Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Heh. Its not as if elite lacks money. It lacks a strong author’s voice.



Krayzkrok seems to be doing ok generating his own content.



I think it’s something like Shift-Enter or Ctrl-Enter. I did it the other day then couldn’t fix it as I was on a train that had just gone into a tunnel.



Ok, let’s try this…

[edit] It works! CTRL+ENTER. Not sure how I managed that by accident, but there you go.



Welcome back krayzkrok! Were you playing Elite the whole time you were away from the internet?

(I mean, other than your work, of course, I just meant your spare time).



Content is already there, I’m just exploring it. ;)

I get the potential dislike for this game, because if you put a venn diagram of Elite next to Traditional Game (or even Traditional Space Game) there’d only be a small amount of overlap. I used to play Microsoft Flight Simulator all the time, not because it had a narrative or a story to follow, but because it allowed me to fly a freakin’ plane and explore the world. Elite taps into a similar vein (as the original did) where there’s a vast universe out there and you can go and explore it, but it gives you a whole lot more to do on top. You can grind yourself into oblivion with it if you want to, but I’ve avoided nearly all of that because I’d had a series of goals and set out to achieve them. Some people will try and unlock every single Guardian blueprint for example, which seems like a mighty waste of time! I’ve unlocked the three that I need and will likely use (for now) and it was glorious. Still, using the various companion apps and learning from others is really integral to getting the most out of the game. Not everyone likes that, but that’s the way Frontier have decided to go with it and I think it works extremely well - it’s my flight manual, in effect.

What keeps me going as well is the knowledge that there’s stuff out there that I haven’t found or experienced yet. That’s my motivation to continue, not feeling like I’ve found everything the game has to offer. I will get to that point eventually, but so far I’m having a blast. I also really like the community around this game; I’ve given up playing in Solo or Private Group now, I’m in Open constantly. There’s the potential threat of pirates (most of whom role play, and which I get kick out of dealing with), but the vast majority of people you meet are awesome.

Besides, I’ve never found a game with so much potential to look utterly glorious. It feeds the photographer in me.

Thanks @Rock8man! No, only when I had decent internet, which wasn’t that often, but I’ve been back for a week and slowly catching up with stuff.



That’s great @krayzkrok and you are right about a lot of stuff.

I have some issue with the way some of it was developed. Things like “powerplay” that took a lot of dev effort for very little fun gameplay would have been better spent making more stuff to find. Exploration is by far the most interesting thing about elite.



It’s hard to leave this area (Barnard’s Loop, and surrounds), it’s just a stunning place to fly around in and explore. I guess you could say it’s… visually stunning. (imagine I just inserted a sunglasses gif in here, for effect).

Inside the nebula, the colourful gases surround you. As you move further away its form keeps changing. Here it looks uncannily like an embryo.

Neutron stars legitimately scare me. They can smash you into pieces in an instant if you get too close, and if you fly into their plumes they’ll overcharge your FSD so quadrupling your maximum jump range. However, while you’re in there you get tossed around like a leaf on the wind (or a leaf in a hurricane more like) and your brain is screaming GET THE HELL OUT! MY EXPLORATION DATA! OH NO!

Black holes are a bit tamer by comparison. They are considerably freakier though.

How about discovering a particularly large supergiant and trying to take a photo of the scale of it, before realising that all the overheating warnings can’t be heard when you have the camera open! I toasted half my modules here, but fortunately I brought along an auto-repair unit. Phew.

I figured I’d get a bit further away instead.

This planet was really quite close to the sun! Surface temperatures of 1,200 Kelvin, I think it was, nice place for a vacation maybe. It was also orbiting so quickly I had to supercruise alongside it to get this shot.

Heading back to the relative safety of the Orion Tourist Center. Time for a martini on the observation deck.



Great screenshots as always!



A little more and I’ll be forced to reinstall Elite: Dangerous. As if I needed one more game to (re)play…



Those are great Krazy, keep us posted :D



That’s not something I’ve noticed before. Very cool!



You are amazing, krayzkrok! Thank you for sharing all your adventures!



Yeah, you make me want to dip back into this. It gives you so many wonderful locations to get lost in.



Delighted to see you having so much fun!



Glad you’re enjoying the adventures! Although doing something crazy like flying to Sagittarius A* is starting to seem like a great idea, I think I’ll be touring all the nebulas down this way first. The Heart and Soul nebulas look like they’d be incredible, and they’re closer than Sag A*!

Last night I found an asteroid cluster near a black hole that I couldn’t actually approach on supercruise. It was seriously booking it!



One last look at the area around Orion Nebula Tourist Station, and it’s time to head out…

Not very touristy, but never mind. It’s much prettier when you get outside

I can’t actually reach the Horsehead Nebula because the systems around it are permit locked, but at least I can get a good look at it from here. Ah, yes, very well named.

It’s time to go on a bit of a journey, I think. To the top of the galaxy. Well, not all the way, just up a bit. Surely nobody has been up here, right?

Damn, these suns are close together! I could fly between them, but then again I’d better not.

Ah, the joy of finding an Earth-Like World to surface scan!

It’s very lonely and cold out here, a long way from anywhere. Amazingly, though, despite passing through dozens of systems, every single one of them has been visited by another player. When I look on the galaxy map though, really I’ve hardly left the neighborhood. It’s a vast place.

Ok, time to visit the California Nebula. Don’t ask me why it’s called that.

Appropriately, I have found the Darwin Research Station!

Finally, I did it!



Congratulations :)



Congratulations mate! Bloody well done!



Thanks, it definitely feels like an achievement, especially as in the original that I played for months on my ZX Spectrum I never quite reached Elite. Back then it was only a combat rank, because trading and combat were the only two things you could really do - I reached Deadly, and for weeks it just wouldn’t tick over to Elite. My combat rank in ED is… uh… Competent. Oh dear, a way to go then. Trade is close, I should work on that at some point, but I’ve caught the exploration bug so I guess that’s that.