Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


I think mining would be more cool if it was like pumping oil wells or collecting maple syrup. I.e. you set up the equipment, possibly at multiple locations, and go check the bins routinely to see if they’re “full”. And maybe a separate refinery to purify the ore.


Kind of like Star Wars Galaxies


Patch 3.3 just hit. I am excited for the new lighting and exploration! I have quite a backlog of podcasts I want to listen so off to space I go!


The new lighting system really does look amazing. The engineers at Frontier continue to knock it out of the park. The audio team in particular deserves the video game equivalent of an Oscar for the work they’ve done.


You guys can log in? I’m seeing “Issues Detected” On the launcher.


I got on for a bit, but it keeps dropping me. Guess they don’t like the entire population leeching the patch all at once. Where is your glorious peer-to-peer networking now, FDEV?!


The same place space legs are.


K friends, the Wildcards squadron is all set up and accepting applications. :)


@BrianRubin Where do you sign up for squadrons?


It’s in the right hand panel. You can do a search and apply there. It’s still slow as balls though.


Thanks, I must have missed when I was looking last night. I shall find it. Hopefully my thrustmaster is calibrated now. Landing a python with no shields while it is yawing to the right was entertaining. :)


Whew got the yaw problem solved, but not before a $3M mishap with a combo of that and the thrusters being in reverse at the start.


$15 for the whole thing right now. Good deal for anyone that doesn’t already have it.


Wrong thread bruh.


He’s got a point though, what with all these ongoing chapter releases Elite: Dangerous may never actually be finished.


You say that as if thats a bad thing.

I’m having a great time exploring, using the new tools. I have the FSS set for both HOTAS and mouse use. That way I can mix and match controls and never have to do too much repeating movements. Mixing it up is good against RSI ;-) Finding it a lot of fun so far, as I’m still improving at it, getting faster and more accurate.

Probing takes more time than the previous system, but yields more interesting results, such as waypoint markers to things like geysers. It’s also a minigame you can get better at. A fun little minigame.

Overall, exploration now feels more like doing science. And you actually find stuff besides more beige billiard balls.


With the $200M reference though it was obviously talking about Star Citizen. I don’t think anyone would object if Frontier wanted to keep doing updates like this one.


Uh, yeah ok, thanks clearing that up.


Picked up a Fer-de-Lance last night to replace my viper mk3. Thinking of grabbing an aspx to replace the dbx I had before as well.


FDL is a sweet ship. Not as sweet as a python or krait imo. Doesn’t the vulture make a better direct replacement for the viper?

I’m out exploring now in an extremely shitty asp build. It has shields but cant fucking power them. Not going back until I have found and mapped one earth-like tho.