Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched


Yes, exploration on a Dolphin, which seems like a decent start until I can afford an Anaconda (which could take a while). I went with dirty drives instead of clean because, with the heat reduction mod, it seems to give much better performance at only rank 1 or 2 at the most, but it might be unnecessary for the intended role. I’m no expert with this, just going with something that made sense. I went with low emissions power plant as well to further reduce heat. Good point about keeping weight down. Anyway there’s plenty more tweaking to be done.


My Asp Explorer fully engineered is something like this: https://s.orbis.zone/1o4s


It’s been a while since I’ve been in game, but used to be (and maybe still is) that when you plot a longish string of jumps, systems outside of your total fuel range are plotted with a dotted line instead of a solid one. Because jumps don’t use fuel linearly (a slightly longer jump might use 50% more fuel), it would be hard to calculate an accurate maximum range for your fuel, without knowing the exact jumps you need to take.


Yea, I set it aside for a bit and jumped back into my Sidewinder. I’ve been spending my time helping the Feds clean up bandits out at resource extraction sites. I let them do the heavy lifting and try to get some shots in to claim the bounty. I’ve been a bit too ambitious at times and have gotten blown away. I’ve accumulated enough money to now have the Cobra equipped with mostly 4A/4B gear.

I received an invite to visit an engineer. I’m going to tackle that today and see what that is all about.

Also, I suck at fuel scooping…I keep getting pulled out of supercruise. I’m guessing I’m drifting too close to the star.


Hot tip: line yourself up so you have a roughly constant temp, then throttle down completely. Adjust pitch to maintain temp/scoop rate.


Hotter tip: If you’re being hunted by some pirates who are glad they found you while scooping, point the ass end of your ship at the star you’re scooping from and wait for the pirate to crash into it as they try to get on your tail to interdict you.

That never gets old.


I find I’m much less likely to do that if I roll 90 degrees so the star’s to my left or right, reduce speed to the lower blue, and then yaw around it. If the temp gets above 70 I just yaw away slightly. I find this much easier to judge than trying to pitch up and down to adjust it. Also, if you’re going to start exploring or going on longer journeys then buy a better fuel scoop so it only takes a few seconds to replenish your jump fuel - saves mucho time.


I use the canopy bow as a reference, that and temperature. I scoop at about 65% max heat but then I tend to build cool running ships.


That helped immensely. Several successful scoops in a row now.


I’m not entirely sure if this classifies as a spoiler, but something fucking amazing just happened. I’d better hide it just in case.


While looking for data fragments, I came across this megaship that had been attacked by Thargoids!

Alas I didn’t have any repair limpets to help them out, so I decided to fly around it instead and scan some of its fixtures. It was a pretty impressive thing to find when I wasn’t expecting it. In fact, being in Deciat - a long way from Thargoid activity - it’s the last thing I expected to find. Also, it must mean there are Thargoids about. Good job I missed them though, that might have been nasty…


After shutting down my ship and clearly dismissing me as an insignificant threat, it began further destroying the megaship. I figured if I wasn’t a threat, perhaps I could hang around long enough to watch? It was a thing of beauty actually, although when it started producing hundreds of tiny drones which started to form into Thargoid shapes I figured it was time to get the fuck out of there.

Let’s just say, this is the last transmission from my ship before the Thargoid decided that actually, it didn’t like its photo being taken.

I don’t care if this was scripted or not, it was the most thrilling moment in gaming for a long time, all the more so as I wasn’t expecting it (I was actually halfway through making a cup of tea when I heard the thing jump in, which probably explains why I didn’t get better pictures due to the panic of trying to FSD out of there).


That’s awesome. I really need to get back into this game, it’s been a long time.


Well, the Distant Worlds 2 expedition set off last night to the other end of the galaxy, over 10,000 mad people! I’m not entirely sure I fancy FSD’ing for the next 10 months, but I admire the effort. Sadly the ED servers couldn’t handle the load and it brought the whole thing down for quite some time. It might still be down for some.

I did head over to Pallaeni to see what all the fuss was about, ended up having a great time with a handful of other players in my instance screwing around with SRVs on a planet, avoiding the gank squads in Open which was fun. It gave me Anaconda envy, and now I want one. And Krait envy too. Still having a great time just exploring on my own though.


Oh, I wonder if that’s what happened to me yesterday. I was transporting an illegal passenger (gotta get better at reading the mission descriptions) and a station scanned me and then shot me. While I was waiting for my insured ship to load in, it seemed to lock up and I eventually got a server not found message.


Probably, yes. Frontier were apparently prepared for the server load, but… well, the server wasn’t! We’ll see if it happens again on the next jump. They decided to feed out jump destinations piecemeal to try and keep the fleet together and do community goals and other activities along the way, otherwise this probably wouldn’t be an issue. I can’t imagine all 12,000 pilots sticking with it the entire way though, I imagine the drop-off will be quite high.

I’m slowly heading back to an engineer to fix my shields, for some reason they are far less resistant to thermal attacks despite being sure that’s the thing I upgraded! Hmmm (good job I kept the receipt). So yeah, not surviving very long in most furballs as thermal seems to be the primary form of damage from most npcs.


So I’ve made enough money from exploration to afford a new ship! I’ve outfitted it for some mining, flew to a suitable area of high deposits and… forgot that I didn’t load up on missiles for my mining tools, or limpets either. Sigh. I picked up a few token bits of bauxite with my abrasion laser to remind myself why doing it that was isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to smash some of those suckers up.


You can go third person to take screenshots?

That looks really nice. What is that ship called? I’m still only familiar with the Sidewinder and the Asp (I think that’s what it was called).


Yes, there’s a dedicated camera now - it’s been in there for a while, but at some point they improved it quite a bit. You can control either the ship with a set camera, or lock the ship’s controls and move the camera. I still find it slightly awkward but probably because I haven’t really optimised the control setup for it yet.

That’s an Asp Explorer. you can buy one for around 6 million credits, and a fair bit more for some decent modules, but my exploration monies paid for that. The cockpit looks a bit more industrial than my Cobra, but it’s got a lot more slots, and larger ones too, so I’m trying different builds. I’ve not tried mining since the very early days so once I get back to the Orbital and actually buy the freakin’ limpets and missiles that I forgot (duh) I’ll give it a go. I’m still learning to fly it - after so long in a Cobra the momentum takes some getting used to (so yeah, shields are a must!).


Ok, so mining is great, so much better than the old version. I mean, I just made 25 million credits in the space of an hour, which is pretty good going. Also, KABOOM!


You blow up asteroids now? Maybe I should give it another go.


Frontier’s video about the new mining:

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it could be fun