Elon Musk goes Off the Rails

Sort of. It was before Modi took over. Modi is essentially a Trumpian / Bolsonaro type leader.

Yes, and it makes Modi sad.

Also, possibly related, dude gonna need some money

At that point I think the FTC just owns Twitter.

Don’t think this is ironclad data, but it’s a sign a lot of folks have left, at least for some circles

I have read that anecdotal data from a lot of people that have created Mastodon accounts. You may have 1/10 the followers there, but you have about 80% of the view count. Having 50k followers does not mean you get 50k views per tweet. The timeline is curated by Twitter, so your followers may not see it, and they may no longer be on the app. People on Mastodon, at least for now, are engaged and actively using the app.

It’s an odd way to make the argument, because the author would have had much better data available via Twitter Analytics. There they would have seen historical data years back on how much reach their tweets had, and could then have shown that the view counts have gone down.

The only thing that Musk’s “view count” feature added was the counter being realtime rather than updated daily, and being able to see the counts for other people. Neither is a useful property for this article, while knowing that the tweets used to get 10k views and now get 2k would be.

Since the author is a professional self-promoter, it seems completely impossible they didn’t know about Twitter Analytics. Why go with the inferior data? My bet would be that the real numbers don’t fit the narrative.

I’ve seen many situations where views are less than the likes for posts.

You do say?

Worth every cent, Elon.

Embedded Youtube videos no longer work.


It just works.

Twitter paid its interest bill apparently.

You usually don’t know if the check bounces for a little while.

Good times that will surely improve his financials

He’s definitely a financial genius:

Is there nothing he cannot turn to shit? Is he taking lessons from Trump?

Seriously. He’s racking up some impressive losses.

This kinda reminds me of the Jeff Bezos “spend all your money simulator” game: You Are Jeff Bezos by Kris Lorischild

Tesla just reported record revenue and record profits last week.

To make it even clearer - Tesla profits doubled to $12 billion. While not quite a rounding error, it’s losses on Bitcoin are not enormous against it’s operations. I suspect not even close to record setting for losses by corporates with FX risk (which often means a risk management and hedging operation that may be analogous to holding an exotic cryptocurrency).

Next, Elon simply douses $500 million of the shareholders’ money with gasoline and lights it on fire, and we respond with well, that’s only a fraction of Tesla’s profits, what’s the big deal?