Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

There’s no force feedback with modern games though, right?

Doesn’t matter, stick is still the best there is.

I threw my in the trash many years ago. Please forgive me @BrianRubin.

The t.16000m has worked pretty well, and I’m not sure there is anything better in that price range in production. I’m seriously considering buying the 2 stick package just to have backup. The vkb stuff looks nice, but it is in the warthog price range and I just don’t play enough to warrant that.

All of the other VKB stuff is pricey (and hard to find), but The Gladiator Mk II runs about $80-100.

edit: Which still isn’t exactly cheap I suppose, but it’s all relative.

It looked like it was lacking in functionality compared to the t.16000m and other models. It seems like it would be great for something like il2

Right, not much in the way of switches and buttons. I passed on it for that reason too.

Can you spray some contact cleaner into the pot without having to completely open it up like the guy on Reddit did? Could be at least a temporary fix.

I think the only way you will get at the yaw pot is by taking the handle apart, which isn’t too bad. The trickiest part I ran into was these little membrane switch things that sit between the switches at the top and the PCB. To get it to stay in place on the bottom of the switch as I was putting it back in I ended up putting a tiny dab of Elmer’s glue.

Me too, because some drunken guest managed to somehow snap the handle off. They’ve never been invited to return. ;)

Oh God that’s horrible!

I’m sure the judge was quite lenient at the hearing concerning that person’s untimely and rather grizzly demise?

I’m surprised that they haven’t toned down the profits from mining, but I guess they figure at least it gets people doing something? I’m sitting at almost $400m now and I’ve added an alliance chieftain, a type-9, and a Krait mk II since I had the yaw issues. I’ve jumped through the last couple trade ranks very quickly and only have 5% to go for elite.

I assume the carriers are going to cost enough that the current mining profits won’t make a huge difference.

I’ll probably never get a carrier because I’m so half-assed about earning money. I just putter around. A bit of trade, a bit of exploration/scanning, a bunch of bounty hunting. If I do two million in an hour that’s a pretty good session. I like a slower progression through the ships and components.

I kinda’ don’t want to start mining because it seems like it makes everything else superfluous, money-wise. Of course, if I don’t read the guides I can probably just mine in my typical non-optimal way and have more parity with the other jobs.

I’ve enjoyed the core mining for void opals. I’m not sure that I would like the painite mining that is all the rage right now. With core mining you have to find an asteroid with the right color, shape, and fissures to bust open. From what I’ve seen on twitch it seems like with the painite mining people just randomly shoot things with prospector limpets until they find one with the material they want.

I’ve been doing a bit of exploring the past couple of sessions to see if I can finish off my explorer rank. I finished leveling felicity farseer with exploration data, and hopefully with finish this other engineer as well.

Finally checking in here for the first time in a while!

I just wanted to post this here in case it happens to anyone else (I may have already earlier… I can’t remember). It is likely it isn’t what you encountered, but I had my joystick do something similar and it was because it initialized itself with me accidentally leaning on it. This was either when my computer first booted up or when I first launched Elite; I believe it was the former as even the joystick application was showing it not aligned outside of Elite. Quick reboot while not touching anything and all was good!

May have to fire this up again too, but I admit the learning of all the controls again holds me back too.

Whatever happened to the storyline bits with the aliens?

Tons of hours in Elite, but I haven’t spent that much time out of the bubble. So, I took my Asp out to Maia, which is home to Obsidian Orbital and is a bit of a hub for Thargoid activity. Took the slow road on the way there and did plenty of scanning.

Since turning in my explorer info on the planetside station instantly leveled up my relationship with the feds and gave me some high-paying transport missions, I decided to have my Type 6 transferred over for some space trucking.

My first mission sent me to Artemis Lodge 6 LY away, and holy cow … it’s absolutely the most beautiful location for a station I’ve seen in Elite. As you near the planet, you see a set of white rings which are so bright they’re nearly blinding. The station itself is actually located right at the edge of the rings. So, it’s backdropped by that white arc, the slowly tumbling rocks, and a gorgeous, looming blue sun.

Was playing VR, so I got out of my chair (virtual and real-world) and just stood by the big Type 6 windows, watched the activity around the station, and listened to the chatter on the comms. It was probably the most immersive experience I’ve ever had in VR. If I didn’t have to shut down for the night I probably would have stood there for another half an hour, pretending to be a jaded space trucker who – every now and then – can still appreciate these sorta’ moments.

Almost fell on my face because I leaned forward to rest a hand on the ship’s console.


Nice post man, thanks :)

I need to get back to this game at some point.