Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Launched

You can’t beat a vacation to a planet bathed in the glow of a dying sun.

White dwarf?

Wolf-Rayet star, in the process of collapse so super hot and bright white/purple. Gives the whole system a beautiful ghostly sheen. This planet was the closest I could find to the star.

So here I am visiting the Fine Ring Nebula, which is a little underwhelming to be honest.

But apparently I’m only 900 ly from HR 6164, which is a well known system known as The View. Sounds good! On arrival my retinas are nearly burned off by this massive blue-white supergiant.

Holy crap! So many ringed planets. This one has a tourist beacon called “The View”. Let’s go visit!

So peuce!

I forget that it has a gravity 3.3x that of Earth, and was infamous during the Distant Worlds 2 expedition for cratering lots of ships. Fortunately I am just too good and land without a hitch. Ok, it lives up to its name.

But of course I can’t ignore that neutron star over there! Let’s go check it out…

One does not simply fly into a neutron star. Gravitational forces in the plumes will rip you apart, and holy heck! There’s a tourist installation riiiiight in there. Who would build in such a crazy place?

These lunatics apparently. So cool.

I’m getting major The Black Hole vibes from this.

But before I leave this party, there’s a freakin’ actual black hole inbetween the plumes!

So damn cool.

Heading back home, seeing some sights along the way. Ran into these binary stars.

They’re not quite as close as they appear, didn’t even break a sweat flying between them.

A pulsar very close to a supergiant white star, nearly didn’t spot it against the glare.

And finally heading back via a nearby nebula without much of an interesting name.

It feels weird to be home. There are ships. Stations! I miss the desolation of the black already. But I have a mission. I’m going to start hunting Thargoids. It’s time. To kit out an anti-xeno ship though, I’m going to need some materials.

How’s the bounty hunting going @bateau?

I’ve decided I’m going to buy a Krait Mk II, it’s better than my Phantom for combat by some margin, and I think the old girl needs an oil change and a paint job. But first, as I’ll need some Guardian weapons, specifically Gauss Cannons, it looks like I’m heading back to SYNUEFE.

On pause while I do the engineer grind. Not going to lie, it’s sucking the fun out of the game for me.

Man, I would love to get back into this again sometime.

Maybe I have had a long enough break it would be fresh enough to grind out some money and engineering. Last time I played I had worked my way up to a high end Vulture, and always wanted to upgrade that, but I never really got close to enough money to do that. It sounds like that Krait Mk II would be a blast to fly!

I also never did any engineering, so would be going in blind on all of that. Maybe I will see if I still have it installed and dig up my flight hardware and look up a little bit on what is involved to do engineering.

Look no further - https://cmdrs-toolbox.com/guides/engineering-unlock

You will also need to spend a few hours (minimum) gathering the necessary materials to actually level up the engineers once you unlock them.

Awesome! Thank you!

Similar for me. I jumped back in after getting a new VR headset and finally got my first Engineer unlocked in preparation for upgrading my Vulture, but I’m not sure I’m in for the grind just yet.

I engineered my components in my Phantom gradually, one or two at a time, that way it didn’t take long and I could break it up with some combat, travel or mining. I just focused on what I needed for exploration, rather than trying to do everything.

I need a couple of Guardian blueprint fragments to unlock the Guardian components I need (that aren’t already unlocked). Fortunately I have a lot of materials from my Guardian trips in the past. I’m dusting off the Asp Explorer which is set up for it, and is smaller than the Phantom so I can usually land it right next to Guardian sites and deal with sentinel missiles using the ship’s point defense system. It’s a 1,000 ly trip, but I’m used to those by now. I spent all of tonight building what I could of the Krait Mk II, so it’s road trip time tomorrow.

I made it out here, found a functioning Guardian site, and after lots of searching found a place to land that should just be in range of my point defense system! Maybe. I’ve almost forgotten how these things work, but I know the light show is worth it.

You can park much closer to those ruins if you approach them from the right side (from your location) - park between the structure that is furthest out to the right in the middle and the one just below it.

It’s the usual situation, you spend ages driving around looking for a parking spot, then give up a go park further away, then when you’re walking back you pass much closer spaces that have since opened up!

But you don’t want to go move your car, because you might not find those new spaces and then you’ll lose your original parking spot!

But seriously, each of these Guardian sites is slightly different and with the topography variation are you certain there’s a reliable spot there? I couldn’t see one. This is at COL 173 SECTOR OD-J B25-2.

[edit] As an aside, I remember my first Guardian site, it was on the top of a modestly-sized mountain range, and I could not find anywhere to land up there. The Asp Explorer doesn’t have the smallest footprint. So I parked about 3 km away at the bottom of the mountain, and proceeded to drive up in the SRV! Which, as you can imagine with low gravity, took forever and a day. The next Guardian site I found was as flat as a pancake and I parked right in the middle of it. Was pissed.

That might be it - the one I had in mind was for the modules, but I think due to the way the structures are placed it should still be possible, since you technically park in between two objects that are probably using premade terrain topography (rather than relying on planet procgen).

LOL!! I had the same discussion with my friend yesterday when I casually mentioned I’m thinking of selling my Phantom and downgrade to a Diamondback Explorer for easier parking.

Is this close enough do you think?

Success! I might grab a few more though.

In fact, I realise I need some Guardian Technology Components, these guys drop them occasionally but mostly from shooting panels from towers. Shouldn’t take too long to get enough for what I need.

Looking good! Next time I fly there I’ll screen the place where I usually land.

Moved to a nearby site that has a lot of Guardian tech components, discovered to my horror another player there! I hid in my ship until they left, but of course I had to switch to Solo to re-instance and respawn all the goodies.

The place feels… weird now. So, SO many fleet carriers! When I first came here a few years ago, the entire place felt utterly desolate, light years from anywhere. Now it feels like the outskirts of town. It’s also pretty obvious which planets have useful sites, they’re the ones with dozens of fleet carriers hanging around nearby. Soon, they will multiply out of control and represent a greater threat than the Thargoids.

I wanted to come back to this because I’ve tried to use the tool a few times now and never really saw the actual need when sites like Inara.cz or apps like EDEngineer exist, but I’m now using to track my visited stars while I do the Cheung engineer trading in 50 markets grind and it has been very useful for that.

So my question is, which tabs do you mostly use and for what purpose? I’ve tried a few at random and they honestly didn’t make much sense to me or the data wasn’t presented in a way that I’d want (relative to some of the 3rd party sites I used), but I get the sense that it’s me and not the tool, so I’d love to get a few pointers for the critical stuff that’s worth learning. Thanks!