Empire At War compilation?

Ok, so I’m late to the party :).

Really want to get into this–anyone heard anything about them releasing a compilation pack/Gold Edition?

Are you joking? The original game is only $30 at Gogamer, and $17 at Amazon, if you can stand their evil GOP-supporting ways.

Yes, but the expansion is still $29.99. Don’t want to pick up both and then find out they’re coming out with a compliation for $10 or $20 less, know what I mean?

You can fret and fret over this for months, waiting and constantly checking online stores, or you can enjoy EaW now, today, at once!

There’s no announced second expansion (what would it even be?), so I don’t think a Gold compilation is really likely any time soon. I guess you could wait until November to see if they put it out in a new two-pack around the time Force Unleashed comes out, but that seems…dumb.

Thought maybe they’d do a pack of the game+first expansion :(.

Ah well. Can someone clue me in–is the expansion a vital improvement?

It adds another faction, the Consortium, and the Empire and Rebellion both get some new heroes & units. You could check out EaW first and see if you like the gameplay. I like EaW, but I’m not really keen on the Consortium. I’ll still play FoC (Forces of Corruption, the expansion), just for the new units & changes. FoC added some things like bunkers and elevation advantages.

If you check the Petroglyph boards, people have put out mods for both versions. One that I like unlocks all of the original EaW maps for play in FoC. You can play a map where all sides start with only a few planets with the rest controlled by independents. That mod also has a map that removes the Consortium faction so you can just play Empire vs. Rebellion with the new heroes & units.