Elite Whores 2?


Is this just a Texas thing or just a FPS audience thing or what? Because it sure as hell isn’t a Trekkie thing. I mean maybe if they had set it on Risa or on the Holodeck or something, but really…

It’s a badly animated thing. With four eyes. Hoo boy, I’m about as randy as Charles Grodin on valium, let me tell you.

That music though, it reminds me of the mandance from Anachronox. I wonder if it was the same composer?

There’s nothing cool about lifting an uncredited audio track from I’76, kids.

Yeah, but since Activision published both Elite Force 2 and I’76, I guess they can sue themselves.

We can only hope.

The legality was never the issue was never, it’s the morality. Okay, it’s a soulless corporate entity that eats babies by the truckload, but I’m just saying is all. I heart Bullmark.

You heart them so much you couldn’t remember the name. RESEARCH!

What scares me the most is someone out there is going to masterbate to this.

Runs :!:

It’s a lowest common denominator thing. This is exactly the kind of shit that keeps videogames squarely in the “socially inept young male” ghetto, in the eyes of society at large. The knuckleheads at Ritual / 3DR / everywhere else in this stupid industry continue to lay it on thick with the T&A because that demographic has been lucrative for them thus far. God forbid we make something that’s not actively unappealing to 51% of the population.

It’s also fairly stupid considering how many female Trekkies there are out there (anecdotal evidence and all, but I know a lot more girls who are into Trek than are into say Star Wars). Dunno how many of them would be playing an FPS in the first place, but this will do nothing to change that for the better.

It’s a lowest common denominator thing. This is exactly the kind of shit that keeps videogames squarely in the “socially inept young male” ghetto, in the eyes of society at large. [/quote]

On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of shit that keeps video games on the map, instead of kids spending all their money on Girls Gone Wild DVDs.

That problem is entirely self-perpetuating. If we made games with someone besides adolescent males in mind, we wouldn’t be competing with fucking Girls Gone Wild for mindshare. Including some sort of obligatory T&A element in a game is just embarassing for everyone… gamers who want to have their hobby taken seriously (you know, those unbearable “I CRIED AT THE END OF ICO” simps) have to hide their faces in shame, non-gamers (especially women) respond to it with chilly ambivalence, our moral superiors in Congress have yet another barb upon which to skewer us as Contributors to the Decline of Civilization As We Know It, and even for the horny geeks for which it’s intended I can’t imagine it making for very good wank material.

So yes, it keeps videogames “On The Map” in a “still exists as something largely seen as a waste of time, something husbands hide from their wives, and is generally regarded as being bereft of cultural merit” kinda way. Bloody fine niche to occupy.

Can someone get Andrew Mayer in here to reply to JD’s message with the words “Games Are Mainstream” in a really big font? Preferably bolded. With the word ‘are’ in italics.



[size=7][color=red]Games[/color] [color=green]Are[/color] Mainstream[/size]

I bow to the superior argumentative might of Met_K.

I feel tits and ass in video games are a symptom of the decline, not a cause.

It’s all well and good to say “oh how I wish games were more high-brow” but the same can be said about the human race. At the end of the day, most of us fuck. The real “problem” is that most game developers have an idealized perception of that entire aspect of life, for reasons which ought to be apparent.

As long as 1% of the games in a year are not soulless trash vehicles, I’m content, because that’s about the ratio of it in the general population. (note: this PNOOMA tech has been licenced.) I’d like there to be more of that, yesterday, but asking the gaming industry to lead the way for popular culture in this respect is a bit like asking the horse to build the cart.

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I got a much better deal, I just gave them a finger.

That video makes me feel sad inside

Kinda sad, really. EF1 actually went to a lot of trouble not to alienate female gamers, to the point of creating an “Alexandra” doppelganger for “Alex” (the primary character), giving her her own voice track, etc.

The Kleeya thing in EF2 is embarassing. It’s bad enough when you’ve got this overly busty alien woman wandering around underdressed for a bikini competition, complete with jiggles while walking across a cut-scene, but when the end sequence consists of little but the two saying “Oooh, please expose me to your world!”, I half expected the orchestra to strike up the wakka-cha-wakka Trek remix. They could so easily have come up with an attractive female character without such adolescent pandering.