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@Gedd your comedy of errors sounded remarkably similar to my initial runs! I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t forgotten to load up on limpets the first time.

Limpets will definitely expire if they crash into asteroids / chunks, or have trouble getting under your ship to enter the cargo bay hatch. I find it’s best to position yourself a little further away from the debris field with plenty of space under your ship. Occasionally you’ll find a chunk of material that a limpet can’t collect, seems to be because it gets into a strange position usually too close to an asteroid. I found a piece inside an asteroid chunk once! My limpets kept suiciding into it.

I generally take about 30 limpets these days. I can get away with 1 limpet prospector per asteroid, and 2 collectors per asteroid, so for a 96 cargo hold (which I have) that’s 18 limpets minimum. Then factor in suicidal limpets and general screw ups, and about 30 seems right. You can always jettison them, they’re super cheap anyway, just set the contacts to ignore them so the limpets don’t collect them back up again.

Finding asteroids gets easier as you recognise colour patterns and the right asteroid type (there’s only one that ever has fractures in it), but sometimes you’ll find a field with precious little in there anyway, so try another.

Me, I’m trying to find Guardian relics. I discovered that you don’t need to land your ship to transfer cargo from the SRV (in fact you don’t need to be landed to board the ship either, but you do to launch the SRV). Found most of them now, just chasing Ancient Orbs! It seems they keep rolling off.

I also had my Luke Skywalker moment…


Given how limpets are so cheap, I’d take a full load of them. Just toss them as needed – the losses are a rounding error on your profit margins.

To maximize the life of collector limpets, try to keep the bottom of your ship pointed toward open space. Limpets are reasonable at avoiding obstacles during flight, but they’ll often suicide into a rock during their entry/exit phase if the bottom of your ship is too close to something.


When starting out I found half my hold was a good number, but as I got better at identifying things I found I was using less prospectors, and now I’m good with about a third of my hold in limpets.

That said, 10 iron and 10 nickel from your materials bank and you can synthesize some limpets yourself if you find you’ve run out while staring down a profitable core. Dunno how many you get per batch, I was getting 4, but that may have been because my prospector and collector limpet controllers could both control 2 each.


The really sad thing is I had watched a couple videos and they all said to make sure you loaded up on limpets before leaving, and I thought I had by clicking the Reload All in the Starship Services home screen, I just didn’t know where to look for it in the UI to confirm. Now I do…


Another thing about limpet suicides, at first I’d fire off a couple of limpets while using the abrasion blaster to scour off materials, but that’s not a good idea - limpets frequently die trying to keep up with you, including you crashing into them by mistake. The best way is to scour off all the materials first, and then go sit somewhere with plenty of space around you, and launch the two limpets. It’s also more relaxing. Depending on your ship, you can even take a second collector controller and have 4 limpets working at once.

Good point about synthesizing them, I actually didn’t realise you could do this (synthesizing) until recently! That was a moment of revelation. ;)


“Restock All’ doesn’t restock your limpets, because why would you want your UI to make any goddamn sense.


I guess it’s because they take up cargo space, and they can’t really make an automatic decision about it. It might be kind of nice if it prompted you for how many you want to buy when you hit the restock button.


Yes exactly, it makes perfect sense that it doesn’t work, but it could be a lot clearer. Still, you only ever do it once. Right? ;)


Right, it doesn’t restock limpets because they use cargo space and the amount wanted is variable. If I’m equipped for combat I usually want 0 limpets and would be quite miffed to get a hold full of them. A prompt for them on restock all would also get kind of annoying if you rarely want them.

I suppose they could reword/rename the button to make it clearer.


They should do away with them or make them like ammo.


I’m getting a little better at this now that I know (roughly) what I’m doing. Made a run last night with around 120 million credits of void opals and low pressure diamonds. Could have made a bit more, but I ran out of limpets (my cargo racks were almost full anyway), and it was getting late.

Two things I am still not clear on:

  1. I am still really unsure about definitively spotting fissure rocks at a distance. I’ve watched several videos and read a few guides, but the things I’ve seen to look for (high-contrast, really bright, use night vision, etc.) still have me putting prospectors into non-fissure rocks. I guess ultimately it’s not a big loss to just go pushing out prospectors until I get better at spotting them, but I feel like I spend a lot of time between finding the rocks to mine.

  2. I’m not sure I understand what the demand component of the commodity interface is for. Originally I thought it meant the station would not buy that good, and then I thought it meant that they wouldn’t buy it all at the indicated price (price per unit would go down immediately), but as it was getting late last night I put into a station that had no demand for void opals or diamonds, and was able to sell it all at the indicated price. Is demand more of an indication that a price will drop in the future? Or that it may drop over time?


