Embroidered QT3 shirts

Anyone interested? I’m getting a couple made so I can be a walking billboard at E3.

The sizes range from small to XX. They’ll be golf shirts (collar, etc.) and cost $22. The embroidered QT3 logo will appear over the left breast.

Colors available are: Black, maroon, blue, royal blue, dark green, and purple.

I can bring one to E3 for you if you like. Otherwise, we’d have to tack on some kind of shipping charge. If you want one at E3 (we’d have to figure out how to meet), I need your order tonight or very early tomorrow.

I know $22’s a bit pricey, but there’s not much profit margin in that. All I really want to do is recoup the $75 setup fee I have to pay. The shirts + embroidering cost us around $17-18 each, which doesn’t include that damnable $75 fee.

No pics, but I went into the store and looked at their work and its good quality.

I know this is off topic for games, but it’s the most popular forum.

Oh, forgot to say you should email me if you want a shirt.

[email protected]

Use that addy.

So what color are most people ordering? Mark, what color is the offical color of Q23?

Really light teal. :twisted:

Cool idea Mark.

My e-mail is on it’s way. I am requesting black.


Oh yeah, I didn’t notice that, make mine black as well. :)

The shirt needs to be dark-colored cause the logo’s yellow and white. That’s what the nice lady at the embroidery shop said.

Thanks for all the orders so far, folks. I’ll be replying to the emails tomorrow.

Mark, is there any way to get one in 4X, by any chance?

I’m proud to represent but I’d rather see a picture first. Uh…

So I’m guessing since you’re wearing it as advertisement, it doesn’t have “What the god damn fucking hell are you shitheads talking about?” on it? :D

Does Tom’s shirt have, “Fuck Star Wars” on the back?



I’ll ask. It might cost a bit more.

Ha ha – a shirt filled with quotes from our boards would be cool too. But no, this iteration is just a logo.

I’d buy a “Fuck Star Wars” shirt in a heartbeat. That said, if you’re advertising the site, don’t you think it’d help if it had, y’know, new content? Just sayin’, that’s all.

There’s plenty of new content on the site. Its called the Messageboard.

Ouch! No fair using rabbit punches!

Upload/point to the logo. Is it the eyeball?


bring me one please. I’ll be at the Dreamcatcher booth #600 in the South Hall.

I’ll wear it under the Dreamcatcher T shirt they’re making us (well, at least thats what they think) wear in the booth :D

The logo is the one at the top of this page.

It’s about $10 more for a 4X it looks like. Don’t think I can have it by E3, but I can mail it to you. Let me know.