ENCASED - Fallout-like RPG set in the 1970's..

Saw this recently mention over on RPS. Looks like it could turn out to be a great game once it is out of early access.

Great trailer. It already looks way better in terms of graphics compared to Underrail. Hopefully it will avoid drowning the player in a million stats as you start the game, like Underrail did.

UnderRail’s system is no more complex than the one in FO1 and 2, just better thought out and with superior synergies.

And more obfiscatingly presented and dumped on the player all at once in a boring way.

I like Underrail, but I keep bouncing off it and I think it’s because it doesn’t have a very good or interesting opening few hours. I keep meaning to try it again (maybe I’ll enjoy it more if I turn the XP system on? I’m not sold on the oddities) but the idea of running around that opening building and talking to everyone again (which is pretty much all I’ve ever done in that game) is a blast of cold water.

I kickstarted this but haven’t checked the build out yet. I will probably look at it this weekend.

Looks great, but homie don’t play prerelease games. Will take another glance when it releases.

Looks pretty cool but I’m like the homie above. Although I can be corrupted by a good sale. But I certainly ain’t paying 30 bottlecaps for something in early access.

I barreled through that but it gets worse later. I like the freedom but if you feel the need to systematically explore every map good f’ing luck. Lots of copy and pasted small maps you have to wander between.

So much I like about it, but it’s hard to overlook the weaknesses.

I saw the write up over at RPS and immediately added this game to my wish list. Doesn’t sound like it’s in a state worth playing yet for me but when it hits 1.0.1 I will certainly be checking it out.

I enjoyed this reference.

Have you even played the game? The tooltips for each stat are detailed and straight forward, and unlike with many rpgs that use similar stat/perk systems you can view all the perks in advance and actually plan your character this way.

The game is head and shoulders above other rpgs when it comes to transparency of game mechanics, so I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

You had me at Fallout-like.

That’s what I meant by dumped on the player all at once. Before you even know what you’ll be fighting, what the combat system is like, what you’ll be doing, you’re supposed to decide all these things and build all your character stats from scratch without any story hook or something to draw you in. Anyway, we’ve had this conversation several times. It’s clear neither of us is going to convince the other, so I’ll drop it. I just think the game has one of the worst starts in any RPG I’ve ever tried playing.

I bounced of it hard because of this. Gone back a few times with the same results.

I prefer to wait for the kinks to be worked out of a game before I buy it. I do admit though thinking of buying the new From game when it comes out if it has any co-play or invasion possibilities. I missed out on the DS games at opening.

Maybe you are playing games in the wrong genre. In every other video game genre this is not an issue.

Underrail pretty much nails what a mechanics-heavy RPG should be.

I wasn’t going to… but the RPS review roped me in. Downloading now.

SplatterCat, who tries out a lot of indie games, spent around 30 minutes with this one. He starts from scratch, so if you’re interested in the character generation process and seeing maybe the first 10 minutes of the game (at most), check out his video. He doesn’t get very far so there’s no major spoilers here.

He spends a few minutes looking at the stats and getting an idea as to what effect the primary stats have on your character build. I found that part pretty interesting.

Does Encased have powered armor? I like games with powered armor.

Man, that intro video/cutscene is… not great.