Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


I’m a little late to this post so my apologies, but this was how I imagined video games in the future when I was a young boy. Just sort of taking games that I had played and kind of frankensteining them into a jumbled new thing. I loved that idea.


Oculus rift ordered since they are on sale the next 6 weeks. Excited to jump in to Elite when it arrives.


I would (barely) consider getting a Rift at that price if I had a better graphics card–I have a 970, which I believe represents the bare minimum, and unfortunately the bleeping cryptocurrency miners have bid up the price of all reasonably priced upgrade options. I remember a simpler time when graphics cards existed to make games look good. :-/


Haven’t tried much with the Rift yet, but I did spend a little bit of time in Elite. I went over to a RES to kill some wanted folks, and then did a couple of trade runs in my type-6. Still playing with the settings a bit, but definitely makes the Rift worth the purchase price. In combination with Voice Attack it works wonderfully, so I’m looking forward to flying around some more tonight.


I also loved this idea, but then I tried to play Elite and realized I probably loved it more 10 years ago. I just couldn’t make myself to fire it up again so asked for a refund :(


A bit late here, but I’m rocking a 970 and a Rift DK2. No complaints at all performance-wise. The screen door effect on the DK2 is more than a little annoying, but I run around pretty much maxed out on graphics settings without issue.


Passing through Sag A on my grand tour


Very nice. I need to get around to doing that one of these months. And sweet ride you got there posed in front of the Great Annihilator–looks great!


Thanks! Yeah she is well equipped as well, even with the fighter bays, weapon, shields and rovers but she can still hit 49ly which is a good range for an all rounder deep space exploration vessel!


There was a really nice interview with Braben on the Rolling Stone site recently. Talks about his origin and influences as a developer generally, and on Elite.


Braben is a true OG designer/developer. I <3 him.


Also one huge nerd. A true icon.


“When we first greenlit Elite: Dangerous, there were no other major space games since Freelancer.”

That’s some fuckin bollox, but whatever. It’s a DB suck-me-off piece.


Tencent, a major Chinese investment holding company, just purchased a 9% share of Frontier Developments. Not sure if it’s a good or bad news.


shrug Firefly did just fine with Chinese stuff in it.


And oh yeah, this is some bullshit right here.


Never heard of that game “Firefly”. I’ll take a look on youtube



Anyone tried the PS4 version of this? I’m tempted to get it, largely just to support the devs, but also because I’m finding it difficult to spend time in front of the computer.


Far as I know it’s fine. Not nerfed in any way and you play on the same server as the pc and Xbox people. Don’t know about the HOTAS situation on ps4 or VR.