Elon Musk goes Off the Rails

I mean, if you’re so far to the right that even the Euro right-wing block gets kinda nervous about the optics

Self-awareness is just a river in Egypt.

mission accomplished


This guy makes me want to hit something.

His ruining of Twitter makes me want to hit something too. Twitter is now right wing bots and account and my feed is loaded with them. Blocking doesn’t help because there are too many. Fuck you, Elmo.



Noticed more than a few artists saying they now get no engagement on twitter- all their real followers stopped going there.

Yeah, I followed a bunch of artists on Twitter. If they went to Mastodon, I followed them there.

Most of them went to Cara.

This tracks with my recent experience. I made a Twitter announcement post[0] for my new game, and it had orders of magnitude less engagement than similar posts did pre-Musk. This is on every metric, whether the ones surfaced by Twitter or on clickthroughs to the server.

Now, that could have been just a coincidence. Maybe all my followers left, while others didn’t. But then the game went reasonably viral elsewhere, there was no impact at all on Twitter. Nobody linked to it or talked about it. That’s not how things used to work. In the past, you could tell if something was going viral on another platform by observing the spillover into Twitter.

And while the experience with a direct post might have been different if I’d paid for a blue check (fuck that), the second part is harder to explain that way. It does look like the platform has been mostly hollowed away.

[0] Yes, yes, don’t use Twitter blah blah blah. It’s the only social media platform where I have any kind of wide presence, and it’s where I’d explicitly told people to follow me for announcements of new projects. Not using it for a game that would benefit from reaching a critical mass would have been nuts.

"Why is there such negative reactions from some about DNSAP?

They keep saying “far right”, but the policies that I’ve read about in Mein Kampf don’t sound extremist.
Maybe I’m missing something."

Heh. +1

Love this, and love that Elmo doesn’t like strong competition he can’t intimidate or threaten.

LOL. Tesla is the fastest depreciating brand on the market.


Rare gaming / Elon crossover

“No reason given, but Elon Musk announcing last week that X welcomes porn is exactly the sort of thing that might be a final straw for Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft ducked out after he invited the Nazis back.”

I think the main reason will be Elon trying to monetize API’s.
But it can also be Elon choice to not moderate some types of hate speech.

Consoles still lack a good way to push screenshots and videos to the internet. Twitter was a convenient way to post screenshots in the consoles.

Gamepass has internet hosting of screenshots and videos built into it, I have to assume Sony’s got the same capability in their service at this point.


This wasn’t paywalled for me.

A random snippet

In the summer of 2013, a woman who reported directly to Musk left the company and later returned with a lawyer. She alleged that Musk had asked her on multiple occasions to have his babies, according to people familiar with the allegations.

“Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX”

Uh… yeah, I guess you could call that “boundary blurring”.