Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Well 2.4 has hosed the launcher so it has checksum errors and wont download for me. Le sigh. Damn these guys are dangerous patchers. I guess I wait for them to fix their servers just like the last two times.


When I fired up the launcher to grab 2.4 a few days ago, it told me to redownload a new launcher, so maybe that’s you’re problem? One way or another, hope you get it ironed out.


Thanks, yeah I just use Steam or Oculus store until they get it fixed. I keep forgetting patch time is danger time for Elite :)

I updated the launcher. For whatever reason their end, myself and some other players get the wrong checksum from Frontier when downloading the same file even with a new install and clearing every cache their is. It gets into a loop and keeps updating the same file. No idea what they are doing but it usually gets fixed after a few weeks.

I got back in via steam and am happily cruising thanks!


Frontier had their expo last week and discussed the 2018 updates for Elite.

Summary borrowed from Reddit

  • 2018’s Series of updates will be called “Beyond”, with the first release happening in Q1 2018 and will be FREE for Horizons owners
  • Planetary Tech rework: new lighting system, material rendering pass, diversification of landscape, and more.
  • Quality of Life improvements: Better Crime and Punishment (including better armed system authority), Better trading data for more informed decision making, Wing Missions, and Engineering to be reworked to guarantee improved equipment for players.
  • Guardian Arc to be revisited: providing new content such as Guardian tech; notably new hardpoint equipment. These will need to be unlocked for players on an individual basis (through “personal narratives”).
  • Galnet Audio: Galnet will be provided with a text-to-speech medium for its articles.
  • “A lot more ships to come”: So far, Type-10, Krait and Chieftain ships have been confirmed. Latter two are Lakon projects in conjuction with the Alliance. Type-10 Defender. Krait. Chieftain
  • Squadrons: New platform for clan-like system offering enhanced communications for a range of players. Also offering the ability for Squadrons to purchase ship carriers, which allows players to rearm, repair, refuel and respawn.
  • Mining to be revisited: Devs want to invoke a feeling of “Wild West Prospecting”, giving players new tools to find and exploit ore reserves.
  • Planetary Terrain Rework: Addition of Rock Scatter update for larger size and scale of terrain objects, along with localised fog effects too in order to make different planet types feel more distinct from one another.
  • Exploration to be revisited: Will be updated to add a suite of new activities to find and engage with. In addition to Exploration missions and a Codex to log discoveries and act as a sort of encyclopedia for space anomalies. With the addition of new effects, phenomenae and anomalies to discover.
  • Thargoid Arc extended: Story will naturally be progressed, with the introduction of a new ship or “clan” of Thargoids. Screenshot. Additionally, the 2.4 Teaser shows the remains of an INRA outpost and a crashed ship which seemingly looks like an older Cobra model.

That’s a long list, but not as meaty as I might have hoped for. The terrain stuff will be nice to reduce the sameness of the beige moons, but I would have hoped for an evolution of the planetary stuff this year. Would be nice to fly into gas giant atmospheres, or volcanic planets, or something. I didn’t expect to see atmospheric planets next year, but a half-step would be nice.

I’ve never interacted with the story stuff, especially since it seems like it’s a requirement to watch Reddit for the evolution of the storylines. Having a carrier for you and your mates sounds cool, but I’m a solo player so nothing there for me. I’m also a pretty casual player, not interested in optimal builds, so I bounce right off the engineers stuff. It’s free for current Horizon owners, but I hope 2019 brings more substance – particularly on the planetary side of things.

All that said, I’ve been back to playing and have been having good fun doing sight-seeing passenger missions in my Asp X. The payout is pretty good, especially when you do a bit of scanning on the way. When I need some pew-pew, I head to the nearest res in my Federal Dropship. It’s got good firepower, but it’s so slippery!

It’s still by far my favorite VR experience.


I love takeoff and landing, everything else in this game just seems like 238 shades of brown. What am I missing?


It’s a lot of stuff, and still part of Horizons! I wonder when they’ll need to start charging for a new expansion? Maybe the bits and bobs sold in the shop are doing okay for them. I know I’ve bought the odd aesthetic piece here and there as a token gesture of support since I nabbed the lifetime pass way back when it was cheap. :)

I’m not too interested in the mutiplayer or narrative sides either, at least as they are - maybe some of this will make it more appealing? But I am keen to see what happens with the mining, exploration, and engineer loot reworks as those are all core parts of my enjoyment and good to see they’re getting attention.

