ENCASED - Fallout-like RPG set in the 1970's..

I’m sorry I’m meant is there crafting like in most MMPORG or fallout where you can improve weapons armors etc.

There are way too many boxes to loot in this game, it end up over encumbered all the time, also makes it easy to miss important boxes heh.

Ah yes sorry. There is crafting but i havent delved much into it. I know you can upgrade the gun levels and there is food crafting. I only made some frag grenades that were actually very powerful.

Definitely getting a serious Fallout vibe from this. That is of course a good thing.

Same here, picked it up last night and got to the Nashville. There definitely appears to be a fair amount of crafting available which is always one of my favorite things in an RPG.

Of course the documentation sucks. So for instance is there any way to rotate the map. I know I miss containers and such in areas of the map which aren’t visible.

I’d really like to know how armor works.
I went to the discord server, and damned if I could find anything on the server. Why does search on Discord work so poorly?

From a bnuch Russians developers, so far I’m pretty impressed with both the dialogue and the voice acting.

Q and E keys. WASD also moves the map. Not sure about armor. So far the suit makes it easier to break down locked doors. But I had a crowbar that did that as well.

Holding middle mouse lets you rotate the view as well.

It’s curious that on the same month of release of Encased, there is another super similar game (Atom RPG) releasing an expansion

Anyone is able to compare both games?

I had ATOM RPG in my wishlist for a while, but the Qt3 thread was quite negative so I removed it.

ATOM (the first one) is quite good, and well worth playing if you like classic turn based RPGs like Fallout. I haven’t played Trudograd yet, waiting for it to leave EA and then I will give it a go. I am curious though how Encased compares to UnderRail. If anyone played both I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve played through UnderRail but not ATOM RPG. I am assuming ATOM is not as good.

Encased is the fresh case! Someone tell us!

I’ve got good news for you

Holy crap! I completely forgot the game was scheduled for a September release. Boy, the time really does fly. Thanks for this reminder!

I haven’t tried Encased yet because I’m playing Pathfinder. I’ll get to it eventually.

I am a big fan of ATOM. In fact my only real complaint was the loading times. It has massive issues if you are trying to get everything. It is very easy to lock yourself out of various things or miss them outright. Plus the level up benefits feel unbalanced and slightly too slow. But it had soul in some sense although it is possible that it really comes down to having a multiple characters instead of one.

I’m slightly less positive on Underrail. Character creation and advancement feels better at the start but I tend to bog down at some point because, while I love the oddity system, it means that advancement feels awkwardly gated. Plus I find Underrail to be too long. It’s still a good game but I’m not sure I’m ever going to actually finish it because I burn out each time.

I’ve been playing it and about 20 hours in, its doing something a little different with it stat management, and how it opens up perks, as compared to Wasteland 2/3 or fallout series.

The game sometimes underexplains important details, other times spends too much time explaining other aspects. Despite that, overall i like what its doing.

It takes about 20 hours for you to get into the real meat of the game, so if you feel its a single character rpg with no much meta depth, you would be mistaken. It IS squad based, turned based rpg with meta depth, and rpg galore!. So plenty to chew on

Thoughts, these are preliminary as Im STILL figuring out whats under the hood, and blindly run into suprises that make it clear Ive not yet figured it all out.

Loot: If you like looting you will either hate this game or LOVE this game! There is tons of loot everywhere! I mean tons, you can spend hours alone scouring maps for all the loot. If you are a maxer that just has to loot EVERY container… you will LOVE this game till the point you get overload from so much love!

Crafting: I love crafting, and this game is full of it, science, ammunition, weapons upgrades, food, ect. Plenty of crafting, lots to explore and discover! The downside is you have to build it, to know its stats. I actively hate this! Also you discover new items to craft as you explore. So if you like a tidy inventory screen, not going to happen in this game, unless you look at the wiki for the stats and kind of stuff you can build and decide in advance what you want to focus on (eventually).

