Email Notification

So what happened to this?? It has been broken for weeks, probably since the last server switch…

Not for me. Checked your spam folder?

I’ve been getting notifications for PMs very recently. What isn’t working for you?

Haven’t gotten notifications in a long, long time. I’ve tried pointing my account to different emails and not seen any differences. Nothing in my spam folders either.

Ditto – no e-mail notifications.

Bumped in case a mod might actually bother to comment…

PM notification worked for me today.

Add me to not getting email notifications anymore…I never get PM’s so not sure about those but none of the updated treads generate an email to me anymore.

I have tried unsubbing and resubbing but nada. And nothing in spam folder…

Walter, there’s no telling what all went wrong with the forum software since the server move. In fact, I’ve been locked out of the vBulletin options since well before the server move because of an error that seems related to our version number being out of date.

I’m going to try to carve some time out this week to figure it out, but I’m learning everything from pretty much the ground floor. I’m a bit worried about exploding the whole thing…


Works for me! I just exchanged some PMs a few days ago.

Of course it didn’t for a time and might not if your browser is blocking pop-ups (which was my problem, Firefox updated and for reason pop-up blocking was switched back on for qt3). You might want to check and see if that is the case.

Good deal, I shall wait patiently and just continue to visit here more than usual…;)

Oh and Bill, my issue as it seems others is not PM’s but the email notification when a thread you are subscribed to is updated. Because, you know, as soon as someone adds to the Lost thread, I need to know.

Yeah, my problem is email notification of threads, I don’t know about PMs…

Tom, thanks for looking into it.