Emergency relief coming for SimCity

Title Emergency relief coming for SimCity
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 18, 2013

The Red Cross is setting up in SimCity. EA announced that the upcoming Red Cross set DLC will allow the humanitarian aid organization to spring into action in disaster-torn cities mitigating health issues for the tiny citizens..

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Red Cross DLC is not the kind of emergency relief this game needs!

I wonder if SimCity mayors will have to make increasingly desperate pleas for a state disaster declaration and then wait even longer for a capricious federal decision (maybe with a die roll?) on whether it counts as a disaster. Then the player will see a flood of FEMA agents come into the city to tally up how much was damaged, while state legislators dick around with setting limits on the special session necessary for state money. Then and only then will the player receive some help — but it'll invariably be too little and only benefit public infrastructure, not any of the homes destroyed in the disaster. Nah. EA's not *that* cruel.

I'm still surprised that this doo-doo, which was sold on a pack of lies, sold well and is getting an expansion.

The expansion surprises me less than the fact they are charging money for the DLC. I suppose it's expected from a company that would release this pile of crap to begin with, but a tiny part of me had figured they'd release a bunch of it for free to make up for the fact we paid money for the base game.