Elon Musk goes Off the Rails

Elon Musk has officially moved into the villain category. Sorry Tesla fans (I’ve generally been a big SpaceX fan, so I’m pretty sad — but it’s not like I was ever going to buy a SpaceX rocket).

Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold …

Someone is getting out ahead of their securities law violations. Not that is matters anymore with the recent 5th circuit shenanigans.

Andrew Yang with the pathos

He’s not moved anywhere, he’s been there since day one.

He’s angling for a lower price on Twitter.

And yeah, he’s always been kind of a horse’s ass.

He’s trying to make you not notice that Tesla was removed from S&P’s esg index today.

I am shocked, shocked! that this libertarian billionaire turned out not to have my best interests at heart.

Some quick math:

There are 2,668 billionaires on the planet according to google. At best, a small handful is not actively working to destroy the planet and grind up the poor and future generations of our species into a dust in the pursuit of even more wealth.

That is a rate of roughly 2665/2668 = 99.9% villains.

There are 7.8 billion non billionaires on the planet. Of those, 7.1 billion are not actively working to destroy the planet and grind up people into dust (7.8 billion - 50% of USA - 40% of EU - 50% of Australia - 10% of China - 60% of Russia (the rest gets a pass as they are so poor they have an excuse or otherwise I don’t have enough time to count them)).

That is a rate 0.7/7.8 = 9% villains.

Hmm, one seems larger than the other. Wonder why.

I already considered Elon Musk a charlatan, but the thing he said here made me actively despise him.

Not only is he parroting the garbage ‘climate change isn’t due to humanity’ argument, he then goes ahead and claim that he knows a lot about ‘environmental stuff’.

Musk doesn’t know shit about anything and yet the comments on this vid are full with morons lauding him as a genius.

It’s infuriating.

I separate the tech from the man. Teslas are fine EVs, great even. SpaceX has done a lot of good. When I eventually have to buy an EV, though, I will not buy a Tesla as long as Musk is associated with the company. I can’t do much about SpaceX I guess.

Of course, I don’t plan to buy an EV any time soon, but here in Vermont, tons of people drive them. Almost every one of those drivers is a progressive, liberal, Democrat-voting sort. If asses like Musk didn’t have so much power, it would be funny to watch the discomfort of these affluent virtue-signaling twits writhe and wriggle about trying to justify their often gushing praise of Tesla in light of Musk’s behavior.

The commitment of some people to the Great Man theory of history is pretty damned strong and sustained. It ought to be possible to look at a Tesla and say this is a good consumer product without also believing Elon Musk should be the universal sperm donor for every human pregnancy which occurs from now until the end of time.

I don’t think we have to look any further than Ukraine to see some pretty good evidence of the Great Man theory of history. If Ukraine had had a different President who had taken the US offer of a ride out of Kyiv into exile back in February, there’s a good chance the government would have collapsed and Russia would be in control of Ukraine right now.

I think it’s even more basic than people like Teslas therefore respect Musk. He is idolised by a whole lot of troglodytes who don’t care one bit about electric cars. To many people, money = success and talent. The fact that he has more money than mostly all other humans in history and shares memes and dumb thoughts on social media like they do means he is worth idolising, apparently.

Pass, because 1) impossible to judge the counterfactual, and 2) tangential to my point about the essential social badness of hero worship.

Yes, you’re right.

Speaking of going off the rails, this post certainly took a turn.

He has definitely gone down the rabbit hole. New tweets complaining about “phony social justice warriors” and “the leftist agenda”

Newsflash: greedy man turns out to be paranoid!

It must have been a relief for him to tear off the sheep’s clothing.

Glad, he only has 1 vote… (but sheeples gonna sheeple).

Tesla is a bubble