Elon Musk goes Off the Rails

Hahaha. Wow.

What planet are Republicans from? Asking for a friend.

Isn’t it the GOP position that businesses can refuse to make same-sex marriage cakes etc? Hypocrites.

It is the GOP position that it’s members cannot be criticised for their speech or prosecuted for their crimes. Open season on non-members, though.

Protect but not bind, bind but not protect yadda yadda.

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath. Republicans take the Hypocritic oath.

DIdn’t she get fired for what she posted on Instagram, not Twitter? Elon should drop her as a client.

During The Walt Disney Co.’s fourth-quarter earnings call with investors on Wednesday, CNBC asked Iger what his thoughts were on Musk backing the suit and the possibility of it opening the floodgates for similar suits.

Iger simply replied: "None.

The rightwing disgusts me in how they made Disney seem like the good guys. Here I am wanting to high-five Bob fuckin’ Iger.

OMG I had the same thought. What a terrible timeline we live in.

This Musk/SEC drama is a plotline straight out of that TV show Billions, I swear.

There is nothing that sociopathic narcissists hate more than being forced to do something they don’t want to do. I love it.

“Stainless” steel

Tin roof, rusted!

And to make myself feel old, their ages now are 66, 72, and 75.

So the Cybertruck is a Gremlin. You must not let it get wet.

I can’t really see where this isn’t a DeLorean all over again. Why?

One difference is the DeLorean rendered in higher than 320x200.

The other is the DeLorean looked cool, and also had a form that matched its function.

Still trying to figure out what a pregnant cybertruck looks like. I’m guessing Elon is the dad.

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