Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Put it that way, every game is only crazy grind. What a bullshit comment Brian.


Correction. You think you are loving Elite Dangerous right now. Eventually you’ll realize all these hours were retroactively not enjoyable after all!

Right Brian? :)


Thanks for the tips!

Yeah, if you don’t like the actual game play, you are likely to be frustrated. I still like the combat a great deal, and even the travel and exploring although I rarely do it. I even used to like mining and should look into the new mining features and rare items to mine.

For passenger missions I can probably only afford a Dolphin right now, so will look into that and see if it is still worthwhile and maybe try a few combat missions to see if I can do them.

I wish the community goal was a combat one right now! I like those!


You guys know me so well.


So if you were to compare this to Privateer, how would it fare? Privateer had a minimal storyline you could follow, plus a bunch of random encounters, and I guess the main difference is that travel times could be skipped. Do you spend most of your time traveling in Elite?


I never played Privateer, so can’t really compare.

It really depends, though. I find a system that has almost everything I need nearby and rarely move around unless it is to find a rare module or ship or to participate in a community event or something. I found a place where I could run missions, do various combat encounters, and mine and could travel between them in just a minute or two (or at least seemed quick like that - may be more like 5 minutes sometimes). It can take a bit to find a system tailored to your needs, though, if you don’t know where to look.

Obviously, if you like exploring or running transport missions, you will be doing a lot of travel. Travel takes some work and planning, though. Making sure your ship/fitting can get you jump distances that are satisfactory along with learning how to plan routes and making sure you have enough fuel can be either an enjoyable learning process or very frustrating depending on how you look at it. The sense of scale of the universe can either be awe inspiring or an incredible pain in the ass, or both!


Exactly opposite then. No storyline, just random encounter. You are a small fish in a big sea. You get bigger by eating other fish, going boldly where you haven’t gone before or hauling trash. If those things fall under your definition of grind, then this game is nothing but.

There is no goal, there is only the journey. Very zen.


I’m a fan of Privateer too. If you want that kind of experience, I recommend waiting for Rebel Outlaws. I think that game specifically caters to us Privateer fans.

Elite is more about the nuts and bolts gameplay of actually flying a ship. The actual universe isn’t flavored in all that well. Unlike Privateer, there’s no real establishment of a universe. When you land at a port or a space station, it’s all just automatic machinery and a menu, you don’t actually talk to any people or see anything that gives evidence of humans. It’s all pretty mechanical.

The thing that is fun is just actually flying your ship. They got that part right.


Yeah, different bests. Like @Rock8man man said, if it’s Privateer you’re looking for, wait for Rebel Galaxy Outlaws (or get Rebel Galaxy today). This is basically Elite for a modern age, with no story except the one you make.


Wut. Privateer had a bit more than a minimal storyline. If you want “minimal”, play an X game. If you want none, play Elite Dangerous.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Even our most ardent supporter here talks about firing up podcasts when playing Elite Dangerous. Why? Because there are so many stretches where nothing is going on.

Look, ED does a few things so very, very correctly. But it really is an 80s game updated to modern fidelity.


That’s a shame. Sounds like the game could benefit from an auto-travel function, which was available back in the first Wing Commander. I don’t get developers who eschew such basic quality-of-life features.


Searching the googles for ‘autopilot elite’ led me to a whole bunch of forums that completely turned me off of getting the game. Even early simulators used to understand that people don’t want to sit there and do nothing – that’s why they had time acceleration and the option to skip to the encounters. Somehow we’ve regressed now and feel like it’s wrong to skip to the interesting parts of the experience.

I do understand that time dilation can mess up multiplayer, but I’m sure creative minds can find ways around that, particularly when you’re talking about traveling in empty space which is basically all the same.


To be completely honest, my old self appreciates the 5-15 minute cruise back to the station after a 30-60 minute intense session of dog-fighting, in a way I can relate to driving home on a commute after a long day of work or my 15 minute drive home after an intense night of bowling. But, I totally get that isn’t for everyone and the hour long sequence of jumps to get to a new system is annoying for sure, when you want some action on another area of the galaxy.


Since you can transfer ships, it would be nice if they had the option to travel that way yourself.


Yeah, I enjoy the travel back to the station. Since you have to actively watch the velocity yourself so you accelerate and then brake in time so you don’t overshoot your target, it’s a fairly engaging little activity and doesn’t take all that much time if you keep accelerating for a while.

It’s not really the same kind of travel as in the Wing Commander days. That really would be dreadful without the ability to autopilot and skip. Travel in Elite isn’t like that.


How is the alien stuff these days in Elite?


I would answer if I knew! Sounds interesting, but I don’t really know anything about it yet.


After years of waffling, I finally picked up Elite Dangerous in the Steam winter sale. I jumped into the first tutorial mission after hooking up my trusty old Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D joystick, but I’m having a bit of a problem. The ship is definitely drifting (and not always in the same direction) with the stick centered. I tried recalibrating through the Windows control panel, but it did not fix the issue. I haven’t used this stick in a long time, but I don’t recall having similar problems in other games.

Any thoughts as to whether this is an E:D specific issue and if there’s anything I can do to fix it? If I had to guess, I would say that the deadzone on the stick is too small, and it’s drifting in whatever direction I last had it.

If the Logitech is to blame, any recommendation on a reasonably priced joystick setup to replace it that would work well with the game? I’ve seen some positive talk on these two from Thrustmaster (not sure what the difference is):


I’m unaware of any issue with Elite specifically. Is this a very slight drift that could be resolved by adding a deadzone, or is it too pronounced for that?


Also, I plugged mine in while apparently leaning on it a little and it set that as a zero point. I unplugged my Logitech joystick, and then back in and all is good.

Yeah, there appears to be a deadzone setting for each axis you can set too.

So, I think I need to look at my Vulture fit a bit closer. Got chased out and finally blown up heh. I have modules set up or scanning and have no idea what I was doing so need to get this fitted better!

I also accidentally shot a friendly and after paying the fine, they sent me to a prison station of sorts. It was many jumps away too, ugh!