 will never happen, either. Braben is too busy making Rollercoaster games for Sawyer now.

I have high hopes for this as a possible Elite successor mainly because of how ballpoundingly awesome it looks with (I presume) very little money having been spent on it.

Don’t get your hopes up. Even if it ever gets released, the fact that it is on PS3 means it is going to be dumbed down beyond recognition.

Instead of getting my hopes up I will be clinging tightly to the memory of me bunking school in order to play Frontier : Elite 2 for 24 hours straight.

Now excuse me while I sob softly into my cornflakes.

I do think that the only chance for the space sim genre to be meaningfully revived is that someone makes a big console game - it’s dead on PCs.

I saw posting on Bluesnews last week where LucasArts is releasing a “best of” package and nowhere on the list were the Xwing/Tie Fighter games. WTF? Actually I think those games would translate well onto today’s consoles espeically the multiplayer part with the Xbox 360.

Elite for PS3? Stupidest idea ever. What’s up with companies abandoning their PC roots anyways? Where is my pc-only Jedi Knight 4 based on Quake 4 engine!? And without a ridiculous plot this time?

Elite’s roots predate the PC you know.

I played the original Elite on my Commodore 64 back in the days, but I doubt that I would get excited about a space trading game, again. And then there is the “X - beyond the frontier” series, which comes quite close to the original.

I know but I’ve only encountered Elite on sytems that utilized keyboard and joystick controls (48k ZX Spectrum and PC.)

You’d really have to simplify matters to play it with a console controller which is what depresses me. The fact that most console gamers think that the Tie Fighter control scheme is too complicated because they just want to pick up a controller and instantly be able to kill shit saddens me. Those glassy eyed, slack jawed yokels are the ones driving the industry at the moment and it saddens me.