Emergency Request: DS Recommendations

Assume, for the sake of argument, that you had been without electricity for nearly a week, with restoration of power now estimated for beginning to the middle of next week.

Assume that you have two people, and you want games that have co-op play (assume two DSes), and/or are big time sucks (for example RPGs). Adversarial play is NOT a desired feature at this point.

Assume that everyone involved is really short on patience at this point.

What do you get? Question is time critical.

People say that Children of Mana isn’t that good, but it IS designed around co-op. Elite Beat Agents is really, really good, and has co-op multi, but I haven’t tried it (the multi part).

I haven’t played Children of Mana co-op, but it is a fantastic game. Really, really fun. If you’ve played whatever Mana game was on SNES, then I’m sure I’ll get a reply about how this isn’t a real Mana game and whoring and driving a license into the ground and blah blah blah. Otherwise it seems like it would be a very fun and long cooperative 2-player game.

Tally another vote for Children Of Mana.

I actually didn’t like Secret of Mana very much, so I didn’t bother trying the DS one. Should I?

As far as I can gather, the other games are traditional RPGs. This isn’t. It’s a dungeon crawler through randomized levels with random quests and random loot, more of a 2d Diablo than anything else.

You might consider Club House Games, it’s only a little adversarial.

Animal Crossing Wild World. Its a huge time suck, although it doesn’t exactly have co-op play. Come to think of it you can have fishing contests (very slightly adversarial) and you can visit each other’s towns and swap fruit, help each other out with furniture etc. That’s pretty co-operative.

Animal Crossing is a great game, but the actual multiplayer aspect is pretty minimal. Most of the time you’ll just be playing the same game separately. But if you’re looking for a time suck, there are few better.

I’ll put in another vote for Clubhouse Games.

Children of Mana seems like the best option for co-op play, because even if it’s only middling the game is going to keep you entertained because you’re playing co-op.