Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

Hey nice. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking maybe the Horizon pass was worth that much just to get those landers and go explore barren worlds. Wait, that sounds really boring, unless there’s something on those planets. But you never know, maybe it’s really pretty.

Engineers are fun. Like a lot of things in ED, you can grind yourself into oblivion if you really want to, but you can also get a lot of good upgrades without resorting to that. Engineering is basically a skill tree for your ship, with various paths to take for key components. The Guardian content is also great if you like figuring out mysterious alien artifacts light years from anywhere, although it’s best done with some assistance from a guide. This also leads to unlock pathways for cool ship goodies, though these are a bit harder than the Engineer upgrades. Planets contain some good exploration incentives, open up the Thargoid stuff a little more, and of course come with spectacular views. For 9 bucks it’s worth it if you like the base game.

Heh, it has been so long since I played I forgot I bought a python and a fer de lance when I was looking at edsm.

Ah, the joys of not remembering what button retracts hardpoints since it has been 8 months, and voice attack won’t retract them either so the system ship you accidentally pinged gets to pop you at the tune of $4m. Made some of it back up on bounties afterwards though. Still is fun to fly around in this game. Seems like they have been making some little ui changes.

Oh that’s easy, it’s… er… damn, I seem to have forgotten as well. :)

For some reason my brain is telling me it’s “U”, but really brain, settle down.

The default keybinding voiceattack uses doesn’t function for some reason. It worked when I rebound it to a different key sequence. Much easier to say “retract hardpoints” than trying to remember which key or button to hit. :)

Apparently Veloxi’s VIxens are no longer in control of the Orcus system. Not sure if I’ve ever seen us not in power.

Hehe, I decided to give the new mining a try and go look for some void opals. I had my python set up, but wanted some weapons on it as well in case I got jumped. So I added some, and with the ui color scheme I’d picked in edprofiler I didn’t notice that my setup was taking me over my power limits. I also allowed myself to go below my insurance on my balance since I blew a bunch of money on an asp explorer, fer de lance, and python the last period of time I played. I can probably count on my hands the number of times I’ve lost a ship so no problem. I get out to a ring, hit the pulse wave analyzer and my ship goes dark. Oxygen level is counting down, and the ship isn’t responding to anything. Frantically looking to try to find some command to get it back online, but fail. End of dying a lonely death, and get a tab from some loan sharks to get my ship back. I reset the color scheme to standard for the time being, and got the ship configured better, then went back out. Still have a hard time recognizing the right shape for the asteroids to crack for void opals, but I did get 23 out of 2 of them, which got my loan paid off and me back up to about $30m.

Is there a way to get the ship back online when you blow the power?

You can enable and disable power to individual systems in the panel on the right I believe.

It seemed like the panel wouldn’t even come up. Usually looking over there pops it up in vr, also telling voice attack systems panel was getting me nowhere. Not sure what I did. :)

I decided to hook the trackir back up and fire this up normally instead of in vr. I don’t know if I could go back to non-vr, while the picture is nice it just feels off.

I only played Elite in VR briefly, after spending quite a bit of time with it in the default pancake mode. I know exactly what you mean. Even after just a couple hours in VR, it felt so ridiculous when I played it on my monitor the next day. It was like a “Haha, I can’t believe I used to find this so immersive on my monitor” kind of thing.

Now that I have my new headset I keep meaning to fire Elite back up, but the thought of digging out my HOTAS, configuring all the controls, remembering all the controls… I usually just end up playing something else instead.

That is why I have voice attack + an HCS Voice pack. :) It remembers everything for me. There still are some hotas things I have to remember, but a lot of those are still muscle memory. The HCS Voice packs ship with a handy reference pdf as well that I can look over and quickly find a voice command if I’ve forgotten what it is.

Has anyone played around much with the new(ish?) commodities market interface? I haven’t done anything besides sell off some things I’ve mined, but it looks like now it is capable of doing things in game like finding you a location where you can sell a good you are buying.

VR-related question. I’m considering picking up an Oculus Rift for this but prefer to be sitting and use a controller. I assume this is still an enjoyable way to play the game? I’m more interested in the visual immersion of VR rather than the arms etc.

I imagine pretty much everyone sits and uses a controller or hotas when doing vr.

It’s the only way to play, as Elite does not have support for touch controls.

The yaw on my t.16000m is all messed up again, so stuck with trying to figure out flying with an xbox controller. Basically doing touch and goes with a sidey.

It seems that finding fcs sticks on their own is fairly rare these days, with most people just selling the throttle + fcs pack or the dual fcs pack. I did manage to find some at bhphoto so I might break down and buy another. I might even splurge on the dual back just to have one in reserve since I can reverse the left hand one with the parts on the one I have if they don’t ship those with the parts for reversing them.

Sounds like it may be a design problem with the stick.

That Reddit thread says the yaw axis uses a potentiometer. Is that true? Thustmaster’s marketing led me to belive it was using Hall Effect sensors.

Yeah, I pulled it apart last night. Pulling it all apart and putting it back together seems to have at least temporarily made it stop trying to yaw to the right all the time. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Here is a pic someone posted online of the part:

I read up to the part where he mentioned soldering, and started skimming after that. A couple of years ago I took apart my X52 stick to clean the twist-axis pot, which started spiking badly. While opening it up I snapped the plastic spindle that held the trigger in place, which I had to superglue back together, and then nearly broke the grip trying to reassemble it afterwards. Why do companies make these sticks so hard to maintain?

If you’re looking for a replacement stick, check out the VKB Gladiator. I believe it uses the same contact-less sensors as its more expensive Gunfighter siblings, which could make it the only stick in its price range with no pots.

Y’all motherfuckers need Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2s in your damned lives.