Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


I took advantage of this when I was learning how to play Elite since, as you say, there’s no penalty. Deploy and fire weapons inside a space station. Loiter around landing pads too long. Get too close to a star. Run out of fuel. I got all the normally costly mistakes out of my system before playing the game in earnest.


Thanks guys, I’ll just skip the tutorials. The navigation tutorial wasn’t any less frustrating. Is the manual a good place to get a grip on the systems?


I’d just do a quick search on YouTube, honesty. The navigation stuff isn’t hard but it’s something that you could show in just a couple minutes but might sound pretty confusing on paper, in my opinion.


No but we are :)


You lose bounties you haven’t turned in though, so I would fly back to a station every once in a while to turn things in.


Finally got this fired back up, and joystick calibrated after I realized I was probably leaning on it when I plugged it in, causing the twist axis to be shifted. I thought my joystick was ruined!

I saved in an asteroid field with enemy around so hopefully I can remember how to fight quickly. I don’t remember how to align and warp anymore either! Ugh! I also can’t remember my weapon load out on my Vulture so have to learn quickly. I have all my buttons and pertinent keys ready.


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Having lots of connection issues this morning. Bummer…


There should be a skeleton customer services team in today but I doubt they’ll be able to do much about it unless there’s someone from the server team in too.
They might enjoy festive greetings though.


“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals”


It seems to be working now! I went to a normal resource extraction site and was able to take some ships out so getting used to it again. I need to figure out a ship to upgrade to next, for combat, from this Vulture to work toward. For some reason I have a Plasma Acc and Frag Cannon on it right now, heh. Sort of fun.

I also applied to the squadron!


Nice! those are not noobs’ weapons! A plasma Accellerator needs a good aim and a steady hand. Fun to get right tho.


Yeah, I seem to remember I fitted them to take out the bigger ships, but it has been a looong time since I played. It was really fun trying to take out the Vipers and Sidewinders with it, though. Good practice!

If anyone is willing, I could use some advice on how to make some money with where the game sits now. I would prefer they are combat related, but I am willing to do some trade runs if it helps me get some more ships to try one day. The Vulture is still the most expensive ship I have ever been able to afford and I have like 14 mil in the bank. The Vulture itself is kitted out well, though, and probably have just under 40 mil into it (insurance is just under 2 mil - not sure if they still have the alpha/beta bonus there). I really don’t want to fly a more expensive ship with crap components on it, but a budget next tier ship/build to shoot for would be cool. The Krait looks like a cool ship to try one day. I would have to check my ranks to see if I could purchase any faction ships.

What about missions? I saw some very good payout missions called Massacre missions, I believe. Are those worth doing? I used to go to those combat zones before and seemed to hold my own most times, although I would have to warp out periodically.

Anyone have a good link that explains engineering? I still don’t know what that is all about. I will have to check around to see if it is worth it for combat ships.


Massacre and assassination missions make fine money, especially now that they spawn dedicated instances that you can warp in and out of at will.


It isn’t combat, but some of the best money I’ve made has been passenger missions. Robigo Mines to Sothis for Sirius Atmospherics runs a really good profit.


So I’m looking into buying Elite, but I don’t want the crazy grind. Is there a mod or something that speeds up progression?


Sadly no. It’s only grind if you find no game between starter sidewi derby ship and end game anaconda.


So if I’m good with just jumping in and playing an hour and enjoying the sights, I’ll have stuff to do and won’t feel the pressing need to upgrade my ship?


If you just want to sight-see, you’ll be fine. Beyond the “I’m flying a spaceship” experience, the game can be pretty thin where all you can really do is upgrade your ship. That’s where it feels grindy for some people. I do have to say, though, that the flying a spaceship part is absurdly well done.

I know you weren’t impressed with your VR experience in an arcade, but this is something else with a headset. I can’t even play in pancake mode anymore, it feels dumb. Flying your ship in VR is breathtaking.


All this game is is crazy grind.