Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Thanks for the hint. I didn’t realize there was a deadzone option for each axis. Added one for yaw, pitch, and roll and the drift appears to be gone.


ah people relearning the lost arts of dealing with analogue joystick and setting them up. Soon you’ll be asking about setting up headtracking too lol.

Embrace this part of the game, getting it all set up just so makes it yours.


I went ahead and got the TM 1600M for Elite since it was on sale for $97 over on Amazon. I’m not loving the control setup, yet, but I may simply need to try another setup for things like navigating the pop up panels in my ship. Or I will get used to the control scheme. It’s been a long time since I had a HOTAS, but it’s coming back to me.

I only have an hour or two a day to play, but I’ve managed to amass about 5 million, so I’m considering getting a nicer ship than the Cobra. Maybe the Vulture after a few more bounty runs. I have a hauler that’s setup so I could try mining, but it can barely carry enough limpets to do a successful run. still learning the game a few weeks later, and still having a blast.


It’s funny, I played a lot of combat flight sims, Wing Commander, etc. but it’s been so long I forgot about setting up deadzones within the game. Or maybe it just wasn’t as much an option then. /shrug

So I’ve definitely fallen down a hole with Elite. It’s a little surprising, because I typically don’t care for open world games without some sort of over-arching story to work through. Over the years I’ve played several “make your own way” space sims and they’ve never grabbed me. Could just be because I took a bit of a break from PC gaming, and it’s been a long while since I played any sort of space sim. Yet I dropped 5 or 6 hours on Elite yesterday, ferrying passengers around to get my first Adder.

I think I’m going to pass on the cheaper HOTAS setups above. They’ve only got a few buttons on the throttle, and I the more I play the more I feel like what I want is some additional 4 way buttons on the left hand, similar to the TM 1600M Crusis mentioned. It’s a bit of a jump in price though. I may just wait to see if I stick with the game once the kids get back to school and work starts getting busy again.


It’s real nice having lateral thrusters on the throttle. My other main binds are boost/jump etc and thrust direction toggle.


Not to dissuade you from spending more money, but one thing to consider with the Thrustmaster T.Flight 4/X you linked above: Elite allows you to combo buttons (press two buttons at once to represent a different command), and the rudder on the T-Flight has a nicely positioned set of buttons that can serve as “shift keys” so that every button gives you essentially 4 commands (seen in the command map below as Flight/Combat/etc.). I’ve actually played with some more expensive sticks, but I like the position of these toggles on the T-Flight – particularly for VR – and I have buttons left to spare.


I always like to be dissuaded from spending more money, so thanks! That image is really useful. If I understand correctly, the shift keys you mentioned are the four on the throttle thumb position? So if I wanted to lower the landing gear, I’d hold the throttle 7 (Miscellaneous/Green) button and then joystick 3? Or do you tap throttle 7 to get into Miscellanous mode and then joystick 3?


Which system do you have? I think that’s what I’m thinking, that having a separate hat for lateral thrusters would be really convenient.


Ginger’s setup sounds similar to my T16000M setup. It has a little joystick on the front of the throttle for controlling the little thrusters, a button mapped to boost, a switch to toggle forward/backwards thrust, and a big rocker thing that I used to navigate menu tabs.


Saitek X52


Hold the toggle button - in this case throttle 7 - and then press the joystick 3 button.


Saw the Hotas X in a clearance bin at my local Staples for $54.99 CAD.


Logged on for a day of combat and found a CG in Blatrimpe to killed wanted pirates for bounties. Made one run and 1.2 mil in bounties and already in top 75%! May only last until Jan 3rd, but these are fun at times.

Also, traveling with a 4A fuel scoop sure makes things convenient!


Ok, I finally got back into this, re-learned how to fly, re-learned how to fight (which cost me a ship!), figured out the new Discovery scanner thingy, and trying to figure out how the detailed surface scan thingy works (no luck so far!). There are so many new systems and detailed overlaid on top of the game I remember, it’s a lot of fun to play with. It may also be time to trade the ol’ Cobra Mk III in for something with a bit more oomph.


Welcome back!

I made a few more runs and got into the top 50% at about 3.3 mil in bounties. I think the payout is 2.7 mil for that so not a bad couple hours of work. Hopefully we can push it into the next tier by tomorrow!


So Steam is clearly lying, because it says I dropped 26 hours into ED over my winter vacation. That can’t be…

I ended up picking up the game for my kids on the Xbox during the similar sale going on over there. It’s a lot of fun watching them go through same challenges I had (and still have) when I first started. It’s also amusing how they get upset with the station controllers when they accidentally block a landing pad and get fined.

I think I came across something that mentioned you can have players as part of your ship’s crew if the ship supports it. Is that the case? If so, is it any fun?

Also, is there a Qt3 guild or clan or whatever it’s called?


Ping @BrianRubin


Search for Wildcards.


I noticed the Horizon Expansion is on sale for $7.19 during the steam sale. It doesn’t sound like it’s worth it, but I thought I’d ask anyway. The only thing on the list that sounds kinda neat is planetary landings. But only on barren planets? That doesn’t sound all that interesting. I’d prefer planetary landings on planets with 2D artistic backgrounds depicting the city/forest/etc that you landed near, like in Privateer. A barren planet sounds stupid.


Barren planets are it right now, but having more mission location options can be worth it. Also SRV driving can be hilarious.