Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

I’ve watched Youtube videos of people doing some amazing stuff in ED using dual joysticks. I keep meaning to try it someday.

So I’m in the Formidine Rift now, it feels somehow spookier out here. I found a system with an unregistered beacon. It just sits there, not broadcasting. Perhaps it broadcasts intermittently, and perhaps the signal is “Stay Away!” but of course I have not come all this way to do that.

There’s a planet nearby, my scans have detected two sites. One is human. One is “other”. Ominous.

I found the human site. There’s no sun out here, which doesn’t help relieve the tension. The site itself was being circled by three human craft, but the place itself looks deserted. No idea what’s going on, but time to explore.

I don’t have dual joysticks, but I do enjoy using the thumbstick on my throttle unit to control translation thrusters. Makes maneuvering in docking bays way easier.

Dual joysticks make a lot of sense for a game where you’re going to be mostly still and constantly alternating between moving backwards and forwards. Descent would be the ideal target. If you’re going to be mostly going forward at various speeds, a HOTAS with a thumbstick seems like the better choice.

Back in the day, when a joystick was required for everything, I played Descent with HOKAS. It just made sense. I could definitely see playing ED that way.

I played Descent & Descent 2 with an X36 HOTAS, and used the rocker switch on the throttle for lateral movement. For that type of game I think I would want to have yaw and pitch on the right stick with twist for roll, left/right and up/down movement on the left stick, and forward/back thrust on rudder pedals.

Elite is different in that roll is important, so compared to the example above players swap the roll and yaw controls, putting yaw on the twist action. But I’ve also watched videos with people using the left x-axis for yaw control instead. I don’t know what they do for translational movement.

In any case I have two right-handed sticks and no rudder pedals. That may be enough to dink around with a HOSAS setup, but if I got serious about it then I’d probably have to buy additional hardware at some point.

My throttle doesn’t have an analog ministick unfortunately. My joystick does, and it works well enough for takeoffs and landings, but not in combat when I’m waggling the stick around.

If you have an X36 HOTAS with USB, you can still use it on windows 10, and it has now become better! Instead of the ministick moving the mouse, it now functions as a joystick.

Its been 17 hours, Commander Krazycroc! Report?!

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I’m finally getting back to playing ED, working on unlocking the engineers. I’m at the part where I need to travel at least 5K light years from my starting world.

I have only done a little exploring before, and this is my first time really outside the bubble. Do I understand this correctly? If there’s no ‘first discovered by’ label in the description of the objects on the system map, then they haven’t been discovered yet?

That is true. Also map a thing for an extra bonus. You are adding your name to the galaxy map when you get back!

Grats! If this is your first undiscovered! Its a great feeling! An earth like too is pretty special! Take pics of the system for later I promise you wont regret it. I still love looking back at my old shots.

Yes, but it doesn’t count until you sell your data at a station, so don’t fly into a sun or anything. :)

By the way, look at the description in the left hand panel by clicking on each planet. If it says it’s suitable for terraforming, go and map it! You get a lot more cash that way. I’ve visited a bunch of systems which have been discovered but the terraformable planets were never mapped, cash left on the table.

I didn’t take screenshots of the planets, wish I’d thought of it at the time. I was already on my way back to the bubble when I found this system, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my first, but it was by far the best. In addition to the earth-like, there were two water worlds and three high metal content worlds that were all terraforming candidates.

I hadn’t been paying closer attention to earlier systems I visited partly because I was trying to unlock one of the engineers, so discovery wasn’t my primary aim. But truly, for the distance I was traveling I did not expect to find any undiscovered systems. The game has been out for several years, and has a bunch of players dedicated to the task of exploration. I just assumed at this point I’d have to fly to the ass end of the galaxy to find a planet that isn’t already tagged.

I knew about terraforming, but something I didn’t realize until nearly halfway through my trip was that I needed to look at the description in the system map. I was expecting a notification on the discovery scanner’s info screen. So I probably missed a few.

Once you get off the main trade / exploration routes, particularly if you head off the main galactic plane, there are still plenty of undiscovereds to be found. I saw a stat recently that said less than 0.05% of the galaxy had been explored, so they’re not hard to find if you head off at a tangent. On my trip to the Heart and Soul nebulas - a fairly well trodden path - I headed down from the galactic plane about 500 ly and every single system for 95% of the journey was unexplored.

The only planet I ever found (and it may have not even been a planet but a moon) was a bog-standard icy rock. Big whoop.

When I flew to Sag A via colonia I found four earth-likes. Out there somewhere theres a planet schurem, full of horny little monkeys fucking and fighting and eating shrooms.

Are they accepting Earth refugees?

More info about Odyssey. I like the way they’re talking about this, giving players their Neil Armstrong moment. There’s always been a great feeling of discovery in the game, I like that they’re working on emphasizing that in the new content.