Emails from Pool League Coordinator Leroy

These were forwarded to me from a friend…

Hey there everyone,

As you may know, there is a Wednesday night leauge that is going on. It was a two-man 8-Ball leauge, Now, it has been changed to a weekly tounement. One-on-one 8-Ball and with winner take all or pending on how many people participate, it my go tope three (etc).

The system would be by hanicap rules and everyone is encouraged. Fellow or non fellow Leauge memeber.

If you like to hop on the band wagon. I would be honored. If you may know someone who might be intrested, please let me know by cell (xxx) xxx-xxxx or/and you can email me and I will check it.

Thanks all,


Hey there all,

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and may all be true for when the next holiday comes.

As for that Wednesday, We did have a game to be played that 11 people showed up.

And as always, there is always need to be a winner,

that winner was…

Quoc who won and agree that since he had one, the same stipulations will apply.

But I still encourage more to come and see how well you play.

And lest I forget, there is Sunday… That means… free play to league members who wish to practice too.

Until then, I bid ado,

Of course til Wednesday again…


Hello all,

As always I am you reporter on the tournament of Wednesday…

And I will say there was a HUGE upset.

We have a player named Mark who defeated both previous champions with the power that he will not be defeated and won this past week…

So only fitting that I posed a challenge to him,.

That he would be bumped to a higher handicap and see how he fared…

He accepted and now is going to play as a 6.

So we shall see tomorrow and we will find out what happens on Wednesday when he comes to play.

As to all,… I hope more will come and see how well you do.

come and try and see if you will beat all…

There might be no league for the next two weeks,.

One, because of work concerns…

and two,

IF you are into the spirit, I MAY hold a SPECIAL holiday tournament… maybe a lil challenge to all to pose all who think they are that good.

But that is only if anyone is interested…

So,. Until tomorrow…



It’s like I’m witnessing his slow decent into madness firsthand.

Leroy’s spelling got a lot better in that last one.

I so want to join this league.

Good-by Miss Kinnian and Dr Strauss and evreybody. And P.S.
please tell Dr Nemur not to be such a grouch when pepul laff at him
and he would have more frends. Its easy to make frends if you let
pepul laff at you. Im going to have lots of frends where I go.
P.P.S. Please if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave
in the bak yard…

Aw man, you just made me tear up.

Me too. That is one of the best books ever.

“I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and may all be true for when the next holiday comes.”

I’m trying to talk my wife into letting me put that quote on our Christmas cards this year.

And this is grade A smack talk:

“come and try and see if you will beat all…”