Embryonic stem cells reverse Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys


Okay, after reading that headline I have this image of monkeys chugging huge, sloshing mugs labeled “Embryonic Stem Cells.” Sometimes they spill some because, you know, their little paws are shaking.

I’m a terrible person, I know.

You’re going straight to hell.

The Bible says monkeys must be allowed to suffer. I’m sure of it.

Monkeys were only put on Earth to fool us.

And for their delicious meats.

Back on topic, that is incredibly bad ass. I mean they didn’t even really have to do anything clever like chemical processes and refinement and creating retro-viruses or anything. They just got some stem cells, differentiated them into neurons, and injected them. Bam!

Brain dying? No problem! Get yerself a syringe full of the bubbley and <pop> there ya go, grow your brain right back again!


It would be cool if Jesus didn’t hate it so much.

Actually, I don’t think he was pinned down on this during his last interview… his goofy supporters are another matter.