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I wanted to come back to this because I’ve tried to use the tool a few times now and never really saw the actual need when sites like Inara.cz or apps like EDEngineer exist, but I’m now using to track my visited stars while I do the Cheung engineer trading in 50 markets grind and it has been very useful for that.

So my question is, which tabs do you mostly use and for what purpose? I’ve tried a few at random and they honestly didn’t make much sense to me or the data wasn’t presented in a way that I’d want (relative to some of the 3rd party sites I used), but I get the sense that it’s me and not the tool, so I’d love to get a few pointers for the critical stuff that’s worth learning. Thanks!

Tabs? Well there’s only three, and a plus sign. I’ve never clicked on the plus sign, I wonder what it does?

I’ve just been using it to easily transfer my log files to Inara et al, but yeah a few of those might come in useful!

In other news I now have everything Guardian I need for my ship upgrades, just need a few things from the materials trader and I should be set.

There’s a lot I used it for and I’ll show you a few things. Keep in mind though that I’m by no means an expert, and what I’m doing is stuff that I’ve tinkered with and am pretty happy with. It would not at all shock me to find that there are better ways of doing what i’m doing with ED Discovery. I have a secondary monitor, so i basically have EDD running on that full screen while i’m playing on my main screen. I did try bringing it into my game but found I was tinkering with it too much. Anyways,

This is my go-to screen. I go through bouts where i’m exploring(like now) and when I do, this is what’s up almost the whole time:

There are 4 quadrants, i’ll start with the top left and work clockwise.
Visited Stars: this shows me a summary of the systems i’ve visited, how many times i’ve visited, what the solar system contains(stars, planets, and main planet types). Since I’m exploring, i’m mainly looking for the valuable stuff: earthlike, water/ammonia worlds, and terraformables. It also gives me a rough value of what I’ve scanned there. This list is also complete: see that scroll bar on the right? That goes down some 3000+ entries. Trying to get back to that system with the 5 terraformables that you didn’t have time to map 3 years ago? It’s on that list. While not a go-to feature every time, there has been times when i’ve tried to find something from a couple days ago, etc. Also, clicking on anything (as shown) will bring up the relevant information in the next quadrant.
Estimated Values: This gives me more detail on what I’ve scanned and what its worth. However, what I really like this for is that it tells me at a glance whether something has been discovered and mapped. It also reminds me if I’ve mapped it.
Nearest Stars: When I’m exploring like this, this isn’t particularly useful. However, If i’m trying to map out an area or find a jump that’s at a precise distance(note that you can set min/max values) or if I’m trying to avoid hitting the same stars on my way back(note the visited column), i’ll use it.
Summary Panel: This shows me greater detail on the scans as well as other useful info like # of jumps left, or fuel tank capacity/fuel scoop progress, confirmation that I got a screen shot

Ledger Tab:

Frankly, i don’t use this that much except when i’m curious about something or want some confirmation. But if i was a serious trader, i would filter (using search box), so if i could see how i’ve done over time. Basically, anything that impacts your credits is recorded here - so wages, bounties, trading, repairs, etc, can all be found.

Material Trader Tab

This is just great because not only does it tell you what you have, and how it aligns, but it also lets you know what it trades for (up or down)

Engineering tab

If there’s one tab that’ll change your ED life, it’s this one. Using the buttons above, you can select what component/upgrade/level you’re thinking of engineering and it’ll tell you how many you can make and what you need if you’re missing. In this case, lets say I wanted to compare getting overcharged or efficient pulse lasers. In this case I could only make 4 Efficient level 5, but 9 overcharged level 5. It even tells you what the recipe is, and you can mouse over to see if you doubt it or want to double check something. It’s also handy to go back and forth to the material trader tab to see if you can easily trade for any deficiencies.

Ships Tab

This is actually a somewhat broken tab. I wanted to maket something of a trading tab and then kinda got out of it. I think if i did more trading, i’d play with it more. So the bottom part of this is the broken section that I don’t really use(and haven’t been bothered with tidying up). However the top is pretty useful, particularly if you have more than 1 ship - it lets you select the ship and see its full load out, including any engineering. You can also pull up historic ships you no longer own! You can also chose to send this to coriolis or ed shipyard i think.

