Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


I dont agree with that mate. The game was not going downhill for me. It did get less urgent in its sense of direction. Getting a big ship kitted to perfection is glory. There are few virtual vehicles I have felt such a strong connection to as the Lady Ada.

It’s not grind if its a result of just pottering about with a podcast on lol.


Commander Creator is pretty cool! The characters look really neat in VR, nice art style to them. Nice job on the bland mono-colour suits, almost had me reaching for the wallet for a slightly better one. ;)

Is anyone using Win 10 Creators Update and noticed performance issues? This may be placebo or coincidence, but everything appeared to substantially smooth out for me when I disabled the Xbox Game Bar thing.


Those are some sweet rides, @schurem! I think I am due for a visit back. I always wanted to get a Fer-de-Lance someday.


Powerplay decal pack is free on the store in case anyone was unaware.


Since updating to the Win 10 Creators Update I can’t even start the game, the launcher just crashes. I’ve tried all the problem solving suggestions on the frontier development help page but to no avail. It’s a shame, I wanted to fire this up again after a year.

EDIT: Fixed. Turns out that I needed to update the Riva Tuner Statistics Server that comes with MSI Afterburner, the joys of PC computing!


Hmm I got some nameplates, but the ship name doesn’t show on them. All I get is the ship id again.


One of the nameplate sets only does the serial number. sucks huh. Description in the store was very ambiguous too. But its like two bucks so eh.


Oh, of course. It says it right in the name - ‘Boundary Ship ID’, whereas the others all say ‘Name Plate’.

I see they’re selling the Raider suits individually, rather than as a pack like the others. Time to break out the CC again…


If I buy a nameplate do I have to dock to set it up? Curious. I am pretty far out so getting home will take a week or two.


Yeah you need to be in ship outfitting at a station to apply liveries.


Gotcha, thanks!


Ars reports on the recent Salome event, which was to determine the outcome of the upcoming book:

I wouldn’t say the event was ‘sabotaged’, sounds like a pretty good outcome in terms of narrative for the book…


Does anyone have any experience with creating a player-run minor faction? Is there any interest in doing such a thing as a Qt3 community?


I am pretty sure @BrianRubin has one in game. Veloxi’s Vixens something? I believe that is the same thing as a minor faction.


Yup, The Imperial Labour Party of Veloxi’s Vixens, based out of Tombaugh Station in Orcus.


What was the process in setting it up? Do you need a minimum number of players in your group for Frontier to set one up?


It’s all part of the background simulation, I just had to apply with enough people (over 100 in our case). Then the organization is put in the game. You don’t run it directly, but you do missions and turn in bounties and such.


I want to know who the dipshits are that keep building space stations 230,000 light seconds away from the goddamned jump point. Fuck those people in the ear.

There are so many little things in Elite that just leave me baffled. Why does Frontier think that’s a good idea or fun in any way? At least have something cool out there, like hidden pirate bases or things like that.


It’s all about immersion, man.


It’s not immersive, though, because it makes no sense. No one is going to build a major trade hub in the middle of fucking nowhere, they’re going to build it near the jump-in point.

That’s what I meant about putting something cool out there, like a black market or pirate mothership or rare resources or something. Give some pretense for why the hell that exists… or just a way to make mini-jumps between stars in binary/trinary type systems.