Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


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Do you guys think this game would be better served if the number of inhabited systems was much smaller? If I’m in the bubble, it feels like I’m bumping into inhabited systems the vast majority of the time.

Right now, I don’t really feel like there’s much personality in any of those systems. I don’t care that System A is a system with an extraction based economy because I can pick any direction and run into a dozen of them. I don’t really care if High Tech System B has a commodity shortage, because I can get those same things in hundreds of places just in the neighborhood.

I think the size of the galaxy is important, especially for exploration, but I wish inhabited systems were rare and were custom designed. I want to remember that a particular system is a great source of a particular good, or another system is the agricultural hub of the sector and if it goes into famine, that’s going to be a big problem.

Procedural generation of content has gotten a really bad reputation lately and I can’t argue with it. I still think it’s an invaluable tool but that oftentimes it isn’t used well. They generated billions of stars in Elite: Dangerous but barely a handful are interesting in any way. I wish the world builders had found cool systems that were generated and then populated a core of them by hand with notable NPCs and unique content.


Yes. Both Jumpgate and Evochron are better than Elite, and this is one of the reasons why.


Hmm, its a good discussion but I do think the procedural scale of Elite is a key part of Elite. I would sooner figure out a way to make billions of star systems interesting than reduce the number of star systems and focus on making a few thousand or hundred interesting.

I cant justify that view, which I admit, it just feels like something that matters. Hmm.


To be clear, I wouldn’t want to reduce the number of star systems; I think it’s too important for exploration. I would just reduce the number of “urban” systems, for lack of a better word.

I would keep Federation, Empire, and Alliance space but they would be reduced in size. Maybe the Empire has two massive manufacturing systems, several smaller scale operations, and a handful of extraction systems that specialize in different resources. System D is very important to them because it’s their primary source of a particular ore which are used to build Imperial ships, that sort of thing. That way if piracy or raids by the Federation hit that system, you can have meaningful emergent gameplay where the Governor of that sector (someone you are familiar with, since he/she’s one of a handful of important NPCs for that faction) sends out the call for mercenaries and security forces to secure the sector. Otherwise, prices at the Imperial shipyards start to increase and even the supply becomes limited. This also opens up an opportunity for players flying Type 9’s make some serious cash hauling ore long distance to the Empire. Of course, they might have to run a Federation blockade in order to do it… if caught, that could have serious repercussions on their ability to continue to do business in Federation space.

Right now, that type of scenario can’t exist because even if one system is under siege by enemies/pirates, there’s dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of others to pick up the slack. Star systems lack importance and just become lost in a sea of beige samey-ness.


Good post. Hmm, I think I agree!


KevinC has just done 58.7% more world-building in his post than the typical FD dev does in a year.

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Can’t do it, if my wife saw those pics I’d have some serious explaining to do. How about you just keep us updated in this thread about the status of your hue: deep blue today, trending paler tomorrow, that sort of thing? More posts about balls in general, is what I’m saying.


Well, generally my ED blue balls level out with a dull ache that’s generally easy to ignore, and the skin tone is just a little pale; however, when an FD dev spews out a bunch of nonsense about they’re improving the game (by breaking it more), I get these deep, stabbing pains in my nether regions that cause me to double over in frustrated agony. I try to do some “self-maintenance” by playing actual games (rather than unimaginative grinding exercises), and that helps, but the desire never really goes away.


Dude stop complaining already.




So the latest update to ED launched yesterday, looking through the patch notes doesn’t seem to be much noteworthy for single players, mainly a couple of new ships and some bug fixes. Most of the content seems aimed at Multiplayer which isn’t my bag.
Anyone played it yet, is there any reason for single player bods like myself to bother returning to it?


What makes this update seem like it’s more focused towards MP to you? The only thing MP related I saw was the addition of a new wing mission and a small fix to multicrew gunner crimes.

Honestly, the big part of the update is two new ships and new weapons. Beyond that, it’s just some narrative stuff added and some minor adjustments to various systems.


Actually you’re right there’s hardly any MP content added either!
Chapter 2 seems a big name for a couple of ships, some extra missions and some bug fixes to me. Of course there may be more to it than the patch notes make out and that’s why I was asking if anyone has played it, and is there anything significant added that would make it worth playing again.
I guess I was just hoping for more 3 years after release, planetary landings would have been nice, or maybe moons with water, volcanoes, trees (or other vegetation) or even non thargoid alien life forms.
Perhaps I should lower my expectations some.


I dunno, man. I come from another perspective. Criticism – broadly defined as describing what one encounters – is an inevitability and it might as well be done well. I hear the other line of thought invoked too often to justify crappy movies, books, music, etc. Of course if you don’t like a game it’s a bit silly to keep playing it just to have food for criticism (unless that’s your bag, man), but to the extent that you do play a game, you should call it like you see it IMO.


I had the same feeling. Pretty disappointed in the patch notes from something called “Chapter 2” that warranted a new trailer. Of course, disappointment and Elite: Dangerous often go hand-in-hand for me, so if I’m surprised I only have myself to blame. :)


And then keep calling it out every time the topic gets bumped so we can be sure we don’t forget where you stand on this right? And no, that’s a generic “you”, I’m not calling you specifically out for anything. I’m just calling it like I see it.