Empire State Building won't light up for Mother Teresa

Christopher Hitchens must be pleased.

I’m not saying you should be violent. Oh no, please don’t be violent. Ok, maybe a little violent. Christ and Mother Teresa were both big fans of violence, after all. Maybe you can bring the empire state building the fire of the holy spirit…I’m sure the owners would enjoy that…illumination.

Penn & Teller had an awesome piece on her aswell.

Well she is merely beatified. Maybe when she’s a saint she’ll get pretty skyscraper lights…

Really? What, you’re going to send him e-mails for the rest of his life?

This will go on his permanent record.

The reaction on the part of the Catholic League is laughable; what gives them a special dispensation to demand recognition for Mother Teresa from the owners of the Empire State Building?


Thanks, I’ve never seen this before.

I did not know that about Ghandhi. Interesting.

heeey, I was just wondering when their (P&T’s) next season starts… Apparently it’s tonight.

I wish my life were so uncomplicated that “The Empire State Building won’t light up when I ask it to” could actually be something for me to be upset about.

One of my friend’s girlfriend is currently doing free work as a nurse in Tanzania, apparently the doctor she works for run a free clinic there, he works about 8 months in Tanzania then travel to US to work for 3 months so he can save enough money to purchase supply and food so he can go back to Tanzania.

I think that’s kind of people that should be remembered instead some old crackpots like Mother Teresa or Dalai lama.

They should do it for Saint Ronnie Reagan!

That was their point in that episode. Most people are sons of bitches to one extent or another. I can’t remember if they covered Tibet in that one or not, but that’s another subject that I found quite enlightening.

Gandhi gets a pass because he seems to have abandoned those beliefs, and he actually accomplished something beneficial. The Dalai Lama just runs his fucking mouth and crosses his fingers for the return of a theocracy, and Mother Teresa, I have never regarded well. Her stance on birth control and her behavior with hospice care has been well known in my family since a Christmas 1986 argument between my mom and grandma that I will only refer to as, “No, Mother, we are not Catholic and we are not going to be Catholic.”*

*Rhetorical Flourish. My mom hated her, and she hated John Paul II for those reasons, but my grandma would never be dumb enough to pick a fight with my mom.

Why is it that people need to be enlightened by a TV show?

I’m not picking on you particularly, but when I refused to participate in those stupid college pro-Tibet rallies and explained myself, no one believed me when I explained how Tibet was like before the Chinese. Not that the Chinese are much of an improvement (if at all), nor are they welcome by the Tibetans themselves, but the theocracy that existed before is just as bad. Here you are, in the quad of your center of learning, a three minute walk from one of half a dozen libraries that will educate people on the subject, and nobody can be bothered because some pet of the Dalai Lama’s is organizing a pro-Tibet rally.

Because Penn and Teller are funny. Or Skeptoid. Whichever I heard first. Basically, doing research is boring, but hearing research presented well is interesting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t give a crap. I’m probably in the minority of the broader public in that I will claim the contrary to virtually anything anybody ever says ever just on general principles, so Tibet was never of any interest to me whatsoever (I’m not nearly idealistic enough to think that going to a concert or putting an ugly bumper sticker on my car will stop a large Communist government on the opposite side of the world from me), but I expect that a lot of folks would have jumped on that bandwagon just because it’s the hip side to take who are only marginally less apathetic than me.

At least you finally admit it.

Yes. Thank you Captain Obvious.

Did I ever deny it? I spent all of high school and part of college arguing crap I didn’t believe for fun.