Emerald City trailer: Khaleesi Dorothy on NBC directed by Tarsem Singh


So have you ever wondered, “What if they did a modern version of the Wizard of Oz, but it’s adult fantasy, and Dorothy is Khaleesi and the Munchkins are Dothrakhi and the Scarecrow is crucified and the Wizard is Kingpin and it’s directed by Tarsem Singh and people say lines from the musical but in a threatening way that might be kinda-scary-in-a-horror-movie-trailer-way if the actor didn’t look like their last job was community theater? Oh, and it’s on plain ol’ NBC.”

Then you are in luck, and not in fact suffering from fever-induced hallucinations. This is a real thing! It is Emerald City, and it is coming January 6th. No really, here is a trailer.


As long as it has Tick Tock and the Wheelers I am in!


I guess since it’s on NBC there won’t be any naked munchkin orgies. Sad!


Just watch the trailer if you want the entire story in 5 minutes. Good lord!


It occurs to me that the day the new “modern reimagining” of Harry Potter - decades from now, but in my life time - is announced is going to be fucking surreal.


So did anyone watch this? I confess I didn’t have the nerve, and opted to watch something normal and grounded instead (Black Mirror.)


Tell the truth I forgot it was on. Maybe just maybe I will watch it online somewhere if I get the urge.


I had planned to watch with my teen daughter to see if it was something we could enjoy together…

…and then Hearst Broadcasting got into a fight with DirecTV and took our local NBC affiliate off the carrier from New Years Day until this past Saturday, meaning my DVR recorded two hours of nothing instead of the show. We will have to wait until the third episode airs this week and they throw the two-part premiere to on demand to see it.

I haven’t heard anything in the media this week about the show, which is always a bad sign for a brand new epic scale production like Emerald City is supposed to be.


I watched it last night via the NBC app on the Xbone. Holy crap, there were a lot of commercials.

Well, for a start, it was very Tarsem. Surreal landscapes/settings, great costumes- I felt the color scheme was a bit more muted than usual, though (with a few exceptions). The story was pretty much ‘spot the reference to the original’- the word for ‘dog’ is Toto in the Munch’kin tribal language, for example, so that’s what they call him. There are a few twists, though.

I was pretty underwhelmed (mostly by the constant commercials). I might tune in for the next episode, but I’m not champing at the bit for it, though.