The 3D view

This isn’t a tab, but rather a button that shows you a full 3D, zoomable, clickable, filterable map of the galaxy. You not only can see your route, you can see your travels for the last few years. You can also see notes other people have put into the galaxy which can be a guide to exploration. Ever been to a station inside an asteroid? Want to go? how about tracking down a nearby carrier in deep space? Or looking for just about anything else. This thing is incredible!

And that’s about it ;)


Thanks! I had no idea you could add multiple tabs into one as you seem to have done with Exploration. Clearly I’ll have to dig into the Help files a bit.

That looks so awesome, I want to spend the next couple of nights setting it up properly. For a start I need to find the dark theme.

Unrelated to the message above - yesterday I finally engineered my first combat shot and the difference from before and after is like night and day! I went from needing 40-60 mins to clear a Dangerous pirate massacre mission (10-12 targets) in an A-rated Chieftain to doing the same mission in about 10-15 (tops) - I’ve focused on upgrading my offense, thrusters, power distributor, etc - basically only have hull/module reinforcement packages and shield boosters left, and after that the non-critical stuff like kill warrant scanners. On this subject - would a Long Range mod on the scanner make it super annoying to scan due to a lower angle? Still undecided what to do with this, all I know is that I want more range (for a bounty hunting ship) than the current 5k I have on the 4D.

The biggest surprise was when I realized my cockpit started to freeze! I am using 3x small (gimballed) beams on my Chief and I engineered them into Efficient with thermal vents, and this put me at a negative heat ratio when I’m firing them. Initially I wanted to change one or two of them to avoid this but then I went against a Dangerous level Python and I realized he wasn’t firing at me at all? Huh? What is going on? And then it hit me - I was basically silent running with beams on! Will definitely have to play around more with this, but so far I love it.

Gotta say though, once you upgrade the thrusters on the Chief it becomes a wild stallion that takes some effort to be tamed. I genuinely love this ship.

I’ve got all the Guardian weaponry I need for Thargoid battling, but now the real work begins! Specifically, engineering the crap out of my ship so I have some chance of survival. Thargoids do a lot of phasing damage (so I’ve read) which goes straight past shields, so engineering better armour is a priority. This requires further work on bounties with Todd “The Blaster” whatsisname so I can unlock Selene Jean who is the meister of all things armour. And she needs a lot of ore refining, which I have probably already done in the past, but I guess I can do some more of if necessary.

So right now I’m turning my Krait Mk II into a bounty hunting ship. Part of me just wants to jump back into my Phantom and head back out into the unknown, but a change of pace will be good. Besides, I’ve almost forgotten how to fight.

Also, EDEngineer is really good!

That’s really cool. For once, a good use of a dynamic online game, I guess, as opposed to a solo game that would be static.

So - I want to get back into this. I am very bad at the game, but apparently somehow managed to get 9 million. I did for a brief moment wonder if I had been hacked :-D

Anyways - I see upon logging in, that for some reason I have a Type 6,I think its called. A transporter ship. But I wouldn’t upgrading to something a bit more fun! Either something to explore in (Even though I still dont understand how to explore) or mine in.

Any recommendations would be awesome- Thanks!

A Cobra MkII is a good all round “have a bit of fun” ship, but something like an Asp Explorer is much better for mining and exploration (kitted out very differently of course). Mining is recommended as a way of getting more cash to fund a good exploration setup. You can certainly afford to buy one, although you could grab a Cobra for a while and do some combat / bounty hunting to build up a bit more cash. Passenger missions aren’t too bad in the early stages either (something like a Dolphin works well for that). If you can afford a mining setup, I’d go with that - core mining is a blast.

But there are other options and perhaps others will think differently.

I’ve been working on kitting out my new ship, a Krait Mk II. It’s a more muscular variation on the Phantom I’ve grown very used to. I have to say it also sounds a lot better. The Phantom has a somewhat stripped down look to it, and it sounds like it too.

I have the basics for Thargoid hunting but I’m not going to last long without some engineered components, so I’m working on that at the moment. I need to engineer my hull, so I’m back to mining - dusted off the old Asp Explorer - for Selene Jean. Having fun along the way.

Are vpid opals still the thing to mine? I made a good chunk of money doing that last time I played, and kitted out a number of ships.

They’re still decent, but are no longer the be all, end all. There are several now that bring in better profits. Check Commodities [INARA] under Minerals.

