Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

That’s exactly what the trailer says to me it will be.

It’s been five years already, it will be over six years when this comes out, and still no sign of landing on earth-like planets. It only took nine years between between Elite and Frontier, for fuck’s sake.

Isn’t the solution self-evident? Farm your customers for content! When you get out of the ship in Elite you arrive on another random player’s Coaster Planet, Zoo Planet, or Dino Planet.

Problem solved.

They could license that new static hot dog asset technology CIG has crapped out.

Source: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-announcement.546389/page-63#post-8495906

Not sure I can go back to E:D without VR :-(

I was concerned about that, too. I guess this means that none of the expansion will be VR-compatible rather than just the walky bits being a no-go.

Wow, that sucks. VR with Elite is incredibly immersive.

Ouch. Way to kill my desire to log back in for the expansion.

They really did do a fantastic job of VR in Elite. Whether ground combat is supported or not if you have a headset then you really should try Elite in VR at least once. Its still one of the top VR experiences out there imho.

Thanks for the explanation. That certainly doesn’t sounds like a positive change.

Ouch, that really blows as that is probably the best thing about ED.

Yup. I’m out. ED in VR is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Very sympathetic to the challenges of mixing vehicular control with first-person shooter controls, all in VR. But I can’t go back to Elite in 2D.

E:D is cursed by being a multiplayer-centric title. Everything has to be scaled back and flooded with grind to balance out the universe. They just can’t let everyone be a hero. Which sucks.

The thing is, it’s never felt very multi-centric to me either. You couldn’t even group up with someone until the did the big Wings update and even then it was cumbersome. There also really wasn’t much in the way of multiplayer content. It is (or was, I haven’t played in a long time) a weird pseudo-online experience that made sacrifices to the SP experience while not offering even a bare minimum of multiplayer features as well we a ton of weird issues due to the fact that very little runs on the server, most everything is instanced to player hardware.

Right, it’s run peer-to-peer (but managed centrally), but for some reason they felt the need to keep the multiplayer-ish balance where only the most dedicated players in the game get the best ships. Which makes no sense, or is just bad design. Multiplayer-oriented games give enough rewards to keep you grinding even if you’re never going to be the best, whereas single player games just let you get to the top ships and live out your fantasy of being a hero without grinding forever.

@Bluddy Good point. The whole thing would have been better as a single player game. Throw in multiplayer later or simply allow peer to peer. Allow complete cheating and modding.Fun times would be ahoy.

I absolutely agree, and was annoyed when they first started banging on about multiplayer, but it definitely doesn’t seem to have been what the audience wanted. Now, if they knew then what they know now about what it would do to the game design, I suspect some of them would have changed their minds.

And yet there’s at least one thing in Odyssey that would work in the existing VR implementation - atmospheric planet landing. A shame that part is unlikely to be merged to Horizons.

Bear in mind it says not at launch, so presumably at some point. I’ve never played it in VR (in fact I’ve never tried a VR headset) so thankfully I don’t know what I’m missing.

No vr? Dropped all interest.

I can’t say I have much interest, VR or no VR, based on that trailer.