Spotting fissures; there’s one specific asteroid type - at least in the ice fields - that contains fissures. All other types do not. So learn its shape, and ignore everything else no matter how bright it is. Then if you see one, fly close and look for fissures; you should know what to look for, and with practice you can usually check out an asteroid in a matter of seconds. Only when you see fissures should you launch a limpet. I never waste limpets on prospecting anymore.

As for demand, the simple explanation (well, I think!) is that 3 bars is good for buying (there’s a lot of it so it’s cheap) and selling (nobody is selling it so the prices are higher), and 1 bar is not. I read a more detailed explanation somewhere but that was my take-home. Can’t remember what the figures mean though. :) I’m sure someone else can clarify this.


I’m not an active player but I always felt like it was adding insult to injury to have the damn limpets be something that gets “used up” after you’ve had to basically use up all your free equipment slots for mining, between the limpet controllers (of two kinds) and the refinery.


Me neither, and that’s not because I dont love this game. There’s so many games, so many so good and only so few hours in the day that aren’t filled with needy little voices asking for stuff.


I don’t really have a huge issue with limpets taking up space when mining, because you always get that space back again. Presumably it has something to do with them being multirole? Perhaps being able to synthesize them means it doesn’t matter either way. Or perhaps, as you say, they could have done it better. :)

I’m currently in a situation where I’m racing to try and decode all the Guardian data scans before I head away from the internet for a while and my mission times out! Aaah.

“Damn, which one was it again…?”


Thanks for the tips. Reddit says to look for rocks that look like popcorn, so I’ll try that next time. Really what I need to do is the next time I find one, to study it a bit before I blow it up.

That’s the logical conclusion, but I’ve seen systems with high demand buy for far less than systems with no demand. It seems kind of weird. My only guess is that there’s a range of prices they would pay for a good, and it’s based on the general wants of the system type, and then demand determines the price within that range.

Did you end up going to the Krait Phantom as your next step after the AspX? I’m probably one run away from upgrading to a bigger ship, and thinking about Python vs. Krait. Python seems to have more space in it, but people say the Krait has a better view.


I found the AspX was pretty much the perfect miner due my attention span and its limited space. For me, 100M/run was more than enough even though I had a vanilla Python sitting in storage.

I’d say the ‘next’ step is down to what you’re after. Once I hit 1.5B credits, I went to Jameson Memorial and bought/outfitted a top-of-the-line Anaconda for fighting just because. Honestly, I haven’t played much since then. I’d like to get back to mining in expectation of carriers in the next expansion that I assume will cost many billions.


I haven’t really studied price fluctuations that much, although apparently whether you’re in open, private or solo it all uses the same database so player trading will influence it even if you’re in solo.

Yes, I went to Krait Phantom after the AspX, and I do love it. Krait MkII is a bit more agile and a better combat choice, the Phantom has greater jump range. I used the Phantom for most of my mining as well, it’s more agile than the AspX and far less frustrating when moving between asteroids (and not crashing into the damn things). Plus it sounds a lot better. I’m still running it, has a 46 ly jump range for me which is great. (I could take it higher but need another engineering level on it yet)

I’ve considered the Python but its low visibility cockpit and feeble jump range put me off. It’ll be Anaconda for me next.


Finally got “first to discover” on a system. Brings a tear, you know. ;)

Sadly it was a crappy bunch of icy bodies orbiting a worn out star, and the name hardly rolls off the tongue, so not the epic find or windfall I was expecting. :) Still, as it was only 600 ly from Sol I was a little surprised to run into it. At some point I’ll head “into the black” where I imagine you get this a lot.

Anyway I completed the Guardian decoding mission, got half the credits I was expecting because apparently they’ve nerfed it or something I guess, but still felt like an achievement. I need to head back to the Guardian structures and start getting those juicy guardian tech upgrades, so I’ll need something smaller than my Phantom which is a bitch to park in mountainous regions.

Having said that, I just happened to pass the Anaconda showroom the other day and now I can’t get my mind off one. I’m heading out of internet range soon as well for a while, so I may stay parked up for a bit.


What I think is going on is that the really good prices for these mined materials isn’t so much a result from demand in the commodity screen as it is the state of the system in the background simulation. I’m not sure what state or which combination of states the system/station needs to be in, but my experience it has had nothing to do with demand, which for me has almost always been zero bars. This is why I tend to favor selling at stations where there has been little traffic in the last 24h, since players doing things in system tend to affect the BGS quite a bit and muck things up for me when I go to sell.