Skills: im still figuring this out, you don’t increase your base stats, and for the life of me i cannot find where i can look at them once I’ve set them. Also when you are choosing your base stats it doesnt highlight all the skills it effects (and that stat is invisible once your character is created except the red warning if your stat isn’t high enough for a ability.?)

This is the chief complaint I have about the game across the board, it leaves you to figure out how all these system interact. Some are easy to unravel, and others I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

Story: This has a complex and rich world for you to discover, and it doesn’t shy away from disco elysium level of story telling. I would normally be in love with this, but with my TBI and the loss of focus it creates and need to now have to wear reading glasses even when using a computer with a wide screen monitor, reading walls of text has lost its appeal for me. This is actually been a negative for me, the beginning was great, it has a lot of really adequate voice over work for everything, but as you get further in, lots of wall of text only for story development, and this made things harder for me.

Mission: Im not sure if its bugs of what but Ive had a few what sounded like missions not appear in the logs, and other times the info is vague about what to do to close the next aspect of the mission. I feel frustrated sometimes that Im missing things with this game. I actually feel this way A LOT in the game period! .

Combat This is largely satisfying but i had several combats where i think they were really meant for after i had a party, and i do NOT have a good feel for when im getting in over my head always.

Though its still fun to discover these, like the first time i saw an enemy use a super leap ability, it made me want to reroll my character so i could find that ability lol

Lots of, wow i how do i do THAT moments. Like discovering how to throw fireballs! Or some of the weapons that seem mediocre, but when you equip it, it has a really cool ability you can unlock like the shotgun that does amazing damage and knockback as a effect if you have the right stats and skills levels and fire at close range.

Overall: This game feels big and immersive, and often makes me feel like im missing basic concepts, am stupid and inadequate, but yet somehow im still sticking in there and largely still enjoying it.

In the intro, there’s some real-timey/arcadey horseshit where you have to throw a “bolt” (?) at an “anomaly” (?) and then run through it before the anomaly comes back (?).

It’s not, like, challenging or anything… but I always find that kind of shit annoying in my turn-based RPGs.

Does that kind of thing actually make up a significant component of the game, or do they forget they introduced it and move on?

Lol I forgot about that, nor have i done it since. Im sure it will come up later though as a important tidbit to get through a maze or something.

You will need to use the bolt-throwing/anomaly triggering to get to certain objects or areas. I have mixed feelings about it – definitely adds a twitch/reflex component to what can otherwise seem like a turn-based game.

There are other aspects that work the same way. COMBAT might be turn-based, but outside of combat there is a clock running, whether you move or not. So buffs will eventually run out, etc.

I’m only 10 hours in, but I really like it. Feels like what I would have wanted out of an isometric Fallout 3.

I definitely agree with the others who note that some aspects feel a bit opaque or hard to understand, but mostly it makes sense. Also some of the combat is harrrrrd.

I played a good chunk of Underrail, but something about it just didn’t grab me. Maybe it was too slow, or the UI was too old-school. I should probably check it out again.

As for ATOM, I also enjoyed that quite a bit, though I felt it had some really tedious stretches in it, with a lot of walking across massive maps at one location to talk to someone so you could then travel to another massive location and walk across THAT.

My only other criticisms were that it kind of fell apart at the end, and that it was almost cartoonishly “Russian” at times.

Yup. This is actually a huge peeve of mine.

I want all my turn-based RPGs to have active pause during the real-time components, at the VERY least. This doesn’t, sadly.

And I hate that real-time clock ticking away. This is one thing (out of… not very many) that Pillars of Eternity got right. When you weren’t moving, time wasn’t moving either. Even in the real-time portions. (Even in Pillars of Eternity 1, which STILL doesn’t have turn-based ANYTHING!)

Now, does this actually make a difference in gameplay? Probably not, in most of these things.

But in a turn-based rpg, I want the game to wait for me to do stuff. Just as a matter of principle.

And I don’t like chasing around NPCs as they move around the screen. So I do want active pause.

Divinity Original Sin is actually the worst at this, because there are tiny and/or fast NPCs scuttling about that I might want to click on in real-time mode. But THERE’S NO ACTIVE PAUSE.