Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

Yeah. They added 6 ships and 3 ship-launched fighters in 2018, but nothing since then.

More ships was what I wanted most out of Odyssey, and I certainly didn’t want the ability to walk. Sometimes I’ll bring this up online only to be asked “how many ships do you want?” I think I’d like to see more specialised ships actually. You can outfit any ship in the game for virtually any role, so let’s see some specialised hulls with a narrower focus.

New update from David Braben: Odyssey Going Forwards | Frontier Forums

Some quotes:

we have made the decision to prioritise the core PC experience for Elite Dangerous

dates and details of the console platforms are going to change

It means that we will see more game updates over the coming months. We will continue to work through Issue Tracker, fix bugs and improve performance, but we will also be able to explore and add additional features, content and improvements into the game.

Sounds like the “talk the talk” part to me, let’s see what “walk the walk” is going to look like.

Is anyone still playing ED?
I logged back in today for the first time in ages. I last played around the engineers update.
I notice a few small quality of life improvements and the scanning stuff appears to have completely changed. As a returning player is there anything big I should be checking out?
Also, what’s the state of Odyssey these days - worth getting yet? :)
EDIT: Also, is Odyssey a separate client to Horizons?

/me looks at inara.cz

Looks like I haven’t played in almost 2 years. I’m sure what has changed since then. I think that was after the major change to exploration. It was when you could make a ton of credits mining void opals or whatever it was.

I’ve got Odyssey but haven’t played since just after it launched. It wasn’t the state of Odyssey (although I really didn’t want space legs to be honest), it was just the massive grind. Engineering and all that materials crap in particular. The only grind I was kind of OK with was mining because at least that way I could afford most of the ships I wanted, but they nerfed it hard during phase 1 of their rebalancing thing.

I’m sure I’ll return to it eventually but right now I just can’t be arsed.

It was nice. In the span of a month I think I bought a python, fer de lance, krait mk II, type 9 heavy, and an alliance chieftain.

The mining was kind of relaxing, and the charges going off was always nice.

D’oh! I missed my chance to get rich.

I’ve played it a bit. I have two main issues with Odyssey:

  1. I’m not interested in a space legs FPS in E:D. I’m interested in flying space ships in VR.
  2. Odessey was very buggy and slow. Not just for the new content, but a downgrade of E:D in general wrt performance, lighting, planet generation, VR, …

Frontier has mostly fixed 2. after 6 patches. And to their credit, the seem to be doing better at communicating with the playerbase now than they have been. But that was a pretty low bar to clear.

Yeah, I’ll say this for them, they definitely made asteroid mining far more engaging than any other game I know of.

I never experienced the mining after they fixed it, but it truly used to be a slog (and take up an extraordinary number of ship slots).

I like how most space games handle mining: point the laser at the asteroid in question, the same laser vacuums it all up, then you go sell what you mined at ye old space trading post.

Just to answer this, yes it’s a separate client so you can continue to play Horizons.

For some reason I still have not gone back to try this properly in VR. Probably because that will be the end of my life as I know it! Odyssey putting VR development on hold did not help. I guess they needed to fix the actual game first so it’s not surprising, but when they get back to fixing VR in Odyssey I might look into it. Horizons VR is unaffected AFAIK.

And yes, mining is awesome, I was fortunate to do it when void opals were still a thing, but it’s still very enjoyable. Guardians exploration is also something I enjoyed a lot, and unlocking some of the cheaper Guardians tech is useful and not that hard. Before I took a VR-induced hiatus I was trying to kit my ship out to fight thargoids, something I still want to get back to.

How many months later, Odyssey still looks like shit when exploring.
Plenty of people in denial it seems, saying “it is what it should look like”.

I’ll wait a year to rage again over it still not being fixed.

I’ve just given up on it entirely. It’s a far more peaceful life that way.

Whatever happened to that Elite kickstarter, anyway? Guess we’ll never know.

I don’t know why I even click on this thread anymore. Oh wait, yeah I do - @krayzkrok you got any cool new stories and screenshots?

Have you been playing, Dive? If you’ve had some fun experiences with spacelegs I’d actually be quite interested in hearing about them!

No, though I keep meaning to get back into it. I need to carve out some time to dedicate to a game like this, and what with working on Subnautica and a couple other smaller games I don’t think I can dedicate the attention it deserves.

I haven’t played for a little while, I got distracted by shiny things and the entertainment gained from watching the Odyssey launch, but I will return. My main motivation for going back right now is VR, which I’ve only dabbled in.

There are still bugs, but they seem to have made a lot of progress over the months. One YT channel I follow has some pretty spectacular stuff on showcase. I’m sure I’ll get into it eventually but right now still plenty of playtime left in Horizons.

My exploration partner moved on to the new version, so it’s a big split. It’s all political!

He sent me this screenie. Apparently the 70s public buildings objets that could be found around here were inspired by space exploration from the future!

Am a bit jealous, but also annoyed. Ach!