Emerald City Con 2010

Who’s going? Kieron is already listed as one of the guests.

I’ll be in Seattle on the 12th.

It’s at the end of a week where I both have to go to GDC and get my final project ready for Bendis’ writing class, but I’m going to my damnedest to get there for at least a day.

Yes. I’m in Bendis’ writing class. I’m probably the oldest guy in there…

That is so awesome. Like… seriously. I can just imagine:

Professor Bendis: Can anyone name an example of good character development without heavy use of dialogue?

Andrew Mayer: The work of Jason.

Professor Bendis: Great example, Andrew. Now a bad example?

Andrew Mayer: Um…

Professor Bendis: glares

I wonder if decompressed storytelling ever comes up in that class.

Regardless, I am jealous. I’m staring at a unread trade of Goldfish on my chair right now. And Bendis titles have been pretty damn good these past few months. I actually went back and grabbed Siege, which is just a lot of fun.

We’re not allowed to discuss the class online too much. Although most of that seems to focus on any kinds of Marvel secrets that may get shown in class as we go through scripts and the like.

I have to say that the class has given me a new level of appreciation for what Jason is doing in his work.

If I could only go, I’d finally have a forum where I could tell Kieron how awesome I think the evil Hannibal Lecter-bot in S.W.O.R.D. is*! But alas, I suppose I will never have that opportunity.

  • seriously, that robot is awesome.

Going. I have my tickets ordered.

I’ll be there, though much of my time will be spent with a seven-year-old hunting action figures.

I’ll admit, I’m pleased with how he turned out. He’s a sweetie.

I’m really looking forward to Emerald City. Not looking forward enough to actually buy my ticket yet, but that’s because i’m hysterically disorganised.


I’m toying with the idea of going. Depends on who I can find willing to go on a road trip. It’s a boring drive from Portland to Seattle solo.

I may be flying up directly from San Francisco GDC, otherwise I’d say let’s go for it.

I’ll be there, too. Table J-14, I think.

I love ECCC – it’s a great, great show.

Bump… Two more days!

What’s the final rollcall? Meetup? I’ll have my spawn with me, which precludes barhopping, alas.