Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Oh man, that was so awfull it became good again :D What ship in elite closest resembles a hammerhead?


Apparently you have not played it yet.

Before honk = see what the system is like. IE: Oh I see there are three gas giants 2 of which have landable moons.

Now = guess unless you play the mini game.

There is no need to assume I am looking to have my game ruined.


I think they need to add this to the Elite shop:

Maybe for the explorers:


lol :)

Also they put up the mining and squadron stream. Looks good although I am no miner. They do say for mining you can keep on mining exactly the same way as before if you like. Which is a great approach.


Mining in ED has always been way too fiddly so I’ll be curious to see if they made it less so.


Has Frontier ever made anything in ED less fiddly?


Mining was way more fiddly before collector limpets were introduced.


Still sounds fiddly. Let me just point a mining laser and be done with it, as God intended.


Damn straight, sir. +1 would read again.


Can I get an amen?


I always found mining a bit hit-and-miss. I like the principle of it, potentially the gaming equivalent of popping bubble wrap, but it usually turns into the equivalent of breaking open crates in an RPG so you can fill your inventory with lots of trash loot. Mining in Elite was way worse because you’d have to go scoop up the same bits of trash loot that went flying into space. Sounds like the collector limpets fixed a broken mechanic. Perhaps these changes make it more interesting, it’s not impossible because I’ve dug mining before (/dadjoke) in space games, although I can’t seem to remember which.


I think the mistake most space games make is they try and make the act of mining interesting, which imho it can never be. Swinging a virtual pick is always going to be inherently uninteresting. Its the decision making around scouting and prospecting which is the interesting part. So the more mining is sit back and chill as the ship automines while you figure out the next rock to go look at the better imho. If that makes sense?


I don’t know, I always thought the act of mining should be kind of hard and a slog. Just reading hard sci-fi, the miners never have the glamorous profession, right? It’s always a tough slog. Boring, but hard blue collar work. So I thought the mining at launch in E:D was spot on in terms of fitting that mold. It was the least glamorous activity. It was hard, it was a slog. And it felt like blue collar gameplay activity as opposed to trading, exploring and bounty hunting. I was glad to have tried it for a few days, and gotten a decent blue-collar equivalent amount of money, and I knew enough about it that I knew I never wanted to do it again.

Mission Accomplished, I thought.

Now, if, on the other hand, you don’t want to be consistent with that hard sci-fi notion of mining, and instead want to make it an activity as appealing as the other activities, then that’s different.


Good point. Yeah it makes sense RP wise. I kinda like Elite’s mining although I think it could use more variety in terms of rewards.

I have no idea why Jumpgate got mining so right or whether it was just my tastes.


I don’t mind the idea of mining being a hard slog if that’s your only means of earning money to survive, but in Elite you can just jump into a combat scenario or deliver a package and earn far more credits in considerably less time. So for me mining has to offer something different, whether it’s the promise of vast riches, getting something unique out of it, or just being plain fun.

Rob, I agree, I like the idea of research and discovery, make that something cool and interesting and let the ship automate the actual drilling, and yep I’m there. To be honest that’s what’s potentially interesting about the new exploration mechanic. I know you don’t care for it, but I always found the old system tedious - jump, scan, jump closer, scan again to see if I’m in range. The idea of researching where to jump and scan sounds far more interesting to me (Limit Theory was playing with similar ideas for a while), but I admit I haven’t played it yet. Still trying to get my “wings” back first!


Totally. I will be interested to see what you think of it when you try it I would love to have my mind changed :)


I agree that there could be more variety, even if it helped a bit that engineering materials can be acquired through mining. Mining currently doesn’t really offer anything that cannot be found faster/easier by other means.

I recently fitted out an Anaconda for mining in resource extraction sites. Not only are the rewards there higher, but I also get some variety by having to fend off attacking ships. Sadly I was not able to fit a fighter bay - it would have been nice to fly around in a Condor while waiting for the limpets to do their job.


K, still having connectivity issues – the Frontier folks are slow, but engaged in helping – but I see squadrons are now in-beta, so please feel free to apply to the Wildcards when you have the opportunity.


I’m back on once the beta goes live version. Just enough changes to get me interested again.


yup, me too. I also really like the new look of things.