Empire of Sin is going to make you its John Romero

Title Empire of Sin is going to make you its John Romero
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When June 11, 2019

Romero Games, the company founded by John and Brenda Romero, announced Empire of Sin. It's a turn-based strategy game published by Paradox Interactive..

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This character-driven, noir-inspired game puts players smack dab in the glitz and glamor of roaring 20s all while working behind the scenes in the gritty underbelly of organized crime.

Build A Crime Empire:

Raise your criminal empire from the ground up by selecting your racket of choice (be it speakeasies, union protection, or casinos) and building a team of loyal mobsters to make your mark on the streets. Once you make a name for yourself, expand your influence by taking over rival territory and adding more ventures to your repertoire.
Defend and Expand Territory:

If it comes to blows, hypothetically of course, and your posse needs to send a message, face off in brutal turn-based combat. Recruit your goons strategically to build a strong chemistry within your crew to maximize combat damage and help secure your hold on the city.
Explore a Living, Breathing City:

Explore the streets of vibrant 1920s Chicago and interact with a full cast of living, breathing characters each with lives of their own that inform how they react to what you do (or don’t do). Schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or kill them to get your way.
Wield Your Influence:

Make and break alliances, bribe cops, and trade on the black market to gain an edge and expand the influence of your crime family. But always keep your enemies close and ensure you have a mole on the inside and eyes everywhere.
Pursue Multiple Victory Strategies:

Whether you make it to the top with violence, business smarts, or city-wide notoriety, there are a number of ways to become King or Queen of Chicago. With various starting conditions and constantly changing crew dynamics, no two playthroughs will ever be the same.


If I can be Johnny Dangerously, I’m in.

Not enough decapitated John Romero heads impaled on sticks.

Hope the game doesn’t flop like Omerta: City of Gangsters.

I’d be happy I’d someone made a newer, working version of the old Gangsters game. With Paradox’s record they’ll get there but it will take six months and you’ll have to buy the DLC for it to run correctly.

You shouldn’t do that, Brian. My brother was Johnny Dangerously, once. ONCE!!!

But I wanna getaway car covered in duckies and bunnies!

They had me at turn-based and 20’s. Can I be Meyer Lansky?

I am still so damn disappointed with that utter failure of game design.

Yeah, I was looking forward to it, but the reviews were pretty bad.

So Xcom meets Al Capone?

A bit of gameplay

I wonder how it will be the combat, as obviously it can’t have the variety of Xcom enemies.