Emily Blunt is Spanish for Hitman in SICARIO


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It is great. Del Toro is terrific as this almost Terminator like assassin at times. When he finally catches up with the drug lord at the family dinner table. Just chilling in it shows how he has no humanity left and lives purely off of revenge.


Spoiler that shit


What is wrong with you?


Oh god don’t start that stupid shit. The reference I give is vague about anything happening. And the movie is over a year old. If you still haven’t seen this movie and come into this thread reading every post yet think what I said was a spoiler. Deal with it.


There are people who come into the thread wanting to know if it is a good movie only to have you give it all away. It is really easy to put stuff in spoiler tags.


I’m with Jason. This is adult land and it is a pain in the ass to discuss movies behind spoilers. People are very aware of not trying to ruin other people’s experiences early in a film’s life cycle, but at this point it is dependent upon the spoilee to police themselves.


I’m super anal about spoilers, so I avoid threads that talk about movies I haven’t seen. Simple as that. I think that’s on me.

Now, thread titles that give away details about the movie in the effort to be clever or whatever…that really annoys me. There’s no reason to be cute with the thread title. Just name it after the movie’s title, for goodness sake. I’ve flogged this horse before, but it bugs the hell out of me, because that stuff you cannot avoid.


“You saw things you shouldn’t have seen.”


I’ve wanted to see this since announce but it still hasn’t come to digital rental yet. The moneygrab timeline is really transparent and annoying sometimes. Maybe in a few weeks. Until then staying out of spoiler thread!


hahaha excellent quote.


We normally have a thread for the movie, and another clearly labelled spoiler thread for open discussion, so not sure why people can’t just either start a spoiler thread or use spoiler tags in the general thread.


That’s typically a blockbuster thing where people are trying to see something ASAP and there is a bunch of leaks of information. This is much more of a niche film that doesn’t warrant multiple threads.


I’m the same as xtien in terms of spoilers and reading threads for movies. And hating the titles some of you put on these threads.

But as someone who’s also guilty of not spoiler tagging obvious spoilers, that’s just what happens when discussing a movie with other people who have seen it. While I can understand someone being bummed at reading Jason’s post before seeing Sicario, I have to wonder why someone who hasn’t seen Sicario would be reading so far into this thread? Guap, get the heck out of here! :)

Also, Jason clearly wasn’t trying to be a dick about spoilering stuff. It’s one thing to splash that sort of information out there early in a thread while a movie is still in theaters. As much as I hate spoiler tags, that’s the time I can understand people wanting to use them.

Guap, you better not still be reading this.



wait, so does Tom Chick hate my thread titles too??

I dunno if I could take that…

— Alan


Caught Sicario for free on Amazon Prime over Thanksgiving after musing over Arrival and director Denis Villenueve some more. And also being reminded that Emily Blunt stars and I’d just seen The Girl on the Train recently as well.

I’m with anyone who thinks the ‘direction’ is the best part of each movie; and both movies are very, very good. I’m hooked and completely sold on this guy. I’ll be looking for more of his movies to make their way to Prime or Netflix. (Some are there but they are for pay atm.)

There were so many great shots in the movie between scenes and setting up scenes. But the one that really sticks with me is when the mercs are descending on the tunnel in their night-vision gear as the sun is setting and everything in silhouette. I could watch that on loop forever. So simple, powerful and gorgeous.


Sicario is one of the big reasons I was so pumped to see Arrival. Such a great movie, Villenueve has moved up to my “must watch” list for when his movies come out.


This has popped up on my radar today. Next Summer I believe