Thanks! I bought an ASP explorer and outfitted it as best as I can, but with mining lasers. I really dont understand any other kind of mining.
On my first trip, I just selected an astroid field which had…well, 10 astroids in it? And had no idea what to do. I used a scanner that scanned the area, and some of them lit up orange like. But also did so when I was told it was depleted.
I think I made…200000 or so, for about an hours work, which isn’t really efficient. So something tells me I am doing this wrong,

Ive read I need a prospector limpet - I cant seem to find those, though. I only have the collector limpets. And JUST bought a DSS I think its called, but havent tried it yet.

ANY advice is most appreciated :-)

There are a few Elite Mining guides and YT videos out there that will cover the basics (this one for example).

But the main thing that will help is there are two types of mining, and you need a slightly different setup for each.

The first is laser mining where you’re using your mining lasers to blast off chunks of minerals. The second is core mining where you’re planting charges into motherlode asteroids to blow them apart and get at the meaty goodness inside. If you want to maximize speed and profits, laser mining is where it’s at these days, but I prefer to core mine because I like blowing shit up (and it’s more interactive).


For each type of mining, you need to use a surface scanner on a ring (find one with pristine reserves, and hotspots that overlap on rings are definitely the best), then dive into the ring and proceed. If you’re laser mining you just need to use prospector limpets on any asteroid to find what you’re looking for, and then use your mining lasers on it and the goodies will chip off. Pick them up with collector limpets, and then use the refinery.

With core mining you have to pick and choose your asteroids, so you use the pulse wave scanner to look for motherlode asteroids. These have a slightly different look in the scanner, generally brighter yellow, and you’ll learn to recognise their distinctive shape after a while.

Then you can fire prospector limpets at it to see what it contains, and if that’s all good you use the seismic charge launcher to plant explosives in fissures and blow it apart, finally using the abrasion blaster to free the minerals, then use collector limpets and refine. Planting explosives takes some judgement so you get maximum yield.

You can set up the Asp to do both if you want, I’d try both and figure out which you prefer doing, and then install the most cargo racks you can manage and go for it. But really, there are great guides which will explain the nitty gritty details if you like.

Mining can be very profitable once you do it right. Making 20+ million credits in a session is not hard.

That is really awesome of you, @krayzkrok ! Thanks a lot! I guess I don’t really know why I want to use a prospector limpet on normal astroids. And am I correct those can only be used on one astroid?

Again, thanks for writing all this up for me!

You use one prospector limpet per asteroid, it will tell you what its mineral contents are, and therefore whether it’s worth lasering it. With laser mining you have a decent chance of getting good stuff from a greater proportion of asteroids if you’re in the right place. With core mining you have to specifically find the motherlode asteroids or you’re wasting your time. Sometimes it can take a while to find motherlodes, which is probably why laser mining is better if you want to earn money faster - a bit more consistent. I just think it’s far less interesting, but YMMV especially if your objective is to earn credits faster.

I found an updated version of the mining guide that I used when I was learning, it’s good and thorough. While they recommend a Python I found the Asp Explorer worked really well. The only downside to the Asp is it brakes like an elephant on an ice rink.

Thanks again. There really is a lot of depth in this game.

I am looking a bit into engineers as well currently, but really - its so obtuse that I don’t understand how people figure these things out. I found a forum post on how to get Meta alloys, but…if one didn’t know that ONE port had them, then what?

There’s no shame in reading guides and using the various tools that are available, I think of them as reference manuals and installed apps on whatever mobile device my character is using in his ship. The two I use the most are https://inara.cz/ and https://eddb.io/ which you should bookmark and use when you need to plan and find shit. Then there are apps like EDDiscovery and EDEngineer which can read your logs and give you a lot of really useful summaries. It’s well worth it as you dive deeper.

Engineering is great for improving your ship, though it involves a lot of material gathering. You shouldn’t need that to get on with some profitable mining though. One thing that is definitely worth doing at some point is visiting the Guardian ruins and getting blueprints for Guardian tech. One in particular is essential, the Guardian FSD booster which can easily add 10 ly to your FSD range. You can go nuts with Guardian tech, but it’s best to choose and plan carefully so you’re not needlessly grinding stuff you don’t need.

Again, this is stuff you could theoretically figure out yourself, but is far, far better to read a guide and follow that.

All the people saying Krait Mk II are correct. That is all.