Emily Blunt is Spanish for Hitman in SICARIO


It’s far less conceivable than the bear raping Leo, but if that’s what you enjoy believing, presumably it’s a pleasurable interpretation for you.


oh, boo with this, what a nasty thing to ascribe to people.


But there’s even less textual support for that, mrbloo. If the rape happens [I]after[/I] the waterboarding, how would you know that? The people advocating for it in this thread are basing their theories on the sound of struggling while the camera focused on a drain next to the bottle of water. A dry drain. So according to them, the rape happens either before or instead of the waterboarding.

I’m open to hearing interpretations, but I see no textual support for it and I feel Soren’s spot on for saying a scene of rape revenge is out of place with the movie that precedes and follows the scene.



I’m purely going on the sex sounds that I heard going on in there. I’m not sure what a waterboarding sounds like, but I don’t think it would have that rhythmic grunting thing going on. Sure, I thought waterboarding when he brought in the water, but maybe he changed his mind. Hey he could always waterboard the dude after raping him. You guys are all talking like it’s one or the other, not some non stop horror show of both alternating until Benicio either runs out of juice or the prisoner gives up whatever information he has.


Reality is never offensive, it just is.


If these two posts are indicative of your other 13,473, then forget waterboarding: Alejandro just needs to sit down and force Guillermo to listen to your post history.


If you’re going to flamebait, at least have a modicum of wit, insight, creativity or talent. This shit is just boring.

Go back to your self-satisfying fantasies about sexual assault. Did Daniel Craig’s stormtrooper sodomize Rey too? How about when Furiosa heavily pet Immortan Joe when she grabbed his mask? Or when the centipede in Pixels salaciously intruded its girth right into the center of the screen? If you want to insert your absurd rape fantasies into movies and derail conversations, don’t be surprised when your motivations are rationalized in the most explicable manner, let alone act outraged.


My man, you can’t accuse someone of flamebaiting two posts after you accuse that someone of getting off on rape. You’ll have to talk to stusser about upgrading vBulletin first: I hear the latest beta release can accommodate that kind of cataclysmic irony. And for you to think I’m outraged puts your powers of telepathy – which one would surely need, to talk to someone the way you are talking to me – on even shakier ground. No, sir, my feeling is one of awe, that you can so fluidly transition from aggressor to aggrieved. But if anyone could pull that off, it’d be a BBS grognard such as yourself. (I admit, now I’m the one playing mindreader… but then again, who else would be using a vintage term like “flamebait” in 2016?)


Better, my friend. Let’s leave it as agree to disagree and consider it a draw.


Just saw this today and have enjoyed reading this thread. About the topic that has gotten the most discussion, here’s my two cents: the drain was for blood (to come later), and the water was simply to wash the floor.


Potential news on the, yeah, sequel.

The Sicario sequel focusing on Benicio Del Toro’s enigmatic character has a director in its crosshairs.

Italian director Stefano Sollima, best known for helming the miniseries Gomorrah, is in talks to direct the follow-up, which will be called Soldado (Spanish for “soldier”), EW has confirmed.

It was revealed last fall that Lionsgate was developing a sequel to Sicario based on Alejandro, the mysterious operative played by Del Toro in the original film. At that time, Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan, who was spearheading development on the project, told EW the studio was “very intrigued” by the character.

“It was something that we’ve been discussing for quite a while, that there was more to explore with this character because there was so much left unsaid about Alejandro and his journey and what makes that man,” he said.


Yeah saw this a while ago as a rental. Very intense and very macho, right up to the end. Alejandro is certainly the most intriguing character in it, and Del Toro did well in that role.

And that scene IMO is 100% intended to be waterboarding and nothing else. What else explains the conscious showing of water bottle?


I watched it the other day and vaguely remembered from the podcast that some guy turned out to be the titular Sicario hitman, except I thought it was the random Mexican cop/father. I was totally bummed when they killed him off and it turned out to be super obvious, macho brooding Benicio Del Toro. I was expecting things to be expectedly unpredictable, but they turned out to be unexpectedly predictable. Hm.

That’s what you get for listening to the opsis before watching the actual movie.


I thought it was made clear he urinated on him to humiliate him, then waterboarded him. Nice.

Very odd that people could deduce rape from it, but who knows what goes through people’s minds.

It was an awful and base movie in many ways that lacked any real humanity, and I struggle to see how anyone could ‘love’ anything about it, but it is an engrossing noir film.


This was a really beautifully filmed and surprising film. The jaunt into Mexico, especially, was a big budget action movie setpiece that I wasn’t expecting at all. The previews on TV had given little hint at what this movie might be about, but the one thing they showed were tight shots and I got the impression this was a low budget indie movie. So I wasn’t expecting such flair and extravagance in the action early on.

However, I can’t decide if the movie wanted me to be surprised and shocked like Emily Blunt’s character at what she discovered. Over the years, and watching torture and government sanctioned executions has perhaps made me numb this kind of revelation? Or maybe that’s what the movie was trying to do? To point out that what was shocking to her character is something that we don’t even bat an eye at anymore?


For me it was a 2 hour shot of confirmation bias.


So glad that coming across this thread’s confusing title (surely Emily Blunt can’t be the titular “sicario”, a masculine noun in Spanish?) led me to look for the movie on Netflix and watch it on a whim without having previously read or heard anything about it.

It blew me away. A near perfect film-- near perfect casting, acting, direction, soundtrack, jet black tone, respect for the audience. I thought the twist that ultimately explained the title was brilliant, as was the tense-as-hell set pieces that frame the brutal end of Blunt’s character’s childhood (loss of innocence is a theme conveyed through multiple direct references throughout the film).

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time.


It is great. Del Toro is terrific as this almost Terminator like assassin at times. When he finally catches up with the drug lord at the family dinner table. Just chilling in it shows how he has no humanity left and lives purely off of revenge.


Well I didn’t have too long to think of a witty forum thread title that combines multiple movies and modern phrases together like poetry. But I tried my best. (Seriously I think the “Terminator Genysis is Planet Forbidden” is the best thing I’ve ever come up with.)

— Alan


Witty or not, it did serve a noble purpose :-)