Enchant Arm

I know some of you guys are in Japan and today is official launch isn’t it? If anyone gets a chance, tell us how it is.

Everyone I know says that it’s a solid RPG in that you probably won’t be dissapointed nor wowed by the game…but impressive when you consider that it’s a launch title.

They also seem to be agree at the very worst, it’s a hell lot better than Eternal Ring :)

There is an RPG called “Enchant Arm”? Is the sequel going to be “Enchant Leg” or maybe “Enchant other arm” or perhaps “DIS-Enchant Arm”?

Chris Woods

Technically it’s eNCHANT arM. Gotta love that capitalization…

It’s odd that the uncapitalized letters spell “ear”. It’s certainly anatomically referential.

On a side note, when I saw a thread named “enchant arm” that had been started by McMaster, I was hoping it had something to do with his actually discovering a spell that would make your arm do something crazy, like maybe flap like the puppet in Tool’s video for Sober.

Butt-head: "“Whoa, if my hand could move that fast, I would never leave the house-huhha,huhha”

Oh heavens no. My lifes work is not complete.