The other core part being the planetary landings which add so much to immersion. I too had hoped we’d have expanded world types in 2018, maybe not atmospheric No Mans Sky ecosystems, but something additional. Maybe they are just saving that anouncement for later in the year (/hopes).


It’s not what you’re missing, it’s what the game is missing. You’re pretty much spot on here.


Nice to see you’ve become a true believer, finally

For my part, I’ll reinstall Elite once all the 2018 fixes are in place. Maybe.


Yup, that’s pretty much where I am too. I’ve a lifetime license so I feel no pressure to invest any more time in it right now.


I’m definitely going to play this. I don’t know when, but someday!


Don’t rush, you might reach the level of jaded burnout I’m out sooner rather than later. Let them flesh it out first, hopefully with more worthwhile missions and other things to do.


I actually think I’d enjoy it as a sandbox. No doubt I’d get tired of this eventually, but I like what they’ve got - it does look like a strong infrastructure that they could maybe hang a campaign on at some point.


As Ultrazen said, it’s a fantastic take off and landing simulator.


I love taking off and landing! Well, I love taking off. My landings usually don’t go so good.


Elite’s in a weird place. They have this online component, and have tied everything into that idea, what with the background simulation and such. And yet even though it’s an online game, and it’s what… 3 years since it released? You still can’t even do a mission with a friend! I fire this up with my buddy and we’re both kind of looking at each other just thinking “now what?”. There’s literally nothing to do together, aside from maybe blowing up some pirates at a RES.

It’s the weirdest damn game. The attention to detail of the audio system, of the flight systems, of the whole stellar forge thing is just mindblowing. Flying a ship is so superb that the banal tasks like launching and landing a ship are a joy. It’s like they did all the hard stuff, and then… completely neglected an actual game or game design.

To me, the resource extraction sites are a microcosm of the game. The setup is good: you have a resource-rich asteroid field that NPCs are mining. And there are NPCs attacking those miners. So that right there should set up something awesome: you can go mine for your wealth, be a pirate and steal that wealth, or maybe even play cop and go hunt down the baddies.

Yet everything is completely out of whack. The resources being mined are utter garbage and not even worth your time. Who wants to spend all that time and effort to get a ton of a mineral worth 800 credits? Worse, who wants to become a criminal to steal, at best, a few thousand credits worth of cargo from a miner? Instead, you can shoot down a pirate and get 80,000 credits in a quick bounty payment.

None of it makes any sense, just like the rest of the game. Silly bastards.



This is true all of it. But I am still playing. In fact I am playing a second account as well on the PS4 now. Just chilling and exploring in my Adder. I had forgotten how pretty the bubble is. There is no grind for me, I just started exploring and it took me maybe a couple of hours to get 3Mcr from a new start and it was fun. I would have done it by passenger missions as well if I had preferred. Making money really is not a problem for these two activities at least.

I love this game, I think its one of if not the best games ever made… BUT…

But its development strategy is just crazy. So all the items they listed at the expo are fine and free. although stacked to the back half of the year I note and so easily slippable. But then this week they also said there will be paid content next year , presumably bigger? They always do this, just hint at stuff then months, years go by. Then they do things that are simply irrelevant to most of the player base, these Thargoids or “lore” missions. All of them are out of reach for almost all players no matter how hardcore even if we cared (I dont but even if I did it would be out of reach).

So I am left with “hope” that next year will be different after the past two years of disappointment. It sucks because there is SO MUCH low hanging fruit that could immediately improve the game, starting with putting interesting stuff on planets to discover, hell just charge me $30 for it ffs. But they dont they keep this strange meandering dev plan. Sigh.


Yep, that’s the most frustrating part for me. They nailed the really hard stuff, and then have left so much easy stuff for years without addressing it. It is SO frustrating.


Awesome engineers, complete shite game designers. And I mean “even shittier than a first-year at FullSail” bad. Like mentioned above, so much low-hanging fruit just waiting to be plucked… and we get non-working MP, non-working multicrew, a vague and dissatisfying powers system, an abandoned arena mode, and “lore” that applies to maybe 1% of the players – the hardest-core tryhards with multiple Anacondas. Everything else is pure RNG grind with constantly-moving, constantly out-of-whack trading/exploring/mining/shootguy imbalances.

I have lots of nerd rage over Elite. It’s like… she’s about to, you know, finish you off, but then stops all of sudden to punch you in the face. Then she starts up again. A really perverted Lucy-Charlie Brown thing. I’m sorry.


It may be perverted, but I can’t say it’s inaccurate. :)