Empires Dawn of the modern age, era, world,

What do you guys think of the game?

The mp is a lot of fun, its nowhere near as deep as ron or aom, I consider it to be the quake of rts where as both ron and aom are more like bf1942 or rainbow 6.

I have tons of problems with the review version (sound bugs, crashes, corrupted save files)…

I am boycotting all RTS’s for lack of originality.

Me too, with my wallet. Haven’t bought an RTS since Warlords Battlecry II.

Until Kohan 2 there isn’t much to care about in rts… oh and WBC3. Wait actually I’m pretty excited about Dawn… its got some cool WW2 stuff init.


WW2 is such an under-represented setting in games these days.

Me too, with my wallet. Haven’t bought an RTS since Warlords Battlecry II.[/quote]

Rise of Nations didn’t innovate enough for ya?

So what does this add for my gaming buck? RoN covers most of the same history, has more different cultures, great MP, an interesting campaign type game…Considering I was underwhelmed by Empire Earth, what will Empires: Dawn etc. give me?


The sequel to Empire Earth… GameSpy’s Game of the Year.

I can’t stress how much I hate RTS games. RON was the first RTS I ever enjoyed. I like Empires because it’s more action packed. It’s definitlely not RON its much more in your face action and rough around the edges. All in all it’s great for guys who want to play an rts lan game but don’t want to play for hours.

To answer TSG’s question… nothing. Nothing at all. I played lots and lots of RoN, and while Empires is great in many aspects (graphics, solo campaigns), it adds nothing to the genre - at least that’s my point of view. In fact it’s really less complex and rich than RoN was. The “cinematic” aspect is fun (you can really be in the heat of battle), the engine is great, the campaigns are well done (with much cinematics and historical context), but in fact it’s very limited in terms of ages, nations and cultures. Only the upgrades system comes to mind when I try to think of anything new of vaguely original about this game (you apply one upgrade to one type of unit only). It’s a great sequel to Empire Earth (which I liked a lot) but since RoN was, to me, the quintessence of historical and traditionnal RTS, I see Empires as a step back, no matter how fun it may be.

Is that supposed to get us excited?