Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

Yeah if players are not allowed to criticize ED’s many disappointments and failures then we should probably start accusing ED defenders of being sock-puppets I guess.

Thats the next stage right?

Defenders accuse critics of being hysterical then critics accuse defenders of being paid off.

I guess we may as well cut straight to it.

I just find it fascinating that people have the need to complain again and again about games they’ve (I’m assuming) stopped playing a long time ago. Of course, this happens not just in this thread and not just in this forum, it’s everywhere.

Personally I stop tracking threads about games I didn’t enjoy and don’t think more of them. Weird?

Sure. Criticizing a game on a gaming forum in its dedicated thread is soooo weird. Gaslighting a game’s critics again and again ad nauseam however while attacking the poster never rebutting the posters criticism is perfectly fine.

Come the fuck on. I was just jesting. I know why Brian hates on E:D. It’s a valid reason. He’s disappointed, game could (and should!) have been so much more than a grindfest. Jaded gamer that I am, and optimist, for me the glass is half full. Full of stars!

I wish it were possible to mute only certain people and only for certain threads. I don’t understand why this thread seems to inspire beating the hell out of a dead horse that’s long since been rendered into glue, but once upon a time I felt that there were still pearls of interesting info to be found in this thread among the oceans of shit. I’m rapidly reaching the end of that time I believe.

Elite Dangerous is hardly the only game of its type where fans have created websites to filter, organise, summarise and otherwise provide assistance to players faced with overwhelming amounts of data. It’s not a strong argument against the game.

Looks like I need to get out into the stars again and spam y’all with awesome vistas.

I really dont see the problem with ex players discussing why they left. Its not like any of us are in here discouraging new players or demonizing the developers. Most of us are actively helpful.

We want people to play the game, its a great time until its not a great time. Like any game.

Its fun to talk about why we may have left and criticize its flaws with fellows posters however. If not here, then where? Is it really so much bother to ignore critical discussion?

p.s. I am happy to start the “Elite Dangerous retired Commanders” thread but I suspect the mods would immediately re merge it and be annoyed I had wasted their time doing so.

Also the game is getting interesting updates. There’s a (very slim) chance it’ll evolve into something with wider appeal.

Oh I know, I’m not a fan of the those other games either.

You’ve never looked stuff up on wiki sites dedicated to games you liked? Ok, Inara etc go a little beyond that, but if you’re a dinging a game because a community sprang up around it and created a bunch of awesome resources to make it even better, then we should move on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all aboard the “Elite Dangerous could have gone in a far more interesting direction” train too, and sure the UI could have included information making some of these sites redundant, but we got what we got and it seems some of us like it.

For the record I don’t mind people criticising a game in a thread. It’s a bit galling if you go into a thread and start telling everyone how much fun you’re having, only to have others come along and piss on it, and hearing the same grouches over and over gets boring fast, but that doesn’t mean we have to pick either extreme.

Anyway, after the insanity of playing Doom 2016 and then Doom Eternal solidly for three months, I need something a bit more meditative, and exploring the Heart and Soul Nebulas sounds like just the ticket. I have downloaded all my cartography data (phew) and will be attempting to navigate out of the station without hitting the walls this evening.

There are a lot of good points about the game. The sense of scale is unmatched, as is the sense of piloting a spacecraft (apart from the concessions to gameplay re: limits to maximum velocity in “normal space”). The sound design and the original soundtrack are perfect as far as I’m concerned. I had a good bit of fun with it till I worked my way up to the Asp and kitted it out properly. I love community goals (don’t know if they’re still a thing).

All that is without having experienced it in VR, which by all accounts is incredible.

If they could take what they’ve got and make it a full MMO with player-driven content and an economy like EVE’s, OR if not that, create enough story/NPC content (within some core part of “the Bubble” anyway) to make the single player game more motivating beyond gaining rank/money/ships, it would be something amazing.

But hey, at least they’ve had their game out for nearly six years, while Star Citizen is still a huge boondoggle and may come out a day before the heat death of the universe.

Ah, so nice to feel the solar winds filling me sails again.

Successfully exited the station and whoa, I’d forgotten how pretty it was out here.

First jump, nearly end up in the sun. Haven’t got my space legs quite yet.

The Heart Nebula, so pretty.


OMG II: The OMGening

Well phew, a happy 90 minutes spent just pootling around the place. I’ve mostly remembered how to fly the ship again, next stop the Soul Nebula which just happens to be right next door.

My God, it’s full of stars!

Gorgeous, innit? Good job on the photography mate!

\long stretches, yawns

Elite Dangerous’ “updates” are Frontier adding grind to stretch already-thin content even thinner. The game is basically the same as the one we played half a decade ago with zero done to ameliorate the core gameplay issues identified back then.

If I want pretty screenshots, I’ll load up SpaceEngine and post spaceship images in front of them. At least we have atmospheric planets in SE.

\curls up, goes back to sleep

Have you tried using the new fleet carriers as bases for exploration? There’s e.g. a player run Deep Space Support Array initiative with quite a few carriers spread throughout the galaxy.

I’m wondering how well that works. Maybe I’ll complete my Krait Phantom exploration build and try using the carriers as stepping stones to reach the galaxy core.

I wish X4 looked as good as Elite Dangerous - its the prettiest Space game I ever saw, but the gameplay is so slow. I don’t mind slow, but this is kinda glacial - especially if you have little interest in PVP.

No, I’ve only just fired the game up since my hugely enjoyable exploration binge last year. Neat project though, and it gives me destinations to head to next on my galaxy-wide tour of nebulae. Good luck with the Krait Phantom build, mine is serving me well.

The “core gameplay issue” is that you didn’t like it. That’s fine, glad you’re enjoying Space Engine instead.

This made me laugh out loud.

Just flying around some suns while I decide where to go.

If only our solar system looked this awesome.

This planet was only 23 ly from the suns, but I’ve seen better. :)

I landed for a quick look around, but I have places to be.

My hard drive is going to be full again at this rate.

What the hell, here’s another one.

So, there’s another nebula that’s worth visiting that’s not too far away, and then I’m heading for the Formandine Rift with a Fleet Carrier that’s close to the border. I’ll be passing through a zone with a heavy concentration of black holes and neutron stars, which could be dangerous. Those things still scare me.