Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

I need to get back to this game at some point.

Looks like the much-rumored ‘space legs’ expansion may be coming to Elite in the future -

Space legs and atmospheric flight!! Super excited for this.

Always remember, however: MVP. Minimum viable product. That’s what Frontier does best.

So, space legs = being able to walk forward (and possibly backwards) on a fixed path. Some head movement, but only if you’ve ground out 5,000,000 space gazarbos.

And atmospheres: blue gradient backgrounds on moons.

Still no planet that isn’t a lifeless rock?

How is this different from a rover, onlyslower?

No interest. Still too salty after they gutted exploration. Also this looks purely combat focused. I dont care about shooting things.

Haven’t played the game yet, but curious about this comment - how did they change/gut exploration from earlier iterations?

I seem to recall some mention back in the day of barren planets with atmospheres first, then lush planets. But ED development has slowed down so much compared to those first heady years, who knows if that will come to fruition.

I’m not very excited about space legs, because I play in VR and I am all about the cockpit experience. Which is great in ED, at its core, but the gameplay updates have forgot about the fun. Like, it’s mostly just fiddly stuff. Scanning minigame, mining minigame, grindy ship upgrades, etc.

Hopefully they have some other things up their sleeves for 2021. They have great tech, good graphics and art design, amazing sound design, and pretty fun pew-pew. Just need a better game to wrap that all up in.

I hopped back in for a bit at the end of last year I think, and did some of the new mining + exploration. Bought and upgraded a number of ships, but got tired of it again. I haven’t been on since and uninstalled a while back. I’m sure I’ll jump in again at some point.

This game. The tech remains impressive, the feel of flying a ship around a solar system is fantastic, but it’s married with some of the blandest game design I’ve ever experienced. It remains such an incredibly frustrating experience for me.

I could see Frontier’s engineers making this incredible experience where you can launch from a space station, fly to another star system, enter the atmosphere on a planet, disembark in your rover, get out on foot and see a randomly generated outpost/base that is functionaly exactly the same as the unlimited number of other randomly generated outpost/bases you will encounter. And the only thing to do is either the same mission of sneaking in and stealing/sabotaging something or waiting for Outlaws to spawn that reward you with a bounty and the occasional resource that you need to grind endlessly to add various doodads to your firearm. Assuming you can kill them before the cops show up and kill them all before you can fire a shot.

The feel of sitting in a cockpit and flying around the various ships is top tier in my book but my God the game is so bland. As much as I love space games, I don’t know if I can muster up the enthusiasm especially after watching what they’ve put out over the last few years.

It’s pretty sad that this and Star Citizen are the most disappointing let downs to come out of space gaming in a long time (ever?) when if you put the good parts of each together they have the potential to make something exceptional.

And then there are some of us who actually find Elite Dangerous a fascinating and quite enjoyable experience. And I personally am quite thankful that the project and the game continue to grow, and new things are constantly popping up to see and experience. I can’t speak for Star Citizen, but I can definitely say that I consider the time and money I’ve spent with Elite to be well used.

Frontier has released Elite and then countless other theme park games as well.

I’ve enjoyed it and put many hours in. I just have to be in the right mood to play. Now that we are chatting about it I will probably reinstall and fly around. I was closing in on my elite explorer last time, and just finished elite trader.

It’s a real Vegemite game this one. Seeing @KevinC describe it as bland is fascinating to me, because the overriding sense I get from playing it is thrilling. That’s down almost entirely to its sense of being there, which does a lot of legwork in making it compelling. It’s similar to the way people describe the way they could listed to a gifted orator reading the ingredients on a cereal packet - not that I’m saying this is like playing ED, but that such strong groundwork makes everything awesome. That’s why exploration is so addictive. I have experienced some of the most terrifying moments of gameplay ever in this game, and that’s purely from encountering stellar phenomena that will kill you and destroy hours of data in a moment. Would I like more single player content? Fuck yes, but I haven’t put 350 hours into ED because it was bland. I must get back to it, I had finally reached an isolated outpost in the middle of an isolated nebula, and it was glorious. Even now, when I launch the game again, I will be transported thousands of light years away in an instant.

Having said that, I’m not entirely sure how appealing this Odyssey expansion will be to me. The little trailer is selling its pvp potential I guess (?), and that interests me precisely 0%. The focus on multiplayer over single player content has been the worst part of the development of ED, and from that angle I agree with the comments about what could have been.

That really are top notch here. The audio is some of the best I’ve heard in a video game and with a VR headset you do get transported away.

If you distill a game down to the feelings it evokes, Elite Dangerous is the first game since Tau Ceti on the Amstrad that has made me feel isolated and small. Like I’m an ant in a giant universe, mostly surrounded by vast beauty and emptiness. It is amazing.

Oh my god, I loved that game, even though the view window was this tiny little square! But you’re right, the feeling of utter isolation is shared. The sequel, Academy, had a much stronger gameplay structure overlaid, but it lost something in doing so.

Yeah I played Tau Ceti on ZX Spectrum and it was amazing immersive thing to my young brain. And I loved Pete Cooke’s other famous game ‘Tower of Babel’ as well.

I similarly love Elite Dangerous, in spite of these alleged bland gameplay elements!

Do we know if this new expansion is paid? It’s currently priced ‘N/A’ on Steam but I guess that’s because launch is a fair way off yet and they may not have set a price.

(not that it affects me directly, I sprung for the ‘all future expansions’ option waaaay back)