Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

Less this (actually none of this).

More this.

Not really. You’ve always been better off doing a bit of light dogfighting (or at least missions with a risk of dogfighting) to earn money early on. Simple trading has never been a particularly sensible starting option, other than to learn the controls.

You can do both of these things, but you need appropriate ships for each. Trading only really works when you can do it in bulk, but smaller ships can deal in rare commodities which make their low volume worthwhile. There are many player squadrons you can join, if you want to focus in a particular area then find a squadron that focuses on that. There’s no in-game method of researching one, though, you need to be looking at dedicated forums. If you’re going to get the most out of E:D then using third party tools and websites is really essential. I mean, it’s optional, but it’s essential. ;)

Early on, though, you’ll be running ship-based missions to make money to upgrade your ship, which greatly widens the scope of what you can do. Mining is a great way of making money but you need a decently-sized ship. Passenger missions are also lucrative, and much easier to do than large-scale mining. Anything other than low-level bounty hunting and the like needs a decently kitted-out ship, preferably engineered and with Guardian upgrades. Exploration can also earn a lot of cash, and you can do this even in a Sidewinder with careful planning.

Squadrons are in game, or are we talking about something else?

Oh God right, they are, sorry. I forgot because they don’t actually do anything yet.

Well they are useful as a clan feature, at this stage mostly for squadron-wide communication. Essentially persistent wings. The other features aren’t particularly interesting, although if/when the implement the fleet carrier as a mobile base, that would be cool.

Wait I missed the opportunity to complain about Elite Dangerous? Well let me just say… kidding :)

It ended badly obviously for me and I wasnt happy, but in the words of Red Dwarf :

LISTER: Come on, as far as you’re concerned you had a love affair, right? Which was wonderful, yeah?
And for some reason that you can’t understand it all went hideously wrong.
Well, so what? Join the club, bucko. It’s just you, me, and everybody else in the world.

I am now in the nice place where I can come in here and am genuinely happy for all you folks who are enjoying Elite for the first time or still in that sweet spot where it fits your play style. I can never go back but its fun to see other folks enjoying the game.

But yeah @BrianRubin I hear ya man, oh what could have been. Ah well.

Join us in the Rebel Galaxy thread dude. I think you’ll be way happier there.

whoo boy! whoop whoop! (I think rebel galaxy is awesome, not just in itself, but also for elite)

I read there’s going to be a new newbie friendly zone and possibly better introduction. Is that our yet and is it any better?

We just got a Rift and i heard ED would be impressive in VR…

Day after tomorrow for the spring patch. Yeah its awesome in VR. Almost the best experience imo. Only thing better is terrestrial flight.

Cool, I’ll be sure to download it for the weekend. Btw, how does the cockpit UI work in VR? Is it possible to click virtual buttons or do you need to aim a cursor?

Its complicated… you can use a mouse, or buttons ona HOTAS or a gamepad. All a matter of setup and preference. The UI is very much optimized for VR.

Neither! There is no touch input, nor is there cursor aiming. You’ll be flying using a HOTAS/controller so most immediate stuff is mapped to that.

The myriad of other ship functions work like menus in most other console games - the controller moves the selection around and fire button chooses. Your gaze direction in VR determines which part of the UI you are actively controlling (it’s split up into a bunch of sections for navigation, ship, chat, etc).

I found Elite to be one of if not the best VR experiences. It works really well.

I played it with zero hassles using an xbox controller & oculus with the rare peek down my nose if I needed to hit a key, which was very rare.

For the simmer I think if you own a VR headset its a no brainer to buy Elite & IL-2.

Well after a break I’m back on my journey towards the Heart and Soul Nebulas. Or am I? In fact, I am not. For my ship was destroyed. It is a tale of woe and dodgy internet, buckle up.

I just arrived in Cyprus this morning, to help my mum pack up her house. Jet lag woke me at 2 am, and after an hour in bed I decided early morning Elite is what I needed. Within 30 minutes I had a warning sign: the internet dropped and I lost connection with the server, while skimming quite close to some planetary rings. Ahh! When I got it back again 20 minutes later, the game had put me back about 5 minutes, back into deep space. Ok, no problem, I kept going. Three jumps later, and more system scanning, and I arrived close to a red dwarf. Time to scoop. But, not paying attention, I managed to get too close and drop out of Supercruise. Crap. I opened the external camera to find my orientation, to point away from the sun and get the hell out of there. I even managed to take a quick photo. But then I couldn’t get back to the canopy view. Uh oh. Nope, the zero button was not having any effect. Internet dropped again, I am fairly sure, after 30 seconds of trying I got control back, and saw my shields disappear in a puff of blue electricity. AARGH!

Back in the canopy, alarms blaring, temps at… 500 degrees celsius! WHAT THE HELL! Holy shit. By this time it was too late, firing the engines to move just drove the temps up further, and everything was dying. My hands started shaking. Not like this! NO!

And then it was over. Kaboom. You know that feeling when you get emotionally punched in the gut? Yep, that right there. 7,000 light years. Over 250 jumps. Every system scanned, every terraformable visited and scanned.

Well, I sent Frontier support a ticket in the vain hope that they might be merciful and undo those terrible two minutes, considering the circumstances. Apparently someone else on the forums did something similar a while back and they helped out.

This is the second time the Internet has screwed me over in the last 24 hours. My Switch is threatening to delete weeks worth of my Diablo III playtime due to some mismatched versions, possibly because the internet died during an update. I have not dared launch it since.

Will this be my last ever Elite Dangerous screenshot?

If only they had built this as a single player game :/

No, it will not be my last Elite Dangerous screenshot! I have rarely felt so relieved. Thank you Frontier Support. :)

I logged back on quickly to check where I was, and I’d been placed moments from my potential demise. Fortunately with wits and controls working, I was able to get out of there with the added bonus of it melting the butter I was going to put on my toast.

That’s great! Glad to read that they helped you out, and the journey can continue.

Sweet! So glad they gave you that chance. I’m looking forward to more tales of your journeys!