Elite 4

I think as well that the days of the grand space opera (WC, Freespace etc) are gone on the PC - however, there’s enough proof (check out the Upcoming Space Sims thread, which must be buried here somewhere) that there are developers still caring for the genre. Mostly Russians, apparently. Apart from those Russian productions, which mostly seem to turn out as hit or miss, I see the future of the space simulation in small-budgeted “shareware” style games (Evochron, Starshatter…).

As an old elite fan from back in the dark days of the 80’s I’d love to see an Elite 4 but I don’t believe for one second I will. I enjoyed the X series for a while - until the developers abandoned any pretense at all at quality control, technical support or deepening of gameplay and AI in favour of ‘ooh shiny!’ and charging us to test the code.

I’m sick of pocket systems like in the X series or DarkStar. I just want to recapture that essentil Elite gameplay of you against a big hostile universe where your skill and acumen rather than dogged determination to grind determined how you fared.

I loved Frontier 2. Loved those long battles through hostile systems to make a big score. The frisson of fear when an Imperial Courier appeared on the scanner.

Anyway, isn’t Eve Online today’s version of Elite?

Elite has manual flight controls. EVE does not.

Yep. No teeth-grittingly difficult manual space station docking = no Elite. Eve and Elite have similar meta games (aside from the whole massivle multiplayer thing), but Elite is a space sim, and Eve is not.

Docking in Elite pissed me off to no end. Inevitably I would scrape the station a few times or hit an outgoing ship and get the police after me.
When I bought the autodocking computer I felt like the king of the world.

I can see original Elite controls working on a modern (10-12 button) console
gamepad, but I dunno about any of the later stuff. I would hope he comes to
his senses and makes it a PC game first.

Heh, which was the Commodore 64 version for me =)

I’ve said it before-- a space sim is entirely feasible on a console controller. Through a smart navigatable interface using the d-pad to control nav, systems and coms as well as button combos (trigger + any button for example) you can have ample solutions for overcoming the lack of a keyboard. The trick is convincing the masses that a complex game that requires practice and intricacy is worth the payoff in immersion, realism, and eventual gaming through technical skill rather than twitch brute force.

And that’s no small trick. Wing commander and StarLancer were released on the Snes, 3DO and Dreamcast, and as far as I saw were comparable to their PC versions. However, I know from the times I rented them with my console friends , they would be frustrated within minutes of their inability to grasp anything more than point and shoot. When a buddy of mine’s father bought him wingcommander 4 and mechwarrior2 along with a new homework PC, he’d call me up so that I could work the keyboard commands so that he could steer and push the trigger. I’m not sure why these kids could learn the inside and outs of driving a manual car but not figure out how to fly an arcadey sim.

Anyway, if this kind of thing was viable for a console, I’d have thought microsoft would have tried to recoup some of their RnD dollars with MSFSX for the 360. I think it’s pretty telling they haven’t, even though they’ve been preaching it flies nicely if not better (hah! I disagree) with the usb 360 pad.

What does this even mean? Elite was a 64k game with wireframe gfx where you went to anarchy systems and shot the shit out of pirates with your military laser for hours on end. It was fantastic, but complex? No.

Edit: I was the king of docking - there were multiple methods passed around the playground at school. If you worked out your own it was like a secret fighting technique, you could barter that shit.

Actually no X2 stations had spin; the ports were all stationary, making the maneuver merely tedious.

This entire thread makes me want to replay Freelancer; I don’t think I have the patience for an Elite-like anymore, although a huge, open, unexplored universe sure would be nice. I guess we have Space Rangers for that.

I’m not saying it would be technologically dumbed down. A modern Elite game would have to include some of the features of the X universe - buying stations, a complex economy not to mention newtonian physics to stay relevent. This would not sit well with the pick-up-and-blast console crowd.

You are comparing a game with literally millions of star systems you could explore if you found the need to Space Rangers with its what, 50 systems? What the hell is wrong with you? I know you’re not an idiot, I’ve enjoyed a few of your posts, but this? It makes no sense, man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it 8 universes with 1000 planets in each for Elite?

w00t finally something on PS3 to look forward to.

Wireframe mode FTW.

I still can’t confirm if it will be PS3 exclusive.

It’s vapourware so there’s nothing to confirm. Besides it’ll be the PS4 by then.

We will see Duke Nukem Forever before we see Elite 4 but speculation and platform assassination is fun.

The problem is that it’s been such a long time since the last elite game everyone has been dreaming their own version of what Elite 4 will be. Of course everyone is different therefore some people will dream of the old style combat & exploration and bounty hunting, others will look to more recent games and want it to be a flashy station building game. Fact of the matter is whatever Braben comes out with will not live up to the hype the title promises unfortunately. He’s missed the boat by about 10 years!

I thought everyone knew about this, but Escape Velocity Nova has all of the good parts of Elite (explore a huge galaxy! establish a trading empire! engage in thrilling space combat!) with none of the dull parts (hours of boring spaceflight! absolutely incomprehensible 3d manuevering system! unintelligible radar! crashing into the dock 3 out of 4 times!). It is quite literally Elite with the 3D-ness removed. This made the game better.

I’ll pimp my longer review of EVN here.