Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

I figured it would be either that song or Whitney Houston’s I will Always Love You. I did that one in reverse. It was overplayed right away, and I couldn’t stand it, but was forced to listen to it over and over and over everywhere. And then a friend of mine said he really loved the movie, the Bodyguard mostly because of that song and how he really felt the love in that song. At this point the song had already been on the airwaves for a couple of years, but I kind of heard it with new ears, so to speak, as a sincere love song for the first time, and really started to like it after that.

So today’s the day they’ve patched the base game to include Horizons for all players. If you haven’t bought Horizons yet, go land on some planets! Or create a small crater because you didn’t check the gravity was 4 times Earth normal.

Hey, any landing where you can clone yourself and rebuy your ship for a small insurance excess is a good landing.

Email from Frontier this morning says Horizons is now free.

Also looks like this is in the queue to be a free offering from the Epic Game Store.

Nice, I am guessing it will have Horizons as well, and VR!

Perfect for attracting some new players that might buy the next expansion I guess.

So I logged back in today, I felt like continuing my deep space exploration into the unknown. I love feeling like I’m on the fringes of the galaxy, nothing around me but black, no human life for light years, just me and my spaceship.

I logged in, and found myself docked in an unfamiliar place. Wait, no, I remember. This was a fleet carrier that I found in the ass end of nowhere. Ah yes, a fleet carrier.

Oh shit! A fleet carrier!?

Opens Galaxy Map. I’m 50 LY from Sol. The fucking fleet carrier has returned to the bubble with me still on it because I hadn’t logged in for several months.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… (camera zooms out from my screaming face through the cockpit of my ship, out into space, until there is nothing but blackness).

Then it crash zooms back onto my face. Wait! Maybe there’s another fleet carrier heading out in that direction soon? I’d better go check.

Narrator: And so, life in Elite Dangerous continues.

Hey, at least you got to offload some of your exploration data!

Oh man…that is the best.

I’d already done that at an asteroid station in the Heart Nebula. Oh damn, I miss that place now. So beautiful. Well, I guess if I can’t find another bus out to the middle of nowhere, I can at least head off in a different direction. There are a number of famous landmarks on the way to the center which I’ve never seen, although that’s a pretty well trodden path, and I like to go places nobody else has been to. There’s also some stuff happening in the Coalsack Nebula right now, which I’m now a lot closer to, lol, so maybe I’ll swing by.

This is free until 26/11 on the epic store.

Just got this to play in VR. Literally still doing the tutorials. Anyone still playing? Any advice for getting started in 2021? Also, is there a Qt3 guild or squadron or whatever they are calling it?

Advice? Enjoy your time. I have hundreds of hours on it. I can probably answer your questions. Once you can make something blow up and do the A to B tutorial, dive on in.

If you don’t feel like getting ganked by dumb kids going peeveepee biotch! kekekek! at you, play single player or private group.

Despite putting 400+ hours into the game, I still can’t beat the hardest combat tutorial. :) So don’t sweat it, just get the basics down and you’ll learn in-game. Don’t worry about dying too much at the start, the cost is minimal, so try things out.

I haven’t played since the big Epic giveaway so not sure if it’s full of griefers now, but I always enjoyed the thrill of playing Open and trying to avoid open squares (ie. other players). It teaches you valuable lessons anyway, but if you want a safe space then apply to the Mobius group.

There are a couple of QT3 groups, I think Veloxi is still around (set up by @BrianRubin back in the day) but there are much more active groups out there, check the Frontier group forums. I’d play it solo for a while though to get yourself up to a comfortable speed first. You’ll also get a sense of what you enjoy doing the most, and can pick a group that focuses on those activities. Until then, missions are the best early-game activities.

I need to get back into it again, last time I found I’d been pulled thousands of lightyears back to the bubble because I dumbly logged out on a Fleet Carrier in the middle of nowhere, and then took a hiatus. Oops.

People are still using Veloxi as far as I know.

Do you (as in you personally) need to log on to accept an application from someone, or are there others with that ability?

My intention is to get an Oculus Quest 2 shortly, which means I’ll be back inside my Krait before long.

I actually set it to automatically accept new members, so have at.

Some suggestions:

  1. Buy a docking computer. Unless you enjoy docking (some folks do) then get rid of this hassle first make it your first upgrade.
  2. Buy an exploration scanner.
  3. Go scan planets till you can afford a fuel scoop.
  4. You are now self sufficient and can just explore your way to credits anytime. *

Now you can think about at your leisure which ship to first upgrade to etc. if in doubt just head back out and explore stuff and gain more credits. If you really care look up Elite dangerous “Road to riches” which gives some nearby exploration targets.

*all the above is pre exploration nerf/update 2019. But mini game aside I believe exploration is still a valid path to credits.

Last thing, take your time, enjoy the sights and have fun!

Any recommendations for a solo bounty hunting ship that’s good without engineering? It needs to be able to fit in these modules without compromising the tank too much:

  • FSD interdictor (does class even matter here?)
  • Automated docking system
  • cruise assist

I’m currently flying a Vulture and it gets the job done for missions that reward up to ~2 million credits, and I’m slowly working towards a Krait Mk. 2 because that was recommended to me, but I’m also thinking of skipping it and going straight for a Python since it’s a little more versatile, plus I’m not sure if I can be bothered with the whole launch fighter system. Game has too many buttons as it is.

As a counter-argument, so long as you have a HOTAS, never buy a docking computer. Docking manually is super immersive, and not at all difficult if you have thrusters on a hat.